Course Evaluations


Multi-Op is a course-instructor evaluation system used by many IUB departments. Instructors can select up to 35 items from a bank of 198 items, and include up to 15 self-written items. The Multi-Op Manual includes extended information about using this system, including:

Getting Multi-Op Forms

Multi-Op standard forms, designed to apply to a broad range of disciplines and course types, and customized forms can be ordered at any time. However, all orders must be received before the last two weeks of classes each semester. Request Multi-Op forms using one of the following options:

Multi-Op Reports

Multi-Op users receive a report that tabulates responses to each item (other than open-ended questions.) The report also provides norms for comparison to a designated reference group and to IUB as a whole. BEST staff are available to consult with individual instructors or departments about appropriate course evaluation strategies, and interpreting evaluation reports.

Multi-Op on QuizSite

QuizSite is provisionally being used to create and administer course evaluations on the Web. If your department has been setup to do online course evaluations you may request a Custom On-line Evaluation using QuizSite. Please check with your department before using this option.