06/02/2015 Lushan’s paper on impedance-SICM is accepted to J.Phys.Chem C.

06/01/2015 Anumita wins an award for best poster at the annual IU Materials Chemistry symposium.

04/15/2015 Lane is appointed Chair of the Membership Committee for the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry.

04/03/2015 Anumita’s nanopipette sampling / ms paper is published in Chemical Science.

03/10/2015 Anumita, Beth and Lane attend Pittcon in New Orleans (two talks, one session).

02/22/2015 Rashid’s MET paper is published in Analytical Methods.

02/12/2015 Lane is appointed to the ACS-ANYL division as co-chair of long-range programming for national meetings.

11/22/2014 Yi’s Ion Channel Probe collaboration with the Aspinwall group is published in Langmuir.

11/17/2014 Anumita’s AChem review with the Jacobson group is published.

11/15/2014 Beth wins a prize (sponsored by the RSC) for best poster at the annual Turkey Run conference.

11/04/2014 Yi defends her thesis successfully. She will move on to work at ionscope. Congratulations Dr. Zhou!

10/21/2014 Lane is invited as a fellow to the Royal Society of Chemistry.

10/07/2014 We welcome Tyler Yarger and Yuhan Zeng to the group for C500.

10/01/2014 Anna’s paper on SICM resolution is accepted to JECS.

10/01/2014 We are happy to welcome Na Zhang from Yi-Tao Long’s group at East China University of Science and Technology for an extended visit.

09/02/2014 Former group member Chiao-Chen Chen (PhD 2012) begins a faculty appointment at Tamkang University, Taiwan!

07/30/2014 Wenqing and company have work accepted to a special nanopipette issue of Analyst.

07/29/2014 Kirstin defends her thesis and moves to NIST as an NRC Postdoctoral Associate with Steve Semancik.

07/28/2014 Lushan and Yi’s summary of our work on SICM is published in ECS Interface.

04/28/2014 Yi and coworkers article on P-SICM is accepted to Langmuir.

04/22/2014 Kirstin’s invited review on atomic force microscopy is accepted to Analytical Methods.

04/21/2014 Lane has been appointed James F. Jackson Associate Professor of Chemistry for a four-year term, effective July 1, 2014.

04/14/2014 Lushan wins a departmental AI award.

03/01/2014 The group attends Pittcon, 6 talks, 2 posters and 1 symposium.

02/26/2014 Yi and Kirstin win Provost’s Travel Awards to attend Pittcon 2014.

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