April 14, 2012

13th and Fee Lane [map]
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN


Promoting the education and awareness of the dangers and issues surrounding addiction and substance abuse, primarily through the use of live music and local resources as a way to connect the Bloomington community in a safe, engaging way!


Be Smart

Glostik Willy

Glostik Willy is a very diverse Jam Band from Marion, Indiana that consists of Zach "Buddha" Aguilar thumpin hardcore on the bass, Jameson Bradford shreddin leads all day, and Ralf Mowf going to town on the drums. We started playing together at the early ages of 12 and 13 and have developed a very unique and original style from the years of playing. We thrive on making our shows as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Glostik Willy is a band you can never forget!!!


Glostik Willy: Shure

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