Budgetary Affairs Committee

The Budgetary Affairs Committee is an executive committee of the BFC with independent authority. It monitors the development of the annual campus budget through consultations with the dean of budgetary affairs; members participate in budget meetings of academic and some non-academic campus units; develops budget policies; prepares an annual report to the BFC.

2015 - 2016 Members

Name Department BFC member Duties
Jamsheed Choksy Central Eurasian Studies
Ann Elsner Optometry
Alessandro Flammini Informatics & Computing
Alyce Fly Public Health
Don Gjerdingen Law
Rae Greiner English BFC Member
Diane Henshel SPEA BFC Member
Elizabeth Housworth Mathematics Chair
Susan Kovacich Optometry
Robert Kravchuk SPEA BFC member (Executive Committee) Chair
Oana Panaïte French & Italian
Nazareth Pantaloni Libraries BFC Member
Richard Shockley Business
Stephen Wolter Public Health