Bloomington Faculty Council Members for 2016 - 2017

Information about membership

The officers of the Bloomington Faculty Council include the Presiding Officer (the IU Bloomington Provost), the President of the Bloomington Faculty Council, the Secretary, the Parliamentarian, and four Executive Committee members. Each spring, the President of the Bloomington Faculty Council, Secretary and Parliamentarian are elected from among the Council members.

The following units at Indiana Univeristy Bloomington are elected to the BFC:

  • College of Arts and Sciences (divided into Units 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 1G, 1H, 1I, 1J)
  • Kelley School of Business/ Unit 2
  • School of Education/ Unit 3
  • Nursing, Social Work and Medicine/ Unit 4
  • School of Informatics and Computing/ Unit 5
  • Maurer School of Law/ Unit 6
  • Libraries/ Unit 7
  • Jacobs School of Music/ Unit 8
  • School of Optometry/ Unit 9
  • School of Public and Environmental Affairs/ Unit 10
  • School of Public Health/ Unit 11
  • Non-tenure track faculty from clinical, lecturer, research scientist or scholar ranks/ Unit 99
  • Emeriti/ Unit 100

Additionally, one College At Large representative is elected by members of the College of Arts and Sciences. Four Campus at Large representatives and one Untenured Campus At Large representative are elected by members of Units 1-11. Two Emeriti faculty representatives are elected by emeriti faculty. Nominations for BFC members for the following academic year occur in the fall semester and elections occur the spring.

Administration, graduate students, undergraduate students, the ROTC, and professional council members of the BFC are ex-officio, not elected members.

In the BFC membership roster found below, the e-mail address of each member has been linked to his or her name. If a BFC member is serving as on officer or only serving during one semester, this information has been noted in parenthesis underneath his or her name.

Elected Members

Name Department Address Telephone Unit Term
Kyle Adams Music M325G 855-1859 Unit 8: Music 2017-2019
Salman Alani Near Easter Languages and Cultures GISB 3053 855-8555 Unit 1.I School of Global and International Studies 2016-2018
Hussein Banai International Studies GISB 1011 856-9111 At-Large 2017-2019
Carey Beam Libraries Wylie House Museum 856-2353 Untenured At-Large 2017-2019
Alan Bender Biology Department of Biology 333-2851 Unit 1.F Arts and Sciences "F" 2017-2019
Simon Brassell Geological Sciences MSB-II, Rm. 404 855-3786 Unit 1.F Arts and Sciences "F" 2015-2019
Brenda Brenner Music Simons Center M145C 855-0989 Unit 8: Music 2016-2018
Fritz Breithaupt Germanic Studies GISB 3112 855-4551 Unit 1.C Arts and Sciences "C" 2017-2019
Carolyn Calloway-Thomas African American and African Diaspora Studies Ballantine Hall 509 855-0524 At-Large 2016-2018
Selene Carter Contemporary Dance PH 112 856-2819 Unit 1.B Arts and Sciences "B" 2017-2019
Lingling Chen Biochemistry Simon Hall MSB 400A 855-0491 College At-Large 2016-2018
Barbara Cherry Media School RTV Building, Room 313 856-5690 Unit 1.H Media School 2017-2018
Judah Cohen Music Simon Center M145K 855-4137 At-Large 2016-2018
Kenneth Dau-Schmidt Law Law Building 323 855-0697 Unit 6: Law 2016-2018
Alan Dennis Business HH 4100 855-2691 Unit 2: Business 2014-2018
Lori Duggan Libraries Wells E350 856-3184 Unit 7: Libraries 2014-2018
Ann Elsner Optometry 800 E Atwater Ave 856-1500 Unit 9: Optometry 2017-2019
Jacob Emery Slavic and East European Studies GISB 4033 855-3634 Untenured At-Large 2016-2018
Alyce Fly Public Health PH 116 855-7975 Unit 11: Public Health 2017-2019
Krista Glazewski Education ISTE Education 2228 856-8457 At-Large 2017-2019
Sander Gliboff History & Philosophy of Science & Medicine Ballantine 658 856-7417 Unit 1.B Arts and Sciences "B" 2016-2018
Diane Henshel SPEA SPEA 357 855-4556 At-Large 2015-2019
Israel Herrera Spanish & FrePortuguese Ballantine Hall 865 855-1301 Lecturer 2014-2018
Carol Hostetter Social Work 1127 E Atwater Avenue 855-6093 Unit 4: Nursing, Social Work and Medicine 2017-2019
Elizabeth Housworth Mathematics Rawles Hall 371 855-1960 Parliamentarian
Unit 1.G Arts and Sciences "G"
Pamela Jackson Sociology Ballantine Hall 744 855-2540 Unit 1.G Arts and Sciences "E" 2017-2019
Bruce Jaffee Business 316 N. Jordan 855-8797 Emeritus 2016-2018
Peter Kloosterman Education Wright Education 3230 856-8129 Emeritus 2017-2019
Kimberly Kohne Optometry 744 E. Third St. 855-1929 Clinical 2016-2018
Ivan Kreilkamp English Ballantine 470 855-6132 Unit 1.A Arts and Sciences "A" 2017-2019
Robert Kravchuk SPEA SPEA 260 855-2840 Unit 10: SPEA 2015-2019
Robert Kunzman Education Wright Building 3224 856-8122 Unit 3: Education 2016-2018
Moira Marsh Libraries Libraries E760 855-1550 President-Elect 2015-2020
Meg Meiman Libraries Wells Library 253 855-9850 Unit 7: Libraries 2017-2019
Ethan Michelson Sociology Ballantine 744 856-1521 Unit 1. E Arts and Sciences "E" 2016-2018
Stasa Milojevic Informatics & Computing Wells Library 017 856-4182 At-Large 2016-2018
Jesse Molesworth English Ballantine 442 360-2300 Secretary
Unit 1.A Arts and Sciences "A"
Thomas Nelson Laird Education Wright Building 4264 856-8366 Unit 3: Education
Nazareth Pantaloni Libraries Wells Library E350 855-7028 At-Large 2016-2018
Eric Rasmussen
Business Hodge Hall 3080H 855-3356 Unit 2: Business 2017-2019
Angie Raymond
Business Hodge Hall 4080J 855-3449 Unit 2: Business 2017-2019
Susan Seizer Anthropology Student Building 130 856-1986 Unit 1.D Arts and Sciences "D" 2017-2019
Patrick Shih Informatics and Computing INFO East 360 856-4022 Unit 5: Infomratics and Computing 2017-2019
Katie Siek Informatics and Computing INFO East 267 856-0598 Unit 5: Infomratics and Computing 2017-2019
Marietta Simpson Music JS233 855-2721 Unit 8: Music 2017-2019
Malcolm Smith Fine Arts Studio Fine Arts Building 123 855-6470 Unit 1.J Art and Design 2016-2018
Bruce Solomon Mathematics Rawles Hall 361 855-4900 Unit 1.G Arts and Sciences "G: 2015-2019
Rebecca Spang History Ballantine Hall 742 855-2437 Past President 2012-2018
Alex Tanford Law Law 318 855-4846 President 2014-2019
Jonathan Trinidad
Chemistry Simon MSB1 120B 856-4126 Researcher 2016-2018
Nick Williams
English Ballantine Hall 418 856-00286 At-Large 2017-2019
William Winecoff
Political Science Woodburn Hall 210 855-3801 Unit 1.E Arts and Sciences "E" 2017-2019
Robert Withnell Speech & Hearing Sciences Public Health C-153 855-9339 Unit 1.D Arts and Sciences "D" 2016-2018

Administrative Members

Name & Officership Department Address Telephone Committee membership
David Daleke Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences Myers Hall 200 855-6902
Dennis Groth Vice Provost
for Undergraduate Education
Maxwell Hall 100 855-8783 Educational Policies
Michael McRobbie President Bryan Hall 200 855-4613
Eliza Pavalko Vice Provost for Faculty and
Academic Affairs
Bryan Hall 111 855-2809 Faculty Affairs
Lauren Robel Provost Bryan Hall 100 855-9011
Richard Van Kooten Vice Provost for Research Carmichael Center, 202-204 856-3931 Research Affairs,
Technology Policies

ROTC Faculty Member

Name Department Address Telephone
Todd Burkhardt Army ROTC 2805 E 10th St. Suite 150 855-1065

Professional Staff and Union Members

Name Department Address Telephone
Chris England Professional Council President 801 N. Jordan 856-5527
President, CWA Local 4730 Poplars 832 855-8508

Graduate Student Members

Name Department Address Telephone
Adam Reneker GPSG President Wells Library E544G 855-8747
TBD GPSG Representative Wells Library E544G 855-8747
TBD GPSG Representative Wells Library E544G 855-8747
TBD GPSG Representative Wells Library E544G 855-8747

Undergraduate student members

Name Department Address Telephone
Dan Niersbach IUSA President IMU 387 855-4872
Molly Connor IUSA Vice President IMU 387 855-4872

Faculty Council Office

Name Department Address Telephone
Elizabeth Pear Director BH 010 856-5980