April 9, 2011

13th and Fee Lane (next to McNutt)

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN


To inspire a movement that recognizes substance addiction as a disease and presents the numerous resources and outlets people can utilize for recovery.


A2M exists to assist those afflicted with substance addiction and guide them towards recovery and a healthy lifestyle. These goals are achieved through donations, fundraising, partnerships with addiction resource organizations, and most importantly, support from the Bloomington community.


Addicted to Music strives to reform both the substance-abuse culture of the IU and Bloomington community, and to promote proposed state legislation to restructure the legal treatment of substance offenders: The Jennifer Act.

Addicted to Music Documentary Trailer (2011)

Addicted to Music Documentary Trailer from Mike Walker on Vimeo.

Confronting Addiction: The Short Documentary (2009)

Presented by Addicted To Music...this is the documentary about three people and the stories of their family members who battled addiction. Featuring Justin Schreiber, Ben Hopkins, and Amy McCormick.

Together we can kick the addiction, and become "Addicted to Music"