Documents (by topic)

Digitek A Program for Test Scoring and Analysis

The Digitek User’s Manual provides detailed instructions for using BEST’s scanning service to score multiple-choice exams. The manual also provides guidance in interpeting the data and statistics contained in the Digitek report.

Multi-Op A Program for Paper-Based Course Evaluations

Multi-Op is a course-instructor evaluation system used by many IUB departments. Instructors can select up to 35 items from a bank of 198 items, and include up to 15 self-written items.

How to Write Better Tests A Handbook for Improving Test Construction

This handbook is designed to help instructors write better tests—better in that they more closely assess instructional objectives and assess them more accurately.

Quick Guide to Better Tests Summarized list of suggestions and techniques

This two page quick guide provides a summary of useful suggestions and techniques to improve test development.

Test Reliability A Handbook for Improving Test Reliability

This handbook is designed to help instructors minimize inevitable errors of measurement and increase reliability.