Student Conduct Code Hearing Commission

According to the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Reponsibilites, and Conduct, members of the Student Conduct Code Hearing Commission may be selected to create a unit hearing board. This occurs during the second step of the disciplinary process. After an initial finding of misconduct or an academic sanction, a student may file an appeal. The dean of his or her school must convene a unit hearing board if the matter is not resolved in ten days.

The unit hearing board must consist of five members, including three members of the faculty of the unit involved and two students from that unit. The board should include no more than one faculty member and one student from the department in which the misconduct allegedly occurred. The presiding officer of the unit hearing board is appointed by the dean or director and must be a member of the faculty. Units will establish their own procedures for board hearings, which must be consistent with the General Principles of the Student Disciplinary Procedures.

The steps of the Student Disciplinary Procedures may be found on the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilites, and Conduct website, linked below.

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2015 - 2016 Faculty Representatives

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Name Department BFC member Duties
Raquel Anderson Speech & Hearing
Guillaume Ansart French & Italian
Ernest Bernhardt English
Robert Billingham Public Health
Elizabeth Boling Education
Rachel Cohen Libraries
Diane Dallis Libraries
Danielle DeSawal Education
Julia Fox Telecommunications
Lynn Gilman Education
Betty Haven Public Health
Bradley Heim SPEA
Nicholas Hipskind Speech & Hearing
Brian Horne Music
Thomas Huberty Education
Dina Kellams Libraries
Padraic Kenney History
Stacie King Anthropology
Joanne Klossner Public Health
Joyce Krothe Nursing
Jennifer Laherty Libraries
Paul Losensky History
Jody Madeira Law
Louise Malcomb Emerita–Libraries
Valerie Markley Emerita–Nursing
Jo McClamroch Libraries
Murray McGibbon Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
Michael McGregor Telecommunications
Angie Miller Education
Hermann Nann Physics
Aviva Orenstein Law
Norman Overly Emeritus–Education
Paul Purdom Computer Science
Deanna Reising Nursing
Eric Robinson History
Michael Robinson East Asian
David Rubinstein Business
Leah Savion Philosophy
Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin Public Health BFC member
Leah Shopkow History
Marty Siegel Education; IST
Rebecca Spang History BFC member
Kathy Smith English
Ariann Stern-Gottschalk Slavic Languages & Literatures
Dubravka Svetina Education
Herb Terry Emeritus–Telecommunications
Monique Threatt Libraries
Carolyn Walters Libraries
Sue Whiston Education
Thomas Whittaker Libraries
Christina Wray Libraries
Kurt Zorn SPEA