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Joining the IU Bands

The Indiana University band program is comprised of four concert bands (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band,
Concert Band, All-Campus Band), the Marching Hundred,
and two smaller athletic bands (Big Red Basketball Band and Crabb Band).

There's a band for you at IU!

How to become a member of the Marching Hundred

Basic rhythm, technical facility, and marching experience are the most important qualifications for membership. It is not necessary to be a music major. In fact, over 90 percent of the Marching Hundred is made up of non-music majors.

Membership of the Marching Hundred is by audition. The Department of Bands recognizes that not all students have the same background in marching ensembles, so auditions are held during Band Camp week, one week before the start of Fall semester classes. ALL BRASS PLAYERS are automatically accepted into the Hundred - auditions for a spot in the permanent marching block are held during Camp. During Band Camp, students will be taught basic drill and music, first with only the new member ("Rookie") class, then with the returning students. Band Camp concludes with An Evening at the House, a chance to march in the Mellencamp Pavilion and Memorial Stadium,find the band stadium seats, and participate in the annual section competition. Parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Instruments used in the Marching Hundred include piccolo, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone, and percussion. Only mellophones, baritones, sousaphones and percussion are provided by Indiana University.

Contact us as soon as possible to be placed on our mailing list for all future information you will need! At summer registration enroll in X040 (music majors only) or X050 (non music majors) for two hours of tuition-free credit. Marching Hundred members must be available to practice from 4:10 to 5:45 p.m. daily as well as Saturday mornings. A twenty dollar fee will be charged each individual for the departmental cleaning of uniforms.

The Marching Hundred has a great band tradition. Membership in the "Hundred" gives you the opportunity to be part of a 250-member team. Being a member of the Marching Hundred requires much dedication, hard work, and perseverance. However, the thrill of being a member of a truly great marching organization makes the long hours of practice satisfying and memorable. Come make music with us -- one of the best college marching bands of America, the Indiana University Marching Hundred!

To get on our mailing list, click here: Yes! I want to be a member of the Marching Hundred .

For answers to a lot of questions and to see detailed information for prospective members, go to the Rookie Information Page.

Click here to ask a specific question.

You can call the Department of Bands at (812) 855-1372.

Prospective Drumline members should add your name to the mailing list above. In addition, please click on the link above for the "rookie information page" and follow the links for the drumline audition materials.

Summer Orientation Visits to the Department of Bands are encouraged for those students who have questions, or who wish to meet the Band Department Faculty and Staff. Please call ahead to make sure the appropriate people are available. (812) 855-1372.

RedSteppers and Athletic Bands

The RedSteppers dance line is a highly talented group of women who perform special routines with the band during each pre-game, half-time and post-game show. Auditions are held in the spring and then again in the fall during band camp. Click here for RedStepper Audition details.

The "Big Red Basketball Band" draws its membership from the top musicians in the Marching Hundred. The Basketball Band performs for all men's home and post-season basketball games and for selected official University events. Auditions are held in early October.

The Crabb Band (named for Associate Athletic Director Chuck Crabb) is also formed from the membership of the Marching Hundred to support the nationally prominent women's basketball team, the women's volleyball team and men's and women's soccer teams.

More about the Marching Hundred and IU Football

The football Hoosiers have led the Marching Hundred to six bowl games in the past few years, including the All-American Bowl, the Peach Bowl (twice), the Liberty Bowl, the Copper Bowl, and the Independence Bowl.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Number-one ranked School of Music in the United States presents one of the great University bands,
A Tradition of Excellence,
the three-hundred member Indiana University Marching Hundred!"

With that introduction, the Marching Hundred explodes onto the field. The brilliant sound of the band rings through Memorial Stadium in the IU Fanfare, and the crowd joins in as the band charges downfield to Indiana, Our Indiana. Every IU fan joins in with a massive "IU!" at the end of the fight song played by one of the finest bands in the nation, the Indiana University Marching Hundred.

A Tradition of Excellence...
Innovation for Tomorrow

The Marching Hundred first gained national recognition in the 1920's. The band was praised during an East Coast tour by people stunned by the snap and precision of execution attained by the group. The famous march composer, John Philip Sousa, saw the band in action and commented on the outstanding marching ability and excitement of the Indiana contingent.

The Marching Hundred has been a leader in drill design over the years with floating letters, script writing, fast cadence, circle drills, and innovative contemporary trends used to help entertain the audience. The Hundred continues to lead the country in crowd-pleasing stands music, and presents a high-energy pep rally concert (POWERPLAY!) on game-days (lower West Steps of Assembly Hall).

The school songs-Indiana, Our Indiana, Indiana Fight, Indiana Loyalty, and The Chimes of Indiana-were first performed in the early 1900's and are known throughout the nation as representing Indiana University. Others such as Sing Sing Sing, William Tell, and The IU Fanfare have become modern traditions.

The goal of The Marching Hundred at every performance is to provide enthusiastic support for the team and to entertain the large crowds in attendance at every game. Every member of the group is aware of the fact he or she is in a group with great spirit, drive, and determination to do a fantastic job at every appearance. All shows are designed to provide entertainment of the highest quality for the audience and musical satisfaction for the members of the group. A strong alumni group can attest to the fact that being a member of the Indiana University Marching Hundred can be one of the most meaningful and memorable parts of college life.

Other Performance Opportunities

The Marching Hundred is only one of several bands found on the IU Bloomington campus. The All-Campus Band is available for non-music majors (no entrance audition is required). In addition, the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band present several concerts each semester and rehearse daily. Auditions are required for entrance into one of these groups. Many students find it rewarding to be in the Marching Hundred in the fall semester and All-Campus Band in the spring semester. The Department of Bands is committed to providing a playing opportunity for every interested IU student.

A student desiring membership in the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band or Concert Band should schedule an audition during the first week of semester. Auditions consist of two excerpts of your choosing, one lyrical and one technical. Excerpts are not expected to be longer than two minutes. Call the IU Department of Bands at (812) 855-1372 for an audition appointment.Entry in the All-Campus Band does not require an audition. Simply register for X001 - All Campus Band.

Questions about the band program will be answered by phone ((812) 855-1372), or Click Here to submit a query by e-mail.


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