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The Business Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC) is a student organization that was founded in 2002 with the hope that a school like Indiana University which has world class programs in such fields as Business, Journalism, Music, and Telecommunications; can share with entertainment companies all over the world the talents, aspirations, and professionalism that its students have to offer. The BCEC at Indiana University is an affiliate chapter of the Business Careers in Entertainment Association (BCEA). The BCEA is a national non-profit organization that governs a network of students dedicated to learning more about the entertainment industry and getting hands-on experience. Our mission is to provide all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, regardless of academic degree, with the essential career development mind-set and hands-on experience vital to obtain professional entertainment networking connections, internships, and job opportunities within both the creative and business ends of the entertainment industry.

After BCEC established itself, the organization worked very hard to help its members not only make viable contacts in the industry, but also learn more about it as well. BCEC has been able to accomplish this by taking trips to various company headquarters such as: Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network, NBC Universal, ABC, IMG, Time Inc., A&E Television Network, Brooklyn Cyclones, MTV Networks, New York City Sports Commission, Emmis Communications, Clear Channel Communications, CNN, Fox News, Octagon, ASCAP, BMI, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NFL, Jive Records, Westwood One, Carnegie Hall, 2929 Productions, Cordless Records, Columbia Records, and Atlantic Records. Along with meeting with companies at their offices, BCEC has been fortunate enough to have representatives comes speak from companies such as: Time Magazine/Entertainment Weekly, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Caesars Casinos, Artistic Media Partners, Major League Baseball, The Tennis Channel, ESPN, New York Yankees, Island Def Jam Music Group, and the National Association for Recording Industry Professionals. By making these strong contacts and also getting to see what these individuals do in their working environments, it helps our members be more knowledgeable about this industry which will make them a more valuable asset to the companies in which they will eventually work. BCEC has a large database of all of its contact information which it shares with its members as long as they show a genuine interest in the company along with the sincere vow to represent the school and the organization in a professional manner.

To further benefit our organization and those companies who remain in contact with us, BCEC takes annual networking trips to cities, such as New York City and Los Angeles, where student ambassadors meet with company executives in their respective offices. The purpose of the networking trips is to provide networking, job information, and industry insight to the career-minded students of Indiana University. During these trips, the intelligent, skilled, and passionate students that BCEC represents will be introduced to companies within all areas of the entertainment industry for future internship and job opportunities.

The Business Careers in Entertainment Club is just what the name implies, we are here to become a resource for IU students who are interested in exploring a career in the entertainment industry.

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