Test Scoring and Data Analysis Services

Multiple-choice tests administered with machine-readable (bubble) answer sheets can be scored with BEST’s high-speed optical scanner. Instructors receive a report that includes an alphabetical roster with raw scores, T-scores, percentile rank, score distributions, and an item analysis. The report is usually available within two to four working hours after the test sheets and answer key are delivered to the scanning room (Franklin Hall M005, 812-855-3357).

Instructors should consult the Digitek User’s Manual (PDF) before submitting their first group of answer sheets for scanning. The manual contains detailed instructions for marking answer keys, alternate forms (which allows one answer key to be used for scoring up to four differently ordered forms), and for interpreting the Digitek report.

The 5-option NCS “General Purpose Answer Sheets” used by the Digitek scoring program can be obtained through your department, or purchased from IU Printing Services. The answer sheets must be marked with #2 pencils only. There is no charge for scoring classroom tests.

You can also receive score data as an ASCII file. You’ll need to request this at the time the sheets are submitted for scanning and provide us with a flash drive, or ask about using our Oncourse Dropbox service.