San Clemente

In a musty basement in Bloomington, IN, four young men covered their hearts and pledged their allegiance to a higher purpose. The pledge was not to country, nor to a greater deity, but to forever embrace, preserve, and progress the ideal of high-octane Rock 'n Roll. Being a product of such a landmark moment, San Clemente continues to be one of the scene's fastest up-and-coming bands, fusing together the elements of classic rock, blues, and soul. Continuously being of a minority in today's music scene, San Clemente is breaking down walls to bring Rock 'n Roll back to the masses.

"In a music scene flooded by generic music, San Clemente isn't afraid to show off their rock and roll roots", said Tucker Gragg of Live From Bloomington, a local organization aimed at highlighting emerging Bloomington artists.

San Clemente is Nick Floyd (vocals, guitar), Cory Wiley (lead guitar), Seth Wagner (bass), and Matt Floyd (drums, vocals). With all members being natives of Bloomington, IN, these four musicians have been playing together since they were in middle school.

San Clemente recently released their debut album, "Keep Touchin", in October of 2010 and it definitively proves that San Clemente is a musical force to be reckoned with. If you feel like Rock 'n' Roll has lost its place in today's music scene, this is your jam. Let's bring back the Rock.