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Exploring and emulating the complexity encountered in self-organizing biological matter has been a central theme of our research program. In terms of scope, our activities fit into four main categories: 

  1. Development of new imaging tools and techniques, looking further into the dynamics and organization of self-assembled molecular systems.

  2. Work on fundamentals, mainly concerning kinetics and thermodynamics of self-assembly.

  3. Applied research, explorations in bio-enabled synthesis of metamaterials, energy transduction at nanoscale, and the biomedical field.

  4. Outreach, demo projects and opportunities for kids aged 8 to 80.


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The Dragnea group gratefully acknowledges support throughout the years from:


DOE Basic Energy Sciences

The Army Research Office

The Human Frontier Science Program


NIH - NIGMS program

NSF - CHE, DMR, and CBET programs