April 14, 2012

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Tax Brandywine

An act that is quickly gaining regional popularity, Tax Brandywine hails from Nashville, Tennessee. The bandís front man, Pierce Duncan, has been playing in various area bands for the past six years. His last band, Three Piece Suit won Radio Now 93.1ís Battle of the Bands competition and the Verizon Wireless Battle of the Bands competition. His win at the Verizon Wireless gave him the opportunity to play second stage at a sold-out Nickleback concert in the summer of 2007.

After leaving Three Piece Suit to start his own project, Pierce Duncan, along with bassist Nick Weber and drummer John Concannon, have been continuing to impress audiences throughout the Midwest. While the band tours regionally, they have just completed their first EP under the Tax Brandywine banner entitled ďFrom here to Navy PierÖĒ

Duncanís soul-filled intertwining harmonies and rocking guitar solos are reminiscent of the classic sounds of Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, and The Beatles. Tax Brandywine offers a timeless sound that will appeal to young audiences and older generations alike. Duncanís songs pull influences from many different musical backgrounds including classic rock, reggae, ska, and blues to create rock music that begs you to sing along.

Tax Brandywine is a rock band for a new area, bringing back pop-rock with stunning vocals and truly talented guitar riffs. They promise a show that you wonít want to miss!


Tax Brandywine: I'm Not Real

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