Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves to establish the agenda for the Bloomington Faculty Council meetings, prepare the final draft of any new legislation approved by the Council, assign items proposed for Council consideration to the appropriate committee, and initially convene each committee. Additionally, the Executive Committee may at any time request the Council to determine the implementation and the effect of any past legislation or action or to reconsider any past legislation. In special circumstances the Executive Committee is delegated to act as the executive agent of the Bloomington Faculty Council without prior consultation of the Council.

2014 - 2015 Members

Name Department BFC member Duties
Erika Dowell Libraries LRPC Chair
Robert Kravchuk SPEA BAC Chair
Ben Robinson Germanic Studies BFC member EPC Chair
Steve Sanders Law BFC member Parliamentarian, Constitution and Rules Chair
Jim Sherman Psychological & Brain Sciences BFC member President
Rebecca Spang History BFC member Secretary
Cassidy Sugimoto Informatics & Computing BFC member President-elect, FAC Chair
Herb Terry Emeritus–Telecommunications BFC member Past-president