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Former Members

Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Scientists and Visiting Professors

Stephen D. Curtis, 1981-1984

Katsuo Kamata, 1983-1985

Theodore R. Bashore, 1978-1979

Thomas W. Gardiner, 1985-1987

Allison E. Basse-Tomusk, 1987-1988

Mark T. Ciancone, 1987-1989

John L. Haracz, 1987-1992

Ariane Rosa-Kenig, 1990-1992

Hiroshi Watanabe, 1992

Ann Kosobud, 1994-2000

Zhongrui Wang, 1996-2001

Giampaolo Mereu, 1997

Anna Lisa Muntoni, 1998-2003

Hitoshi Kita, 1999, 2000

Michael I. Sandstron, 1998-2003

Hengyi Zhang, 2001-2002

Christelle Baunez, 2002, 2004

WenLin Sun, 2000-2006

Ceyhun Sunsay, 2004-2008

Youseff Sari, 2007-2010

Ph.D. Students and Dissertation Topics

Kevin D. Alloway, 1983, Neural Correlates of Long-Term Amphetamine Administration.

Glenn D. Anderson, 1986, Mechanism of Action of Clozapine: An Investigation in the Amygdaloid Complex.

Allison E. Basse-Tomusk, 1987, The Regulation and Distribution of Ascorbate in the Neostriatum.

Laura K. White, 1991, The Neuromodulatory Role of Ascorbate in the Brain and its Clinical Implications in a Psychiatric Population.

JoAnn T. Tschanz, 1991, Cortical Influences on the Behavioral and Neostriatal Neuronal Effects of Amphetamine and Neuroleptic Drugs.

Byron A. Heidenreich, 1992, Investigations into the Effects of Repeated Amphetamine Administration and Crus Cerebri Lesions on the Electrophysiology of Midbrain Dopamine Neurons in the Rat.

Ilsun Miranda White, 1992, Behavioral and Electrophysiological Investigations of the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Performance on a Conditioned Avoidance Task.

Robert Christopher Pierce, 1993, Identification of Structures Controlling Neostriatal Ascorbate Release and Assessment of Ascorbate-Dopamine-Glutamate Interactions.

Zhongrui Wang, 1995, Neuroethopharmacology of Amphetamine and Antipsychotic Drugs in Striatum and Amygdala of Freely Moving Rats.

Joshua M. Gulley, 2000, Movement- and Drug-Induced Changes in the Activity of Basal Ganglia Output Neurons in Awake, Unrestrained Rats.

Katherine C. Hooper, 2000, Electrophysiological and Behavioral Effects of Stimulating D1 and D2 Dopamine Receptors in the Basal Ganglia of Freely Moving, Dopamine-Depleted Rats.

Mark A. Teagarden, 2003, Electrophysiological Correlates of Behavior in Rat Subthalamic Nucleus and Striatum.

David A. Wood, 2006, Effects of Environmental Experience on Behavior and Neuronal Activity in Nucleus Accumbens Core and Shell in An Appetitive Learning Task

James J. Cortright, 2007, Role of the Subthalamic Nucleus in the Circuitry Mediating Food and Cocaine-seeking Behavior

Kevin T. Ball, 2007, Electrophysiological and Structural Alterations in Striatum Associated with Behavioral Sensitization to MDMA (ecstasy) in Rats: Role of Drug Context

Benjamin R. Miller, 2009, “The Role of Glutamate Uptake on Information Processing and Ascorbate Release in Striatum of Huntington’s Disease Mice”

Adam G. Walker, 2010, "The Prefrontal Cortex System in the R6/2 Mouse Model of Huntington's Disease"

Jenelle L. Dorner, 2011, "The Effects of 17-β-estradiol on Behavior and Ascorbate Release in Striatum of Female Mice Expressing the Huntington’s Disease Gene"

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