Student Conduct Code Hearing Commission

According to the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilites, and Conduct, when an initial finding of misconduct or an academic sanction by the Dean of Students is considered inappropriate by the student involved, that student may request a formal hearing by a hearing commission. This hearing commission consists of three members (two faculty members and one student). One of the faculty members also serves as the presiding officer of the commission. The faculty members listed below may be chosen to serve on the commission by the Dean of Students.

The relevant steps of the Student Disciplinary Procedures may be found on the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilites, and Conduct website, linked below.

2016 - 2017 Faculty Representatives

Name Department BFC member Duties
Judith Anderson SPHS
Elizabeth Boling Education
Rachel Cohen Libraries
Michael Courtney Libraries
Diane Dallis Libraries
Kenneith Dau-Schmidt Law BFC Member
Kim Decker Nursing
Lori Dekydtspotter Libraries
Danielle DeSawal Education
Kevin Fosnacht Education
Julia Fox (Fall Only) Telecommunications
Lessie Jo Frazier Gender Studies
Lynn Gilman Education
Gabrielle Goodwin Law
Bradley Heim SPEA
Virginia Hojas Carbonell Spanish & Portuguese
Brian Horne Music
Jason Jedlicka Optometry
Jennifer Laherty Libraries
Kimberly Mattioli Law Library
Murray McGibbon Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance
Katie Metz Business
Jonathan Michaelsen Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
Angie Miller Education
Nazareth Pantaloni Libraries
David Rubinstein Business
Rachel Ryder Public Health
Bradley Sage Public Health
Leah Savion Philosophy
Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin Public Health
Leah Shopkow History
Marty Siegel Education
Juan Soto Arrivi Spanish & Portuguese
Kathy Smith English
Rebecca Spang History BFC member
Dubravka Svetina Education
Monique Threatt Libraries
Kurt Zorn SPEA