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N Word, The (2004) - This documentary takes a look at how the N word has been a heated topic in American History and is still present in today's society. With commentary from some of today's A-list celebrities, journalists, historians, and every day people commenting on their personal history with and society's use of the "N" word. Documentary, 86 min., DVD, dir: Todd Larkins.

Nairobi Half Life (2012) - A young, aspiring actor from upcountry Kenya dreams of becoming a success in the big city. In pursuit of this and to the chagrin of his brother and parents, he makes his way to Nairobi: the city of opportunity. Drama, 96 min., DVD, dir David 'Tosh' Gitonga.

Naked Acts (1996) - The film focuses on Ce-Ce, a would-be actress and daughter of a former blaxploitation movie star and sexpot. After four years, Ce-Ce visits her mother and comes to terms with her own sexuality. Drama, 87 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Bridgett Davis.

Namibia: Struggle for Liberation (2007) - Focuses on the Namibian independence struggle against South African occupation as seen through the life of Sam Nujoma, the leader of the South-West Africa People's Organisation and the first president of the Republic of Namibia. Drama, 161 min., VHS, dir: Charles Burnett.

Nanook of the North (1922) - In this silent-film predecessor to the modern documentary, filmmaker Robert J. Flaherty spends one year following the lives of Nanook and his family, Inuit Eskimos living in the Arctic Circle. Documentary, 70 min., VHS, dir: Robert Flaherty.

Nappy (1997) - Ayoka Chenzira's animated satire explores the "hair problem" among African Americans. This historical overview examines the various techniques black men and women have used to change the texture of their hair. Documentary, 20 min., DVD, dir: Lydia Douglas.

Nas: Time Is Illmatic (2014) - Returning to his childhood home in Queensbridge, Nas shares stories of his upbringing, his influences—from the music of his jazz musician father Olu Dara to the burgeouning hip-hop scene in New York City that was heavily influenced by an era of racial and socio-political inequality—and the obstacles he faced before his major label signing at age 19.Featuring interviews with Large Professor, L.E.S., Pete rock, Q-Tip, Pharrell Williams and Alicia Keys. Documentary, 74 min. DVD, dir: ONE9.

Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property (2002) - Nat Turner's slave rebellion in 1831 is one of the highlights in America's history of racial confrontation. The documentary examines the uprising and its leader, as well as the multiple ways that they have been retold and recreated. Documentary, 60 min., VHS, dir: Charles Burnett.

Nationtime, Gary (1972) - This documentary chronicles the first National Black Political Convention in Gary, Indiana. It includes speeches by former Gary mayor Richard G. Hatcher, Jessie Jackson, Coretta Scott King, and others. Narrated by Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. Documentary, 58 min., VHS, dir: William Greaves.

Native Land (1942) - Taken from testimony before the Senate Civil Liberties Committee in 1938, this film re-enacts violations of the Bill of Rights. The various incidents are linked together by Paul Robeson's narration, commentary and songs. Score composed by Marc Blitzstein. Drama, 88 min., DVD, dir: Leo Hurwitz & Paul Strand.

Native Son (1951) - Based on the classic novel by Richard Wright, the film concerns a young black man, Bigger Thomas, who is hardened by life in the slums of Chicago and whose efforts to free himself prove hopeless. Richard Wright plays the role of Bigger, Gloria Madison is Bessie Mears. Footage of Chicago's south side, the locale of the novel, is intercut with scenes shot in Argentina. Drama, 91 min., VHS, dir: Pierre Chenal.

Native Women Coaling a Ship at St. Thomas, D.W.I. (1903) - Produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company. Documentary, 1 min., VHS, dir: n/a.

Native Women Washing a Negro Baby in Nassau, B.I. (1903) - Produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company. Documentary, 2 min., VHS, dir: n/a.

Native Women Washing Clothes at St. Vincent, D.W.I. (1903) - Produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company. Documentary, 1 min., VHS, dir: n/a.

Natural Born Gambler, A (1916) - Features Bert Williams in a comedy, with music and narration added, in which he does his inimitable, mimed card playing act. Initially silent with sound added later. Comedy, 22 min., 8mm, dir: G. W. Bitzer.

Naz & Maalik (2015) - This independent film follows a day in the life of two young men as they discuss whether one can be both homosexual and Muslim and their fears about coming out to their families. When an FBI agent profiles them as potential terrorists and questions them separately regarding their whereabouts on the previous evening, their secret and their relationship are placed in jeopardy. Adventure, comedy, drama, 86 min., DVD, dir: Jay Dockendorf.

Ndeysaan (The Price of Forgiveness) (2002) - Mythical story about a fishing village on the south coast of Senegal. Two men in the village are both in love with the same beautiful girl. Drama, 90 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Mansour Sora Wade.

Neg Maron (2005) - The story is one of struggle and friendship. The struggle of growing up first as a man, then as a family in a society still struggling from the devastation of slavery. Drama, 95 min., DVD, dir: Jean-Claude Flamand-Barny.

Negotiator, The (1998) - Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) and Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey) are nice-guy Chicago police officers who are seasoned hostage negotiators in trouble in this thriller directed by African American director, F. Gary Gray. Action, 140 min., VHS, DVD, dir: F. Gary Gray.

Negro Colleges in Wartime (1945) - This shows how Black colleges prepared men and women for war by having them take classes to learn how to make machine parts, work in aviation plants, and make weapons. Produced by the Office of War Information. Documentary, 9 min., VHS, DVD, dir: n/a.

Negro in Entertainment, The (1950) - The Negro in Entertainment is a musical short featuring many black stars and hosted by Bill Lund and Etta Moten, smoking cigarettes. Presented by Chesterfield Cigarettes. Musical, 11 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: William Trent, Jr.

Negro in Sports, The (1950) - A Chesterfield Cigarettes produced short highlights the talents of Jesse Owens, Mary McNabb, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Larry Dolby, Luke Easter, The Harlem Globetrotters and others. Narrated by Jesse Owens; Bill Lund acts as host. Documentary, 11 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: William Trent, Jr.

Negro Soldier, The (1943) - A Frank Capra supervised film about life for black soldiers in the U.S. Army, World War II. Carlton Moss narrates and plays the minister; Bertha Wolford the mother; Lt. Norman Ford the son. Sequences show participation of Afro-Americans in past wars from the Revolutionary war to World War I. Premiered in London, October, 1943; shown in the Pentagon, January 1944. Documentary, 43 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: Stuart Heisler.

Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power (2005) - This documentary chronicles the life and times of a lesser-known civil-rights figure, Robert Williams, who in the 1960s preached - both while in the United States and then in Cuba and China where he was a political exile - that African Americans should answer racial violence with violence. Documentary, 53 min., DVD, dir: Sandra Dickson and Churchill Roberts.

Nellie, the Beautiful Housemaid (1908) - Early short included on a collection of ethnic stereotypes. Drama, 1 min., VHS, dir: n/a.

Nelson Mandela: Journey to Freedom (1996) - The film documents the release of Nelson Mandela from the Robbin Island Prison on February 11, 1990 after 30 years of incarceration. Includes archival footage of Mandela's daughter, Zindzi, during a 1985 speech. Documentary, 50 min., VHS, dir: Kevin Burns.

Nenette and Boni (1996) - Teenage siblings Nenette and Boni were raised apart as a result of their parents' divorce. Their mother, who doted on her son Boni, has died. He works as a pizza baker, and is surprised and enraged when his younger sister, having run away from boarding school, suddenly turns up. There's a problem that they must confront. Drama, 103 min., VHS, dir: Claire Denis.

Never Die Alone (2004) - Following the death of gang leader King David (DMX), a reporter (David Arquette) comes upon his diary while investigating the gangster's life. Through this journal, the rise and fall of King David is revealed. The film premeired at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. Drama, 82 min., DVD, dir: Ernest R. Dickerson.

New Americans, The (2008) - A series created by multiple filmmakers who follow families during their migration from their homelands to the United States. Documentary, 410 min., DVD, dir: Indu Krishan.

New Jack City (1991) - Detective Stone (Mario Van Peebles), determined to arrest drug dealer Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) and his sidekick Gee Money (Allen Payne), brings unorthodox policeman Appleton (Ice-T) and Officer Peretti (Judd Nelson) together. Appleton convinces ex-junkie Pookie (Chris Rock) to inform on Brown. When finally brought to trial, Brown blames society and gets a light sentence only to be killed by the Old Man (Bill Cobbs). Michael Michele plays Selina; Bill Nunn is Duh Duh Duh Man; Christopher Williams is Kareem Akbar; Vanessa Williams plays Keisha; Tracy Camilla Johns is Uniqua; Nick Ashford is Rev. Oates; Phyllis Yvonne Stickney is Hawkins; Thalmus Rasulala plays the Police Commissioner. Drama, 101 min., VHS, Blu-ray, dir: Mario Van Peebles.

New Orleans (1947) - "Long-hair" music and jazz collide in this story of the birth and evolution of the Basin street sound. Film features jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Woody Herman and Billie Holiday as a maid/music performer. Musical, 89 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Arthur Lubin.

Newlyweeds (2013) - A match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry when Lyle can't decide which matters most, Nina or Mary Jane. Comedy, 87 min., DVD, dir: Shaka King.

Newsreel (1937) - Produced by Movietone News. Included on DVD with The Duke is Tops, Hi De Ho, and Trolley Ahoy. Documentary, 6 min., DVD, dir: n/a.

Newsreel 49 (1960) - News segement celebrating the governmental take-over of "Yankee imperialist" movie distribution companies, facilities, and warehouses. Documentary, 1 min., DVD, dir: N/A.

Next Friday (2000) - Uncle Elroy (Don 'D.C.' Curry) and Day-Day (Mike Epps) owe money on taxes so Craig (Ice Cube) finds a way to steal from the next door neighbors to pay off the taxes so Uncle Elroy's house doesn't get put up for auction. Comedy, 98 min., Blu-ray, dir: Steve Carr.

Nha fala (My Voice) (2002) - Musical comedy about a successful female singer from Cape Verde who returns to France where the belief is that any woman who sings will die. Realizing that her mother will learn of international fame, the girl plans and stages her funeral. By Flora Gomes of Guinea Bissau. From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Musical, 89 min., DVD, dir: Flora Gomes.

Nia (1980) - This short animation is based on a story, "Nia, Finding the Green Stone," by Alice Walker. "Nia" is a Swahili word meaning "to discipline oneself for the good of the community." Drama, 5 min., 16mm, dir: Carol Munday Lawrence.

NIA Project, The: Image of African American Lesbians (1993) - This documentary deals with the stereotypes that are directed toward African American lesbian women. It tries to contradict the stereotypes by showing that lesbians can be humorous, non-male haters, mothers, daughters and grandmothers. Documentary, 17 min., VHS, dir: Natalie Hutchison.

Nice Colored Girls (1987) - The film documents aboriginal women in a society domainated with European features. Drama, 16 min., VHS, dir: Tracey Moffatt.

Nigerian Art: Kindred Spirits (1990) - This documentary surveys contemporary Nigerian art and examines its roots in traditional African art and society; profiles eleven of Nigeria's painters, sculptors, textile artists, et. al. Documentary, 58 min., VHS, dir: Carroll Parrott Blue.

Nigerian Cinema: Pioneers & Practitioners (approximately 2003) - This film describes the evolution of Nigerian cinema beginning with the establishment of the colonial film unit in 1947. It examines the transition of the Yoruba Travelling Theatre from stage to film and the ingenious ways by which filmmakers circumvented the difficulties created by an unstable economy. From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Documentary, 45 min., VHS, dir: Bankole Bello.

Nigger in the Woodpile, A (1904) - Theft in the woodpile by a "Negro Deacon"--white in blackface--is discovered when the loaded stick of dynamite placed there by the farmer explodes. Comedy, 4 min., VHS, dir: n/a.

Night Catches Us (2010) - Set in Philadelphia, this movie explores the complex and emotional effects of the Black Power movement, specifically, the Black Panthers, on a family, house, and neighborhood which "wake up" during the year 1976. Drama, 90 min., DVD, dir: Tanya Hamilton.

Night in the Wild Garden (2015) - Surreal animated short. On the same disc as Crumbs. Animation, short, 6 min., DVD, dir: Miguel Llanso.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) - Ben (Duane Jones), Barbra (Judith O'Dea), and five others trapped in a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania which is attacked by unnamed "living dead" monsters which later became known in popular culture as zombies. George A. Romero's horror classic has attracted racial critiques due to its casting of a black actor in the hero role. Horror, 96 min., DVD, dir: George A. Romero.

Night of the Quarter Moon [aka Flesh and Flame] (1959) - When it is discovered that the wealthy young Roderic "Chuck" Nelson (John Drew Barrymore) has married a quadroon, the press, family and a supposed friend move in to wreck the marriage. Julie London plays the "passing" role; James Edwards is her lawyer and Nat "King" Cole, who sings one number, a night-club friend. Drama, 96 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Hugo Haas.

Night of Truth, The (La Nuit de la vérité) (2004) - The film is situated in an imaginary West African country. After ten years of civil war between the government army of the Nayak, led by 'Le président', and the Bonande rebels led by Colonel Theo, there is some sign of peace negotiations. But not everyone is in favor of peace and one can feel the tension. The night of truth starts with a festive dinner, but the village idiot Tomoto always seems capable of ruining the attempts for peace with violence and provocation. Drama, 100 min., DVD, dir: Fanta Regina Nacro.

Night on Earth (1992) - Occupants of five taxi cabs in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome and Helsinki are headed for some unexpected destinations. Giancarlo Esposito plays a New York cab driver. Drama, 128 min., VHS, dir: Jim Jarmusch.

Nightjohn (1996) - Adapted from the short story, a child born into slavery (Allison Jones) narrates the tale of how she learned to read and write through one man's courageous defiance of the law. Carl Lumbley is Nightjohn; Lorraine Toussaint plays the midwife Delie. Drama, 96 min., DVD, dir: Charles Burnett.

Nine Muses, The (2010) - Experimental film that combines landscape imagry imagery with the story of immigration into the UK from 1960 to present. Documentary, 90 min., DVD, dir: Akomfrah, John.

1982 (2015) - Experimental film exploring 1982 massacres that have occurred in Colombia during the past three decades. It uses a 1919 Hollywood production on the crimes committed against the Armenian people as a way of tracing the routine and invisible violence that has been perpetrated in Colombia through the voices of its victims. Short, documentary, experimental, 10 min., DVD, dir: Cristina Motta.

Ninth Street (1999) - Drama exploring the lives of inhabitants and regular visitors to Junction City, Kansas--or “Junk City.” The characters revel in their memories of the city’s heyday in the 1940s when it was filled with well-known jazz musicians. By 1968, however, it had transformed into an area known for its strip clubs and juke joints, and both the older and younger generations suffer the resulting hardships. Drama, 95 min., DVD, dir: Tim Rebman and Kevin Willmott.

NO! The Rape Documentary (2002) - This documentary examines the painful question of why the black community in America keeps silent when black men rape and abuse black women. The issue is discussed by eminent African American educators, including Dr. Farah Jasmine Griffin and Dr. Johnnetta Cole. Documentary, 94 min., DVD, dir: Aishah Shahidah Simmons.

No Easy Walk, pt. 2. Kenya (1987) - Part of a 3-part series that looks at the history of colonialism and the struggle to gain independence in Kenya. Part 2 traces the history of Kenya’s opposition to white rule, from the earliest settlers to the Mau-Mau rebellion of 1952, in which the issue of land rights was central. Early newsreel and missionary films are included. Documentary, 60 min., VHS, dir: ?

No Maps on My Taps (1979) - George T. Nierenberg's film is a portrait of three surviving hoofers, Sandman Sims, Chuck Green, and Bunny Briggs. Rare film footage and personal interviews provide insight into the social history and performance development of jazz tap dancing. Documentary, 58 min., 16mm, dir: George T. Nierenberg.

No Regret (Non, je ne regrette rien) (1992) - Riggs film portrays the strength of HIV victims. It forces the audience to confront the stigma and shame that surrounds AIDS. Documentary, 38 min., VHS, dir: Marlon Riggs.

No Time to Die (2007) - In Ghana, a hearse driver named Asante is in search of a wife. Asante falls in love with a woman and wishes to marry her, but her family has difficulty accepting his profession. Biography, historical, 90 + 22 min., DVD, dir: King Ampaw?

No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger (1968) - Filmed at an anti-war march from Harlem to the United Nations in 1967 on the occasion of Martin Luther King's speech at the U.N in which he questioned the disproportionate percentage of black soldiers in combat in Vietnam. Four hundred thousand people participated in demonstrations ion New York on that day. On-street interviews with black residents of Harlem are interlaced with the comments of three black soldiers who had recently returned from the war. Documentary, 86 min., DVD, dir: David L. Weiss.

No Way Out (1950) - In this film, a bigoted psychotic white man blames a black doctor (Sidney Poitier) for his brother's death. When the doctor refuses to allow an autopsy, the brother organizes his equally prejudiced friends into a mob to attack the black area of town. Even though a subsequent autopsy proves the doctor's innocence, he is still the object of hatred and scorn. Drama, 106 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

Noah's Arc: The Complete First Season (2005) - Season one of the gay-themed series Noah's Arc. Television Series, 200 min., DVD, dir: N/A.

Noah's Arc: The Complete Second Season - Season two of the gay-themed series Noah's Arc.(2006) Television Series, 180 min., DVD, dir: N/A.

Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (2008) - Film continuation of the television series. Drama, 101 min., DVD, dir: Patrik Ian-Polk.

Noh Matta Wat, season 1 (2005) - The first dramatic television series of Belize. Follows the wants, dreams, conflicts, and desires of the Diego family as they live, learn grow, and survive through both the good and the rough times. Television Series, 180 min., DVD, dir: S. Torriano Berry.

Noh Matta Wat, season 2 (2006) - The first dramatic television series of Belize. Follows the wants, dreams, conflicts, and desires of the Diego family as they live, learn grow, and survive through both the good and the rough times. Television Series, 240 min., DVD, dir: S. Torriano Berry.

Noh Matta Wat, season 3 (n.d.) - The first dramatic television series of Belize. Follows the wants, dreams, conflicts, and desires of the Diego family as they live, learn grow, and survive through both the good and the rough times. Television Series, 240 min., DVD, dir: S. Torriano Berry.

Nollywood Babylon (2008) - Nigeria's film industry, Nollywood, is the third-largest in the world--an unstoppable economic and cultural force that has taken the continent by storm and is now bursting beyond the borders of Africa. "Nollywood Babylon" is a feature documentary detailing the industry's phenomenal success. Propelled by a booming 1970s soundtrack of African underground music, the movie presents an electric vision of a modern African metropolis and a revealing look at the powerhouse that is Nigerian cinema. Documentary, 74 min., DVD, dir: Ben Addelman & Samir Mallal.

Nothing but a Man (1964) - Drama about a Southern black man and his wife in a hostile society. Ivan Dixon is Duff, Julius Harris his father, Abbey Lincoln, the schoolteacher he quits his railroad job to marry. Drama, 91 min., 16mm, VHS, DVD, dir: Michael Roemer.

Nothing but the Truth (Rein que la verite) (2008) - Film directed by and starring award-winning actor John Kani as a man who has to come to terms with failing his relatives' expectations after his arrangements for his brother's funeral don't go as planned. Kani explores the complex dynamics between black South Africans who remained in the country and struggled against apartheid and those who returned after living in exile. Comedy, drama, 77 min., DVD, dir: John Kani.

Notorious B.I.G.: Bigger Than Life (2007) - An unauthorized video about the murdered rapper that uses never before seen footage and interviews to tell this story. Documentary, 101 min., DVD, dir: Peter Spirer.

Notorious Elinor Lee, The (1940) - Robert Earl Jones plays a fighter on the rise and Edna Mae Harris, the woman who tries to stop him by using her wiles and getting him to "throw" the fight. Juano Hernandez plays a fight trainer. Drama, 72 min., VHS, 3/4", dir: Oscar Micheaux.

Nouvelles ecritures de soi, Les (2010) - Gabonese film exploring the different dimensions of the construction of identity contained in the art of slam poetry. Documentary, 52 min., DVD, dir: Alice Aterianus-Owanga.

NOW! (1965) - Avant garde documentary about the struggle for civil rights in the United States during the 1960s. Features many scenes of police brutality, set to the song "Now!" sung by Lena Horne. Documentary, 6 min., DVD, dir: Santiago Alvarez.

Number One (2008) - Aziz, a Moroccan macho, is changed to a "super feminist" after his wife casts a spell on him. From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Comedy, 86 min., DVD, dir: Zakia Tahiri.

Nurse. Fighter. Boy (2008) - A love story exploring the soul of a mother, the heart of a fighter, and the faith of a child. These three characters are brought together and help one another through their individual struggles.Bonus feature film, Afterglow, by director Lisa Blatter. Drama, 93 + 16 min., DVD, dir: Charles Officer.

Nutty Professor, The (1996) - In a remake of the Jerry Lewis classic, Professor Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy), a brilliant but lonely chemistry teacher, turns himself into Buddy Love to impress his colleague Carla (Jada Pinkett Smith). Comedy, 95 min., VHS, dir: Tom Shadyac.

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