Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE)

BEST offers the FLPE exam in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, and German. For other languages, please contact the appropriate foreign language departmental office. These undergraduate placement exams serve two purposes: course placement and academic credit. Ordinarily, they are given to undergraduate students during Orientation. Occasionally, students may need to take an FLPE at a later time for various reasons.

Please note that the FLPE is designed to be taken only one time during one’s entire enrollment at Indiana University. In order to re-test, students are responsible for obtaining written authorization from the language department prior to making a testing appointment.

The tests are administered in Franklin Hall 014. Please call 855-1595 to make an appointment. Administration time is one hour. The test fee for exams other than Latin is $15, which is paid at the time of testing. The Latin exam has a different test fee; please call BEST for details. Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, a check made payable to Indiana University, or billing to the examinee’s bursar account. Examinees should also bring photograph identification such as a student ID, driver’s license, or a passport, two #2 pencils, and your 10-digit university identification number.

The FLPE for IU Bloomington is not available on other IU campuses. Further, foreign language placement testing from other institutions is not recognized by Indiana University. Individuals who have taken similar exams at other institutions or who are transferring in foreign language coursework will be required to take the appropriate FLPE for the language they wish to study at IU Bloomington.
Test Scores

FLPE scores are available only from the undergraduate secretary in the academic office of the language departments. IUB Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST) does not release test scores to examinees. Likewise, BEST cannot advise students about language classes.

Undergraduate Language Offices

Language Department Location Phone*
French French & Italian Ballantine Hall, Room 642 855-1952
German Germanic Studies Ballantine Hall, Room 644 855-1553
Italian French & Italian Ballantine Hall, Room 642 855-1952
Latin Classical Studies Ballantine Hall, Room 547 855-6651
Spanish Spanish & Portuguese Ballantine Hall, Room 850 855-8612

* Please note: Because of federal disclosure laws, exam scores cannot be given over the phone.

Sample Tests
* French
* Spanish