About the Bloomington Faculty Council

The Bloomington Faculty Council (BFC) is a representative body of elected members from Indiana University Bloomington. The BFC includes members from the faculty, adminstration, students, professional staff/union, and the ROTC who oversee fourteen standing and five elected committees, canvas faculty and staff for campus consensus on pressing academic and domestic matters, and provide campus and university service through numerous campus committees and the University Faculty Council.

The Constitution of the BFC affords the faculty legislative authority over the following matters:

  • The campus' academic mission.
  • The campus' structure of faculty governance, consistent with university faculty standards.
  • Policy and allocation of authority for academic matters affecting more than one school on the campus including campus curriculum and General Education.
  • The Bloomington academic calendar with only such deviation from the university calendar made necessary by local circumstances.
  • Creation, reorganization, merger, and elimination of programs and units affecting more than one school on the campus.
  • Appointment, promotion and tenure, compensation, conduct and discipline, and grievances of campus faculty, consistent with university faculty standards.
  • Standards and procedures for appointment and review of campus academic offices and administrative officers affecting the academic mission, consistent with university standards.
  • Admission and retention of students to the campus.
  • Campus student conduct and discipline, consistent with university standards.
  • Standards and systems for the evaluation of student academic performance of the campus.
  • Academic programs not within the authority of a school faculty. In such cases the campus faculty exercises the same authority as would be vested in a school faculty.

The Constitution of the BFC affords the faculty consultative authority over the following matters:

  • Campus facilities and budgets
  • Intercollegiate and intramural athletics
  • Other matters affecting the academic mission of the campus, subject to the legislative authority of the university and school faculties.

Similar authority has been afforded the individual school faculties (i.e. College of Arts and Sciences, School of Library and Information Science, etc...). These school faculties, in turn, may delegate authority to faculties of departments, divisions, or other academic units. The authority of the Bloomington faculty has been delegated to a body of elected representatives called the Bloomington Faculty Council. The BFC maintains a committee structure where most policy, legislative, and consultative authority is exercised. Committees are comprised of both elected BFC members and volunteer members from among the faculty, students and staff.