Scanning Room Information

Optical scanning can simplify data collection from tests, surveys, and other types of observation. Respondents can record information directly on forms compatible with Scantron scanners, or the researcher can transfer hand-written data to machine-readable forms. In either case, the data can be scanned and stored in an electronic format suitable for analysis via Excel, SPSS, etc.

Multiple-choice exams completed on “bubble” sheets can be scored by BEST. In addition, the Digitek II scoring program provides an item analysis that can be useful in improving test items.

BEST charges for all scanning except course exams and course evaluations. Depending on the purpose and complexity of the project, there may be a charge for assistance in developing survey forms.

Scanning Services Rate Schedule (PDF)


Scanning Room Hours

The regular scanning room hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00pm. Extended hour are available during the end of semester rush. Please check the Announcements page at those times for further information.

For any other information concerning the Scanning Room hours or services you may call (812) 855-3357.