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Pooja Saxena | Bogdan Dragnea | Irina Tsvetkova | JB Holmes | Eun Sohl Koh

Mercedes Hernando Perez | Cheng Zeng | Maryam Zahedian | Virginia Smith



Principal Investigator

Romania USA
Bogdan Dragnea

Provost Professor

Adjunct Professor of Physics and Biochemistry



How do I keep this crazy bunch under control?


Research Scientist

Irina Tsvetkova

Irina B Tsvetkova Ph.D. Email


How self-assembly can be used for building new materials? Experiments in spherical crystallography with virus proteins and nanoparticles.



India England
Pooja Saxena

Pooja Saxena Ph.D. Email


How does biological selection pressure translate into Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) thermodynamics?


Mercedes Hernando

Mercedes Hernando Perez Ph.D. Email


Can Atomic Force Microscopy unveil how bacterial adhesives work under water?


Graduate Students

Virginia Smith

Virginia Marie Smith Email


How can we measure and understand the mechanisms for genome delivery by viruses?


Eun Sohl Koh

Eun Sohl Koh Email


Can we measure and induce nanoscale chemical transformations using real-time photothermal microscopy? Experiments and simulations of interfacial chemical transformations in nanoparticles.



Cheng ZengEmail


How stiff is the virus (and why should we care)?


Maryam Zahedian

Maryam ZahedianEmail


Can light be used to control the chemical equilibrium of nanoparticles in aqueous solution? Experiments and simulations in nanoparticle electromagnetics.

Joseph Holmes

Joseph "JB" HolmesEmail


Based upon a local rule of repulsive pair potential and a carefully controlled central field, can a phyllotactic array of nanoparticles be obtained experimentally via a self-assembly process?


Undergraduate Students

Zach Lee Christine Yang

Zachary LeeEmail

Christine Yang Email