April 14, 2012

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Indiana University
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Promoting the education and awareness of the dangers and issues surrounding addiction and substance abuse, primarily through the use of live music and local resources as a way to connect the Bloomington community in a safe, engaging way!


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Hoagy Rollers

The term “Holy Roller” conjures several mental images: perhaps you imagine a nun in roller skates, a guy who consistently throws 11’s at the craps table, or even a biblical-themed adventure ride! The Hoagy Rollers, a clever play on the term invoking Bloomington’s own songster Hoagy Carmichael, also conjure several mental images: they are a hillbilly-informed jazz quartet, they are an old-time string band with saxophone, they blend folk, swing, blues, country, old-time, bluegrass, rockabilly and Broadway, brought together by their diverse backgrounds in jazz, reggae, classical and honky-tonk music, they are Hoosiers, historians, ethnomusicologists, music aficionados and accomplished musicians. Whichever way you choose to describe the Hoagy Rollers, they are reviving the great American songbook and bringing good times back home again to Indiana.

Comprised of Tim Dolan (banjo, uke, kazoo and vocals), Eric Bindler (guitar), Matthew Buchbinder (saxophones) and Nate Gibson (upright bass), these four gents take pride in their Hoosier heritage and Bloomington roots. In addition to their original material, the Roller’s repertoire of rough-and-raggedy old-time classics includes everything from George and Ira Gershwin to Hank Williams, Cab Calloway to Merle Haggard, and of course, Hoagy Carmichael to name just a few. With grooves as thick as cold molasses and pungent as bathtub gin, the Rollers draw their inspiration from the glorious dawn of American popular music, a time when jug bands and freight trains roamed the landscape and early Jazz ate breakfast with honky-tonk country. For booking please contact thehoagyrollers@gmail.com.

Hoagy Rollers: Summertime Competition

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