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Indiana University Bloomington


Race, Empire, Ethnicity

Friday 23 October 9:00 AM

Chair: Michel Chaouli, Indiana University

  • Pascal Grosse, Berlin and University of Michigan
      Meanings of Race and bio-politics in modern Germany
  • Jürgen Zimmerer, Sheffield University, UK
      The Nazi Empire in Colonial Perspective
  • Winson Chu, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
      Reexamining the Völkisch Turn in Weimar Germany
  • Discussant: Edward Ross Dickinson, UC Davis

Nazism and Race--The Big Picture

Friday 23 October 11:00 AM

Chair: Carl Ipsen, Indiana University

  • Dirk Moses, University of Sydney
      Security and the Völkisch Imagination
  • Mark Roseman, Indiana University
      Beyond the racial state
  • Roberta Pergher, University of Kansas
      Looking at the 'racial state' through the window of fascist Italy
  • Discussant: Claudia Koonz, Duke University

Race and Nazi Racial Policy

Friday 23 October 2:30 PM

Chair: Dirk Moses, University of Sydney, Australia

  • Jürgen Matthäus, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
      Beyond the Jewish Question: Racial Policy in the Early Stages
  • Richard Steigmann Gall, Kent State University
      Neither Aryan nor Semite: Mutability and Identity in the Third Reich
  • Ben Thorne, Indiana University
      Common Problems, Different Solutions: The Role of Race in Solving the ‘Gypsy Problem’ in the Third Reich and Romania
  • Discussant: Julia Roos, Indiana University

Evening address (Wylie Hall 005)

Friday 23 October 8:00 PM

Donald Bloxham in parallel with the Institute for Advanced Study

Race in Science and Scholarship

Saturday 24 October 9:00 AM

Chair: Jason McGraw, Indiana University

  • Herwig Czech, Documentation Center of the Austrian Resistance, Vienna
      Nazi Medical Crimes, Eugenics, and the Limits of the 'Racial State' Paradigm
  • Dirk Rupnow, Institute for Contemporary History, University of Innsbruck
      Racializing Historiography: Anti-Jewish Scholarship, Definitions and Diagnoses of "Jewishness"
  • Frieder Günther, Stiftung Bundespräsident-Theodor-Heuss-Haus, Stuttgart
      Order Beyond Race: Ideas of Radical Social Order in German Right-Wing Intellectual Debates 1920-1960
  • Discussant: Richard Wetzell, German Historical Institute, Washington

Race and German Society

Saturday 24 October 11:00 AM

Chair: Julia Roos, Indiana University

  • Eric Kurlander, Stetson University
      “A Space for Compassion.” Liberal Women and Progressive Social Policy in the Racial State
  • Martina Kessel, Bielefeld University
      Trouble with Grandma. Racist Jokes during National Socialism
  • Annette Timm, University of Calgary
      Gender, Sexuality and Race: Moving Beyond the Historikerinnenstreit
  • Discussant: Marion Kaplan, NYU

Race, Citizenship and Empire in the East

Saturday 24 October 2:00 PM

Chair: Jeff Veidlinger, Indiana University

  • Michael Meng, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
      Eastern Europe as an Imperial Space
  • Alexa Stiller, Bern University
      Race, Space, and Volk: Ideology and Pragmatism within the Nazi Germanization Policy in the Annexed Territories
  • Gerhard Wolf, University of Sussex
      Negotiating 'Völkisch' and Racial Identities: The 'Deutsche Volksliste' in Annexed Poland
  • Discussant: Doris Bergen, University of Toronto

Race in Wartime

Saturday 24 October 4:30 PM

Chair: Jim Diehl, Indiana University

  • Nick Stargardt, Magdalen College, Oxford
      The Volk at war: What were Germans fighting for in World War II?
  • Regina Mühlhäuser, Hamburg Institute for Social Research
      Sexuality, Violence, Race and Masculinity: Nazi efforts to control the sexuality of German soldiers in the Soviet Union, 1941-1945
  • Richard Bessel, University of York, UK
      Racism, Nationalism, Violence and Pragmatism: The End of the Racial State in 1945
  • Discussant: Devin Pendas, Boston College

Conference Dinner

Saturday 24 October 8:00 PM


Sunday 25 October 9:00 AM

Chair: Sara Friedman, Indiana University

  • Devin Pendas, Boston College
      The Fate of a Man: The Murder of Dr. Hans Hannemann, April 25, 1945
  • Rita Chin, University of Michigan
      The Nazi Legacy and the Problem of Race in West Germany
  • Monica Black, Furman University
      Race myths in post-war Germany
  • Discussant: Michelle Moyd, Indiana University

Round Table: Class, Gender, Race

Sunday 25 October 11:00 AM

Marian Kaplan, Claudia Koonz, Jürgen Matthäus, Nick Stargardt, Richard Wetzell