Indiana University Bloomington

GLBT Student Support Services Advisory Board

The GLBT Student Support Services Advisory Board oversee the GLBTSSS Office. This office serves as a resource and information center for campus and community individuals, groups, events, and activities. The office provides a welcoming environment for individuals seeking to grow in their understanding of GLBT issues and works in conjunction with IUB's departments, offices and student groups, as well as many community, state and national organizations. More information on the GLBTSSS Office may be found on its website, linked below.

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2013 - 2014 Faculty Representatives

Name Department BFC member Duties
Angela Courtney Libraries
Amy Gonzales Telecommunications
Thomas Nelson Laird Education
George Pinney Theatre & Drama
Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin Public Health
Laura Scheiber Anthropology
Rex Sprouse German
Liana Zhou Kinsey Institute