April 14, 2012

13th and Fee Lane [map]
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN


Promoting the education and awareness of the dangers and issues surrounding addiction and substance abuse, primarily through the use of live music and local resources as a way to connect the Bloomington community in a safe, engaging way!


Be Smart

Elephant Quiz

Elephant Quiz is based out of Bloomington, Indiana and has been performing together since 2006. Having said to be still simultaniously searching for and creating a genre to accurately describe their sound, Elephant Quiz blends, molds, and presents a combination of musical techniques from each member's background. Rock, funk, psychedelic, jam, hip hop, and potentially even a hint of middle-eastern inspired traditions could be found mixed together in just one song. Best known for their energetic live performance style, involving organically orchestrated improvisation, they draw the audience in with a constant change of pace to their shows and unanticipated jams. Though young, these are experienced musicians, most of which have been performing in the musical arena for around 10 years. This experience and th! eir passion combined give Elephant Quiz the ability to provide not just a cohesive blend of sound, but to create an entirely new atmosphere from the moment they hit their first beat.

Sneaky Peach