April 14, 2012

13th and Fee Lane [map]
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN


Promoting the education and awareness of the dangers and issues surrounding addiction and substance abuse, primarily through the use of live music and local resources as a way to connect the Bloomington community in a safe, engaging way!


Be Smart

The Black Guys

The Black Guys began in late 2010 as the brain child of Buck Black and James “Whiskey N’ Grits” Plessinger. They were disappointed in the lack of respect they witnessed from their contemporaries towards the great blues musicians they loved. They soon recruited their friend and self-proclaimed electric washboard virtuoso Cherry Catpis to play drums and within a few weeks began playing shows. Their music was very deeply rooted in the spirit of the blues and early R&B. After playing a number of small shows and parties as a three piece Buck Black decided they needed “a big fat bottom end” so they recruited former Stranger Lazy frontman and all-around dude, Rob “Rextasy” Freeman to play bass. With his addition the band took on a fuller funkier sound. They captivated audiences with a constantly growing catalog of blues, rock and soul.

The end of 2011 brought many changes to the Black Guys as Cherry was forced to leave the state under mysterious circumstances. The search was on for a new drummer and after a string of unsuccessful candidates and one restraining order they were nearly ready to throw in the towel. That is until Buck witnessed a man in a grocery store pounding out the rhythm of “Tom Sawyer” by Rush on a can of Campbell’s soup while one of his girlfriends was pushing him around in a shopping cart. The man’s name was Bill “Crunchy” Greely and he was welcomed into the band without even having to audition.

With the addition of Crunchy, The Black Guys’ style again evolved into a hard driving funk sound while still being deeply rooted in the blues. They immediately began to write and record a number of new songs at an astounding pace. Their catalog now consists of nearly 20 originals with twice as many classic rock covers and blues standards. They are currently finishing up the recording of their debut album, “Muzzleloader” which is expected to be released in spring 2012.

Fancy Pants

Road Hand