April 14, 2012

13th and Fee Lane [map]
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN


Promoting the education and awareness of the dangers and issues surrounding addiction and substance abuse, primarily through the use of live music and local resources as a way to connect the Bloomington community in a safe, engaging way!


Be Smart

Addicted to Music Philanthropy

Charles "Corky" Owen McCormick IV overdosed and died the day he was to graduate from Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana on May 27, 2005.

Like Corky, countless people worldwide face the pains of addiction. The Music Committee of the Business Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC) has organized a free event inviting people to kick addiction and become "Addicted to Music." The underlying theme of the concert is that everyone has been affected by addiction, whether personally or through a friend or family member. This concert will serve as a host to several addiction resources from throughout the state including Amethyst House, IU's Alcohol and Drug Information Center, the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition, IU's Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Office for Women's Affairs. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Amethyst House.