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I Am a Man: Black Masculinity in America (2006) - People from all walks of life discuss the issue of black masculinity in America. Featured discussants are bell hooks; Michael Eric Dyson; John Henrick Clarke; hip-hop author and activist Kevin Powell; human rights activist Andrew Young; psychiatrist Dr. Alvin Poussaint; and entertainer MC Hammer. Documentary, 60 min., DVD, dir: Byron Hurt.

I Am Cuba (1964) - This study of Cuba--partially written by renowned poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko--captures the island just before it made the transition to a post-revolutionary society. Drama, 140 min., DVD, dir: Mikhail Kalatozov.

I Am Not Your Negro (2016) - Revolving around James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript “Remember this House,” this documentary examines Baldwin’s relationships with and observations of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Medgar Evans. Documentary, history, 94 min., Blu-Ray, dir: Raoul Peck.

I Am Somebody (1970) - The story of the successful hospital workers' strike of 1969 in Charleston, South Carolina, is documented. Interviewed are many of the strikers attempting to form an AFL-CIO affiliation as well as national figures like Ralph Abernathy (SCLC), Leon David (New York local 1199), and Coretta Scott King. Documentary, 30 min., DVD, dir: Madeline Anderson.

I & I, an African Allegory (1979) - Drawing from Ayi Kwei Armah’s novel, Two Thousand Seasons, Caldwell meditates on reciprocity and on the concept of “I and I” which postulates no division between people, whereas the splitting of “you” from “I” is an invention of the devil designed to brew trouble in the world. On L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema: DVD Anthology, 1971-2006. Short, 33 min., DVD, dir: Caldwell, Ben.

I Be Done Been Was Is (1984) - A documentary on black comediennes, it includes clips of their performances and interviews designed to reveal their unique experiences in a profession that is not hospitable to blacks or women. Documentary, 60 min, VHS, dir: Debra Robinson.

I Can Do Bad All by Myself (2009) - Madea discovers sixteen-year-old Jennifer and her two younger brothers breaking into her home. She takes the children to their Aunt April, who wants nothing to do with them. When a Mexican immigrant, Sandino, moves into April’s basement, he encourages her to change her ways and reach out to her family. Comedy, drama, 113 min., DVD, dir: Tyler Perry.

I Can Do It Myself (1984) - Fat Albert makes friends with Wheeler, a disabled child who uses a wheelchair. Fat Albert and the gang learn that people with disabilities can do many things just as well, or better, than they can. Drama, 15 min., 16mm, dir: N/A.

I Can't Sleep (1994) - Beautiful Daiga has emigrated from Lithuania to Paris and is looking for a place to stay and work. Theo is a struggling musician, and his brother Camille - a transvestite dancer. One of these three people might be connected to the serial "Granny Killer" who has been terrorizing Paris for a while. Drama, 110 min., DVD, dir: Claire Denis.

I Escaped from Devil's Island (1973) - A group of prisoners attempt to escape from a prison complex in French Guiana. Action, thriller, adventure, 87 min., Blu-Ray, dir: William Witney and Ian Sharp.

I Is a Long-Memoried Woman (1990) - The film chronicles the history of slavery through the eyes of Caribbean women through a combination of dance, poetry, and music. Based on the poetry of Guyanese-British author Grace Nichols. Drama, 50 min., VHS, dir: Frances-Anne Solomon.

I Know That's Right (n.d.) - Video to the song "I Know That's Right" by Rottin Razkals. Scenes of Miami and beaches. Music video, 5 min., DVD, dir: Brother Shiloh.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1979) - Adapted from Maya Angelou's autobiography, the story is about a spirited and gifted, but poor, black girl growing up in the South in the 1930s. It shows how she grew up experiencing prejudice, family difficulties, and a relationship with a teacher who taught her to respect books, learning, and herself. Drama, 96 min., VHS, dir: Fielder Cook.

I Like It Like That (1994) - Lisette (Lauren Velez), and her husband Chino (Jon Seda) are a young hispanic couple with three children. Chino goes to jail for looting during a blackout and Lisette takes a job with a music company. Comedy, 106 min., VHS, dir: Darnell Martin.

I Passed for White (1960) - A young woman, who is half black and looks white, leaves home and creates a new identity for herslef. She meets and marries a young rich white man but never tells him of her heritage - even when she gets pregnant. Drama, 92 min., DVD, dir: Fred M. Wilcox.

I Remember Harlem (1980) -

  • The Early Years - The first of four programs traces the history of African Americans and other ethnic groups arriving and surviving over three centuries in Harlem.
  • The Depression Years - The second program in the series covers the depression years.
  • Toward Freedom - The third program in the series covers the 1940s to 1965.
  • Toward a New Day - The last program in the series that traces the rise, decline and regeneration of Harlem over three centuries.
  • Documentary, 58 min. each, 16mm, DVD, dir: William Miles.

I Will Follow (2011) - A grieving woman is comforted and urged to move forward by twelve visitors in one day. Drama, 88 min., DVD, dir: Ava DuVernay.

I Will Go to Santiago (Ire a Santiago) (1964) - Brief documentary about the city of Santiago and its inhabitants, many of whom are of African descent. Discusses the history of the city, including famous residents, myths, landmarks, and the influence of French slave-owners who fled Haiti after that country's revolution. Documentary, 15 min., DVD, dir: Sara Gomez.

Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice (1989) - This documentary provides an in-depth examination of the life of journalist Ida B. Wells from her birth in the South to her life as a successful journalist in Chicago. Rare photos and readings from her autobiography help to document her rise as a prominent civil rights leader. Documentary, 53 min., VHS, dir: William Greaves.

Idade da Terra, A (1980) - Brazilian director Glauber Rocha's last film. It is a "confusing socio-political film, a visual and musical collage that bombards the senses." Drama, 140 min., DVD, dir: Glauber Rocha.

Identity Crisis (1989) - Chilly D. (Mario Van Peebles) constantly switches personalities: sometimes he's a rapper and sometimes he's a famous clothing designer. Both identities prove to be problematic for him. Comedy, 98 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Melvin Van Peebles.

Idiocracy (2006) - Private Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson) and Rita (Maya Rudolph), a prostitute, are chosen as guinea pigs to test a top secret Defense Department hibernation program. They wake up 500 years in the future to find a dumbed-down society in which they are the smartest people alive. Terry Crews plays President Camacho in the future. Comedy, 87 min., DVD, dir: Mike Judge.

Idlewild (2006) - A musical set in the Prohibition-era American South, where a speakeasy performer and club manager Rooster must contend with gangsters who have their eyes on the club while his piano player and partner Percival must choose between his love, Angel or his obligations to his father. Crime, drama, musical, 121 min., DVD, dir: Bryan Barber.

If He Hollers Let Him Go! (1968) - An escaped convict moves to a new town in an attempt to clear his name. Crime, drama, 90 min., DVD, dir: Charles Martin.

I'll Sing for You (Je chanterai pour toi) (2001) - Love story told by a singer whose music takes us on a social, political and geographic voyage of Mali from 1960 to current day. Documentary, biography, drama, 77 min., DVD, dir: Jacques Sarasin.

Illusions (1982) - Julie Dash's film is set in Hollywood in 1942. Mignon (Lonette McKee) works in that illusory world where she is mistaken for white and knows that if her race were known, she would never have been hired at National Pictures. What she learns about herself and how she deals with the power behind the illusion is the essence of the film. Rosanne Katon plays the black singer Esther Jeeter who dubs for the white star. Drama, 34 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Julie Dash.

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) - In this satire of 1970s blaxploitation films, Keenen Ivory Wayans plays Jack Spade, an Army veteran who returns home to avenge the death of his brother, who died because he wore too many gold chains. Jack Slade (Bernie Casey), Spade's childhood hero, helps shut down gold-chain pusher Mr. Big (John Vernon). Antonio Fargas plays Flyguy; Steve James is Kung Fu Joe; Isaac Hayes is Hammer; Jim Brown is Slammer; and Ja'net DuBois plays Ma Bell. Comedy, 88 min., VHS, Blu-Ray, dir: Keenen Ivory Wayans.

I'm Sorry (n.d.) - AIDS Public Service Announcement. Documentary, 1 min., Betacam SP, dir: S. Torriano Berry.

I'm Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) (2007) - Jay Brooks is that black guy who digs indie rock, graphic novels, and dates white chicks. After a slew of bad break-ups, Jay gives up white women, "cold turkey," and he goes on a mission: "Operation Brown Sugar." But because Jay doesn't fit the "brotha" stereotype, he fails miserably with the "sistahs." Then he meets the dynamic Catherine, a misunderstood "Half-rican Canadian," who's as righteously quirky as he is. To win her heart, Jay must confront his fears as he realizes commitment is a bigger issue than race. Comedy, romance, 93 min., DVD, dir: Jennifer Sharp.

Images and Reflections: Celebration of a Masterpiece (1999) - This documentary chronicles the story of Donald McKayle's 1959 dance production of "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder." It includes interviews with people who were involved in the production as well as a look at the sequel, "Rainbow Etude." Documentary, 50 min., VHS, dir: Peter Etnoyer.

Imani: Beegie and the Egg (1976) - Based on the African tale, "Beegie and the Egg." In this tale, Beegie dreams that her father leaves her an inheritance of a magic egg which he tells her she must take out to a tree and sing to each day at dusk. Although she is afraid and thinks it's silly to sing to an egg, she does so because she trusts her father and has faith in his wisdom. Children, 7 min., 16mm, dir: N/A.

Imitation of Life (1934) - This film deals with the problem of a light-skinned black girl who, because she resents being treated as an inferior, makes a desperate bid to pass for white. Fredi Washington plays the "tragic Mulatto," Louise Beavers her mother, Delilah, who makes her employer Claudette Colbert rich by giving her the secret of her pancake flour. Drama, 106 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: John M. Stahl.

Imitation of Life (1959) - A remake of the 1934 version of Fannie Hurst's novel features Susan Kohner, a white actress, in the role of the young mulatto who tries to pass for white. Black actress Fredi Washington played the role in the earlier film. Juanita Moore plays the rejected mother who becomes the maid of aspiring and struggling actress Lora Meredith (Lana Turner). Mahalia Jackson performs at the heartbroken, black mother's funeral. Drama, 124 min., VHS, dir: Douglas Sirk.

In a Time of Violence, Episode 1. The Line (1993) - This is the story of Bongani and Mpho, two young ANC "comrades" and lovers from Soweto. Bongani is the sole witness to a train massacre by Duma, a militant with the Zulu-supported Inkatha Freedom Party. Since Bongani was recognized, the couple is forced to take refuge in his uncle's apartment in Johannesburg. Documentary, 50 min., VHS, dir: Brian Tilley.

In a Time of Violence, Episode 2. All on Edge (1993) - In this episode, Bongani disagres with the plan by Mpho and his other ANC "comrades" to purchase guns for a retaliatory raid against Inkatha supportes. Mpho finally managed to buy guns from Pedro but her relationship with Bongani becomes strained. When they part on a busy street, Bongani is kidnapped by an unmarked police car. Documentary, 50 min., VHS, dir: Brian Tilley.

In a Time of Violence, Episode 3. Fire with Fire (1993) - At this third and final episode, Bongani is held secretly by Lieutenant Vissers who threatens to turn him over to Duma, the Inkatha thug, if he doesn't name ANC activists. But Bongani's friends and lawyer have identified the kidnap vehicle as a police car and bring pressure on the police. Visser's superior tel him that he must release Bongani. Documentary, 50 min., VHS, dir: Brian Tilley.

In Black and White: Black Cinema (1992) - sing archival newsreels, feature film footage and interviews with African American actors and directors, this film explores the inception, struggle, suppression, and survival of the Black cinema from the 1920s through the 1950s. This documentary, a stinging indictment of racism in the arts and in American culture, examines the lives and influence of Paul Robeson, Josephine Baker, Oscar Micheaux, Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Marcus Garvey and many others on Afro-American cinema. Documentary, 92 min., VHS, dir: undetermined.

In Black and White : Profiles of 6 African American Authors (1992) - Devoted to the life and work of contemporary African American authors. It introduces students and general readers to six of America's most talented and challenging writers: Charles Johnson, Toni Morrison, Gloria Naylor, Alice Walker, John Edgar Wideman, and August Wilson. Each program uses interviews with the writers and excerpts from their books to locate their work in the broader context of African American history and letters. Documentary, 157 min., DVD, dir: Matteo Bellinelli.

In God We Trust (1980) - Marty Feldman plays Brother Ambrose, a naive monk who tries to raise money for his monastery. In robe and sandals, Ambrose solicits funds from Armageddon T. Thunderbird (Andy Kaufman), TV evangelist, who makes Ambrose a partner in his Church of Divine Profit. Richard Pryor, as God, is the target of Ambrose's prayers for assistance. Comedy, 97 min., VHS, dir: Marty Feldman.

In Living Color, season 1 (1990) - Season one of the hit television series "In Living Color." Television series, 299 min., DVD, dir: Keenen Ivory Wayans, Paul Miller, Terri McCoy.

In Living Color, season 2 (1990) - Season two of the hit television series "In Living Color." Television series, 587 min., DVD, dir: Keenen Ivory Wayans, Paul Miller, Terri McCoy.

In Medical Science (1997) - Bill Jenkins and Walter Williams, black epidemiologists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, discuss their field and the professional opportunities which medical research offers to minorities. Documentary, 30 min., VHS, dir: Rex Barnett.

In Motion: Amiri Baraka (1982) - Amiri Baraka talks about his early days in Greenwich Village and his present literary and political activities. The film focuses on the final two weeks before his sentencing at federal court on the charges of resisting arrest. Documentary, 58 min., VHS, dir: St. Clair Bourne.

In My Country (2004) - This film is based on a book by South African author Antjie Krog. African American journalist Langston Whitfield (Samuel L. Jackson) covers the hearings of the South African governmental Truth and Reconciliation Commission, in which the perpetrators of racial crimes during the apartheid era face their victims to be forgiven. Whitfield interviews Colonel De Jager (Brendan Gleeson), a former supporter of apartheid. In the meantime, Whitfield falls in love with Anna Malan (Juliette Binoche), an Afrikaner poet and journalist. Drama, 100 min., DVD, dir: John Boorman.

In Remembrance of Me (n.d.) - Avant garde. Series of Christianity-themed images set to music. Interspersed are a various romantic scenes and images. Drama, 12 min., DVD, dir: Nicholas House.

In Search of Me (1983) - This film was written and produced by a group of boys and girls at a community center after being trained who to use the film equipment. Drama, 30 min., U-Matic, dir: Jessie Maple.

In the Absence of Peace (1988) - This documentary explores the human and social costs of the continuing military and political conflict in Nicaragua, in the aftermath of revolution following four decades of dictatorship. It is the story of people living under the stress of poverty and war, and their hopes for the future as they attempt to construct a new and fundamentally different society. Documentary, 54 min., DVD, dir: Michael T. Martin.

In the Eyes of My Husband, part 1 & 2 (2007) - Princess sacrificed everything, including her life, for Dave. But Dave had his eyes on her sister, who is very much in love with someone else. Drama, 75 min., DVD, dir: Daniel Ademinakor.

In the Flesh (1991) - Part of "Black Visions / Silver Screen: HU Student Film Showcase: Show #4 Avant-garde" from the S. Torriano Berry collection (COL 3). Drama, 14 min., DVD-R, dir: Daniel Williams.

In the Heat of the Night (1967) - Drama of racial hatred and prejudice set in a litle Mississippi town. This is the first of the Virgil Tibbs series with Sidney Poitier as the smart Yankee detective, Rod Steiger as the southern sheriff with limited intelligence and unlimited prejudice. Music by Quincy Jones; Ray Charles sings the title song. Drama, 109 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Norman Jewison.

In the Hive (2012) - Sixteen-year-old Xtra Keys hopes to raise his son better than his boozy, razor-edged mother raised him, and he just might get his wish when he’s thrust into the world of the Hive, an unorthodox alternative school full of underprivileged boys. Drama, 110 min., DVD, dir: Robert Townsend.

In the Shadow of Hollywood: Race Movies & the Birth of Black Cinema (2007) - Documentary, 59 min., DVD, dir: Bred Osborne.

In This Our Life (1942) - Adaptation of Ellen Glasgow's novel in which the "wicked" sister Stanley Timberlake (Bette Davis) makes off with the "good" sister's (Olivia de Havilland) husband. Other deeds include an accident (hit-and-run) in which she implicates Parry (Ernest Anderson), the decent educated young black son of Minerva Clay (Hattie McDaniel), long-time family domestic. A few memorable scenes with Minerva and Parry, whose career as an aspiring lawyer is almost aborted. Drama, 97 min., VHS, dir: John Huston.

In Too Deep (1999) - "God" (L.L. Cool J), as his nickname suggests, is a powerful crime boss. Police detective Jeffrey Cole (Omar Epps) infiltrates "God's" underworld empire with the intention to destroy it, but it turns out that it is easier to enter into the kingdom of "God" than to get out of it. Drama, 95 min., VHS, dir: Michael Rymer.

Incognito (1999) - Erin Cortland (Allison Dean) has been raped and her attacker, Derek Scanlon (Phil Morris), continues to stalk her. Erin’s fiancé, Quinn Mathis (Roger Guenveur Smith), is too weak to help her, so her father hires a bodyguard, Jake Hunter (Richard T. Jones). Drama, 95 min., DVD, dir: Julie Dash.

Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (1995) - Randy (Laurel Holloman) is a frolicsome tomboy mechanic who lives with her lesbian aunt and accidentally meets a fellow teen, Evie (Nicole Ari Parker), with both a Range Rover and an attitude. Despite their differnces, they become the best of friends and eventually realize that there can only be one explanation for their feelings toward one another--they're in love. Girl-meets-girl in this tender tale of first love between two high school seniors. Comedy, 94 min., VHS, dir: Maria Maggenti.

Indian Whoopee (1956) - Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Comedy, 10 min., 16mm, dir: Walter Lantz.

Indigènes (Days of Glory) (2006) - Four North African men enlist in the French army during WWII to fight Nazi oppression only to find themselves facing discrimination as their fellow French soldiers receive better food, time for leave, and promotions. Partially produced in Algeria and Morocco. From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Drama, war, 125 min., DVD, dir: Rachi Bouchareb.

Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, The (2013) - A coming-of-age story about two inner city boys who are left to fend for themselves over the summer after their mothers are taken away by the authorities. Drama, 108 min., DVD, dir: George Tillman Jr.

Inja (aka Dog) (2002) - Using a Xhosa boy as a pawn, a farmer teaches his puppy to be white man's best friend. Ten years later, both their lives hang in the balance at the mercy of the dog. On Celebrating the Art of Short Film. Short, 17 min., DVD, dir: Steven Pasvolsky and Joe Watherstone.

Inkwell, The (1994) - The film focuses on a young teenager, Drew (Larenz Tate), who after setting fire to his parents' (Joe Morton and Suzzanne Douglas) garage in Brooklyn, is taken to spend time with relatives (Mary Alice, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Glynn Turman, Duane Martin) on Inkwell Beach at Martha's Vineyard. Yvonne Stickney plays an island psychiatrist who allows Drew to learn about himself. Drama, 112 min., VHS, dir: Matty Rich.

Inner Conflict (2001) - A man is fleeing someone/thing. He has a female friend but is wanted by another woman/spirit. Avant garde. Drama, 4 min., DVD, dir: Kevin Coleman.

Insecure: The Complete First Season (2016) - Series following the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern-day African American woman. Television series, comedy, 226 min., Blu-Ray, dir: Debbie Allen, Kevin Bray, Cecile Emeke, and Melina Matsoukas.

Inside the Core: With YRNEH (2008) - Interview with visual artist "Chuckes" a sculptor based in California. Hosted by Yrneh Brown. Interview, 25 min., DVD, dir: N/A.

Insomniacs, The (2007) - Skyler Cooper stars as an insomniac looking for sleep, and maybe a sympathetic fellow lesbian night owl. Drama, 11 min., DVD, dir: Kami Chisholm.

Inspired by the Past, a Vision for the Future (1997) - This short documentary explores the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and its mission. Documentary, 11 min., VHS, dir: N/A.

International Sweethearts of Rhythm, The (1986) - Through interviews with surviving members of the "Sweethearts" and their fans, as well as clips of their performances, this documentary tells the story of a unique group of multi-racial female musicians. Their experiences reflect the social attitudes of the 1940s toward gender and race. Documentary, 30 min., VHS, dir: Greta Schiller & Andrea Weiss.

Interviews with: 1. Derek Walcott ; 2. Chinua Achebe (undetermined) - Interviews, 120 min., VHS, dir: undetermined.

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999) - Adapted from Earl Mill's biography, "Dorothy Dandridge," Halle Berry stars as Dorothy Dandridge, screen star of the 1940s and 50s. Dandridge was the first African American woman to be nominated for the Academy Awards Best Actress category for her portrayal in Carmen Jones. Drama, 115 min., DVD, dir: Martha Coolidge.

Intruder, The (1961) - Concerns a racist rabole rouser who goes to a small Southern town and arouses the townspeople against integration in the local schools. Charles Barnes plays Joey Green, the young man, who is almost a lynch victim. Also released under the titles: I Hate Your Guts!, Shame, and The Stranger (UK). Drama, 83 min., DVD, dir: Roger Corman.

Intruder in the Dust (1949) - Racial and social resentments are revealed in this story of a barely averted lynching in a small Southern town. Even more it is the story of Lucas Beauchamp (Juano Hernandez), a black man who would rather be lynched for a crime he didn't commit than give up his dignity. Drama, 87 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Clarence Brown.

Invader, The (L'Envahisseur) (2011) - The story of an illegal African immigrant whose journey begins in Brussels as he searches, like many other immigrants, for a better place in the world, only to confront a harsh society. Drama, 95 min., DVD, dir: Nicolas Provost.

Invisible Soldiers: Unheard Voices (2000) - A sterling testimony to the invincible courage and towering moral stature of African Americans as they fought two wars, one, against the Axis powers, the other against racism at home. Documentary, 60 min., VHS, dir: undetermined.

Iowa Black Historymaker's Salute 2007 (2007) - Video testimonials of four history making women who have made a difference in Iowa. Part of the S. Torriano Berry collection (COL 3). Documentary, 29 min., DVD-R, dir: unknown.

Iron Ladies of Liberia (2007) - Film looking at Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s struggles and triumphs as the first woman elected as President of Liberia. Documentary, 77 min., DVD, dir: Siatta Scott Johnson and Daniel Junge.

Island for Miguel, An (Una isla para Miguel) (1968) - Sara Gómez uses ethnographic interviews to document the everyday life of the Isla de Pinos, the discussions about the problems of construction, the school and the leisure activities of the youth in 1968, and contextualizes these images with Frantz Fanon's thoughts about the construction of a nation through decolonization.On Cuban Cinema Classics Vol. 10. Documentary, 20 min., DVD, dir: Sara Gomez.

Island in the Sun (1957) - The Fleurys, an old colonial family in the West Indies, are caught up in a political scandal when it's discovered that the family has mixed blood. A conflict thus arises between factions for power: the black (Harry Belafonte) and the apparently white (James Mason). The murder of an Englishman and interracial affairs contribute to the complexity of relationships in the film. The Dorothy Dandridge and John Justin affair works out, the Belafonte and Joan Fontaine affair does not. Drama, 119 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Robert Rossen.

Isle of Pingo Pongo, The (1938) - A travelogue parody cartoon in which a ship travels to the south seas isle of Pingo Pongo. Even though the island is in the south seas, the natives are portrayed as Africans with exaggerated features. The natives play music, dance and eat at the "Dark Brown Derby." Egghead appears throughout the cartoon. On the Censored 11. Part of Merrie Melodies series. Comedy, 9 min., DVD, dir: Tex Avery.

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