Wenqing Shi, Graduate student in Analytical Chemistry

















I received my B.S. in Chemistry major from Wuhan University in 2007 Fall.

In fall of 2011 I joined the Baker group and began my Ph.D. study. My major is Analytical Chemistry. My project is based on the principle and fundametal of current rectification in nanopipette. Moreover, I utilized a carbon ring/nanopore electrode which was fabricated from a quartz nanopipette coated with pyrolyzed parylene C (PPC) and further insulated with parylene C to study the influence of ion current rectification effect on voltage-driven delivery of charged species. In the future, I’m interested in using this carbon ring electrode to further investigate its delivery capability and perform single cell electroporation (SCEP) in biological system.




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2013 Fall           Associate Instructor            A315 Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory

2013 Spring      Associate Instructor            C117 Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2012 Fall          Associate Instructor            C117 Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2012 Spring      Associate Instructor            C117 Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2011 Fall           Associate Instructor            C117 Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Member: American Chemical Society,

Member: Electroanalytical Chemistry, Electrochemical Society