Frequently asked questions – online placement testing at IUB


General information about placement testing at IUB

 All first-year students are expected to take placement tests in math and foreign language; some may wish to take optional tests in biology, chemistry, or calculus. Placement tests allow academic advisors to recommend the appropriate initial course for the student in these subject areas.

Placement tests for the following eight languages are available only online: Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish. These tests must be taken online before students come to campus. For placement tests in languages other than these, please contact the appropriate academic department or ask your advisor when you come to campus.

In addition, a math placement exam is also available online, and must be taken before coming to campus.


Technology questions

How can I find the online placement tests?  For languages, the online testing site is at  For math, the online testing site is at

What do I need in order to take the online placement tests?  To take the tests, you will need

  • A computer with stable Internet access (and a high-speed connection, if possible)
  • A Web browser that is compatible with the Adobe Flash media player and has Java enabled
  • Headphones or speakers
  • An IU username and password

I don’t think my computer has Flash installed. What should I do?  If you have questions about Flash, please visit the IU Knowledge Base page:

What if I don’t know my IU username?  If you are unsure what your username is, please visit the IU Knowledge Base page:

 Can I take the online tests on my iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc.?  No, the tests were not designed for use on mobile devices. You must use a PC or Mac computer.

 I am unable to access the online placement tests.  For technical assistance with the foreign language placement tests, please email IU Placement Test Help,

For technical assistance with the online math placement test, go to

I started my online exam, but my computer crashed or my Internet went down. How can I restart the test?    If your language test needs to be resumed or restarted, please email IU Placement Test Help,  If you have a technical problem during your math test, please go to


General questions

 When and where can I register for the online placement tests?  There is no need to register for the online tests. They are available on the Web 24 hours a day.

How much does it cost to take the online placement tests?  The IU Bloomington Online Placement Exam fee of $50 covers math and foreign language online placement exams. The fee will be assessed and appear on a student’s bursar bill the first time a student takes an online placement exam and it will cover any additional such exams taken for the academic year.

When will you be offering the online placement tests?  The tests are available now, on the Web, 24 hours a day. Please note:  You must take the appropriate online placement tests at least 72 hours before you arrive on campus for New Student Orientation or Welcome Week (the week before classes start in the fall).

When do I take the optional exams administered on campus and offered through New Student Orientation? The Chemistry Placement Exam is offered only online. Biology and Calculus are administered during the evening and the morning PRIOR to checking in to your orientation program; you will need to plan travel accordingly. See your NSO confirmation for details by logging in to your FY(Me) page.

 Do I have to take the online language placement exams if my major doesn’t require language study?  If you studied a foreign language in high school you must take the placement test. Many students change their majors one or more times before graduating. Also, the campus-wide General Education requirements include language study as one option of the World Languages and Cultures requirement.

Do I have to take an online language placement exam if I plan to study a different language than the one I studied in high school?  Yes, you should still test in the language you studied in high school. That way your score will be on file in case you change your mind about which language you want to study.

Why do I need to take the online placement exams before coming to Orientation?  Online placement tests are taken prior to Orientation so that advisors have the information they need to help students select appropriate courses.

How do I get my scores for placement tests?  When you meet with your advisor during Orientation you will be given your scores and recommended placement.