Indiana University Bloomington

Bloomington Faculty Council Members for 2014 - 2015

Information about membership

The officers of the Bloomington Faculty Council include the Presiding Officer (the IU Bloomington Provost), the President of the Bloomington Faculty Council, the Secretary, the Parliamentarian, and three Executive Committee members. Each spring, the President of the Bloomington Faculty Council, Secretary and Parliamentarian are elected from among the Council members.

The following units at Indiana Univeristy Bloomington are elected to the BFC:

  • College of Arts and Sciences (divided into Units 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 1G)
  • Kelley School of Business/ Unit 2
  • School of Education/ Unit 3
  • School of Public Health/ Unit 4
  • School of Journalism/ Unit 5
  • Maurer School of Law/ Unit 6
  • Jacobs School of Music/ Unit 8
  • School of Optometry/ Unit 9
  • School of Public and Environmental Affairs/ Unit 10
  • Other Bloomington Faculty from smaller academic units/ Unit 11
  • Libraries/ Unit 12
  • School of Informatics & Computing/ Unit 13
  • Non-tenure track faculty from clinical, lecturer, research scientist or scholar ranks/ Unit 99

Additionally, one College At Large representative is elected by members of the College of Arts and Sciences. Four Campus at Large representatives and one Untenured Campus At Large representative are elected by members of Units 1-13. Two Emeriti faculty representatives are elected by emeriti faculty. Nominations for BFC members for the following academic year occur in the fall semester and elections occur the spring.

Administration, graduate students, undergraduate students, the ROTC, and professional council members of the BFC are ex-offico, not elected members.

In the BFC membership roster found below, the e-mail address of each member has been linked to his or her name. If a BFC member is serving as on officer or only serving during one semester, this information has been noted in parenthesis underneath his or her name.

Elected Members

Name & Officership Department Address Telephone Committee membership
Joelle Bahloul Anthropology Student Building 130 219-3871
Marlon Bailey Gender Studies Memorial Hall East 855-8255
Abhijit Basu Geological Sciences Geology Building 521 855-6654
David Baxter Physics Swain West 153 855-8337
Purnima Bose English Ballantine 431 855-5334
Ying Ding Informatics & Computing Wells Library 025 855-5388
Carrie Docherty Public Health Public Health C200 856-6035
Lori Duggan Libraries Wells E350 856-3184
Nathan Ensmenger Informatics & Computing Informatics West 303 855-0705
David Estell Education Wright 4010 856-8308
David Fisher Mathematics Rawles Hall 334 855-6847
Alyce Fly Public Health Public Health 116 855-7975
Leslie Jo Frazier Gender Studies Memorial Hall East 130 856-0402
John Gibson
(Spring only)
Music MC 209 856-0376
Laura Ginger Business HH 233 855-9308
Krista Glazewski Education Wright Building 2228 856-8457
Margaret Gray French & Italian Ballantine Hall 642 855-7884
Daphne Rae Greiner English Ballantine 442
Jeff Hass Music MAC 302 855-6401
Bradley Heim SPEA SPEA 225 855-9783
Israel Herrera Spanish & Portuguese Ballantine Hall 865 855-1301
Ed Hirt Psychological & Brain Sciences Psychology 340 855-4815
Gretchen Horlacher Music Simon Center M225A 855-3691
Cheng Kao Biochemistry Simon Hall 201A 855-7583
Jonathan Karty Chemistry Chemistry A416 856-0727
Bradley Levinson Education Wright Building 4250 856-8224
Karma Lochrie English Ballantine Hall 456 855-8224
Jon Macy Public Health PH 294D 856-0704
Laura McCloskey Public Health PH 116 855-4980
Patricia McManus Sociology Ballantine Hall 744 855-8970
Joseph Miller Business Business 560E 339-6696
Jeff Nelsen Music Brass Dept, Music School
Sharlene Newman Psychological & Brain Sciences Psychology 362 856-1776
Jamie Prenkert Business Hershey Hall 233C 856-5069
Deanna Reising Nursing 1033 E. Third St. 855-1728
Ben Robinson Germanic Studies Ballantine Hall 644 855-6887
Leslie Rutkowski Education Wright 4004 856-8264
Steve Sanders Law Law 272 855-1775
Micol Seigel American Studies Ballantine Hall 517 855-7707
Jim Sherman
Psychological & Brain Sciences Psychology 358 855-8163 Executive Committee
Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin Public Health Public Health 116 855-2673
Jon Simons Communication & Culture 800 E Third St. 856-0896
Rebecca Spang History/ Unit 1A Ballantine Hall 742 855-2437
Geoffrey Sprinkle Business HH 540G 855-3514
Cassidy Sugimoto
Informatics & Computing Wells Library 013 856-2323 Executive Committee
William Swanson Optometry 800 E. Atwater Ave 856-4681
Alex Tanford Law Law 318 855-4846
Herbert Terry
(Past President)
Telecommunications Radio and TV Building 855-4065 Executive Committee
Mikel Tiller Business Business CG 2000 855-2619
Francis Trix Linguistics Memorial Hall 327 330-8760
Nona Watt Libraries Law 122E 855-1895
Rega Wood Philosophy Sycamore Hall 026 856-3783
Sung-Un Yang Journalism Ernie Pyle Hall 112 855-0078

Administrative Members

Name & Officership Department Address Telephone Committee membership
Tom Gieryn Vice Provost for Faculty and
Academic Affairs
Bryan Hall 111 855-2809
Michael McRobbie President Bryan Hall 200 855-4613 committees
Lauren Robel Provost Bryan Hall 100 855-9011 committees
Dennis Groth Vice Provost
for Undergraduate Education
Maxwell Hall 100 855-8783
Michael Wade Interim Vice Provost for Research Carmichael Center, 202-204 856-3931
James Wimbush Dean, University Graduate School Kirkwood Hall 111 855-5697

ROTC Faculty Member

Name Department Address Telephone Committee membership
LTC Timothy Hoch Army ROTC 2805 E 10th St. Suite 150 855-1065

Professional Staff and Union Members

Name Department Address Telephone Committee membership
Kelly Thacker Professional Council President 801 N. Jordan 855-1764
Edward Vasquez President, CWA Local 4730 Wells Library E350 855-2630

Graduate Student Members

Name Department Address Telephone Committee membership
Brady Harman GPSO President 803 E. 8th St. 855-8747
Justin Vasel GPSO Vice President 803 E. 8th St. 855-8747

Undergraduate student members

Name Department Address Telephone Committee membership
Andy Braden IUSA President IMU 387 855-4872