Indiana University Bloomington

Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee

The Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee develops policies related to campus diversity; responds to campus issues on affirmative action that may arise; monitors the performance of the campus in meeting affirmative action goals; confers with the campus affirmative action officer and the office of academic support and diversity on policy and performance issues; prepares an annual report to the BFC.

2013 - 2014 Members

Name Department BFC member Duties
Linda Abe Second Language Studies
Marlon Bailey Gender Studies Spring semester only
Gracia Clark Anthropology BFC member
Byron Craig Business
Diana Dingman Business
Betty Dlamini AAADS
Lessie Jo Frazier Gender Studies
Carolyn Goerner Business
Deloice Holliday Libraries
Leighton Johnson IUSA
Ellie Kollbaum Optometry
Francesa White GPSO
Craig Wood Journalism