Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee

The Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee develops policies related to campus diversity; responds to campus issues on affirmative action that may arise; monitors the performance of the campus in meeting affirmative action goals; confers with the campus affirmative action officer and the office of academic support and diversity on policy and performance issues; prepares an annual report to the BFC.

2015 - 2016 Members

Name Department BFC member Duties
Maria Hamilton Abegunde University Graduate School
Carolyn Calloway-Thomas AAADS
Michael Courtney Libraries
Lekeah Durden GPSG
Krista Glazewski Education
Israel Herrera Spanish & Portuguese BFC Member
Martin McCrory Vice Provost for Educational Inclusion and Diversity
Patrick Smith Academic Support
Frances Trix Anthropology BFC Member Chair
Cody Vaughn IUSA
Brittany Witherspoon GPSG