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Paid in Full (2002) - This film is based on the true story of 1980s Harlem drug kingpins Rich Porter, AZ and Alpo. Ace (Wood Harris) struggles to make a living working at a laundromat, while his friend Mitch (Mekhi Phifer) enjoys a more glamorous lifestyle supported by selling heroin. Ace slowly assimilates into a life of selling coke while Mitch goes to jail and meets Rico (Cam'ron). The trio's newly acclaimed empire quickly falls due to the struggles of power, betrayal and greed. Drama, 98 min., DVD, dir: Charles Stone III.

Panther (1995) - Written by his father, Melvin Van Peebles, Mario Van Peebles directs this dramatic film that provides a provocative account of the challenges faced by the Black Panther Party-including the FBI-during the 1960s. Drama, 124 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Mario Van Peebles.

Paper Doll (1942) - Dorothy Dandridge stars with the Mills Brothers in this musical short as a cut-out paper doll. Three uncredited African American women in the short. Music performance, 3 min., 16mm, dir: Josef Berne.

Paradise in Harlem (1939) - Gangster plot set against a backdrop of late thirties jazz, with Lucky Millender and his orchestra. Musical, 85 min., VHS, dir: Joseph Seiden.

Paris Blues (1961) - The story concerns two American expatriate jazzmen (Sidney Poitier and Paul Newman) who have a romance with two American girls on the loose (Diahann Carroll and Joanne Woodward) in Paris. Music score by Duke Ellington; jazz sequences feature Louis Armstrong. Drama, 98 min., 16mm, dir: Martin Ritt.

Pariah (2011) - A 17 old girl, black and lesbian in an urban neighborhood, juggles conflicting identities and risks friendship, heartbreak, and family in a desperate search for sexual expression. Drama, 86 min., DVD, dir: Dee Rees.

Paris Is Burning (1991) - Jennie Livingston explores Manhattan's African American and Latino queers, espcially transvestites and transsexuals who have organized themselves into "houses." The houses, which serve as family and fashion name for their members, compete at balls--part fashion show, drag party and beauty contest. Documentary, 76 min., DVD, dir: Jennie Livingston.

(Paris: XY) (2001) - A tailor from the Democratic Republic of the Congo lives in Paris with his wife and children. After years of neglecting his family, preferring to work long hours and flirt with women in bars, he awakes to find that they have left him. From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Drama, 75 min., VHS, dir: Zeka Laplaine.

Passengers (2009) – Recollections of a mother and son about a plane trip with American soldiers aboard. Documentary, short, 4 min., DVD, dir: Zeinabu irene Davis.

Passin' It On (1993) - Examines the troubling case of Black Panther leader Dhoruba Bin Wahad (Richard Moore), released after 19 years in prison, when his conviction for allegedly shooting two New York City police officers was overturned on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct. Documentary, 57 min., DVD, dir: John Valdez.

Passing Strange (2008) -When Karina arrives in New York City to stay with her brother he mysteriously leaves her with a few strange parting words and a bag full of books that he's stashed drugs in. She takes up with a locksmith who's helped her, and they roam the city vagabonding. Their end as innocents points to another world. Musical, 135 min., DVD, dir: Spike Lee.

Passing Through (1977) - The film is the story of Womack, a promising young jazz musician who after a prison term, goes on a spiritual search for his adoptive grandfather (Clarence Muse). He is a member of a collection of musicians who are trying to buck the system by gaining control of their musical destiny. They come up against the mob controlled record companies and are forced into a confrontation. Larry Clark's film attempts to subvert the Hollywood action genre, re-organizing confrontation and chase scenes according to the rhythms of jazz. Because of its success with such visual orchestration and its fidelity to the jazz life and scene, Passing Through has been hailed as one of the finest fictional jazz films. Drama, 105 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Larry Clark.

Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen, The (2015) - Biography tracing the life of Angela Bowen from her childhood in inner city Boston during the Jim Crow era to her rise as a classical ballerina to her inspiring roles as a dance teacher, black lesbian feminist activist organizer, author, and professor. Documentary, biography, 73 min., DVD, dir: Jennifer Abod.

Patch of Blue, A (1965) - Remembering only the sky as "a patch of blue," a blind white girl of 18, abused by her drunken grandfather and prostitute mother, falls in love with a black man (Sidney Poitier), much to her family's horror. Poitier is Gordon Ralfe; Ivan Dixon plays his brother Mark. Drama, 107 min., 16mm, dir: Guy Green.

Paul J. Rainey's African Hunt (1912) -An account of the year-long expedition into Africa of explorer Paul J. Rainey. Documentary, 10 min., VHS, dir: n/a.

Paul Laurence Dunbar: America's First Black Poet (1972) - Produced in 1972 on the hundreth anniversary of Paul Laurence Dunbar's birth, this tribute to the life and work of the man known as the "Negro Poet Laureate" is a collage of still pictures, paintings, art, and film dramatizations including poetry and biography. Additional participating faculty, Fisk Art Department: David Driskell, Earl Hooks, Robert Sengstacke, Jai-B. Bond. Music by Robert Holmes. Documentary, 25 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: Carlton Moss.

Paul Robeson (1979) - James Earl Jones is Paul Robeson in this one-man show that is a tribute to the distinguished actor, singer, and activist. Drama, 115 min., DVD, dir: Lloyd Richards.

Paul Robeson: Here I Stand (1999) - Narrated by Ossie Davis, the film includes archival film footage--speeches, Broadway and musical concert performances--of the athlete, singer, scholar and political activist Paul Robeson. Documentary, 127 min., VHS, dir: St. Clair Bourne.

Paul Robeson: The Tallest Tree in Our Forest (1977) - Documentary, 90 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Gil Noble.

Paul Robeson: Tribute to an Artist (1979) - Documentary examining Robeson’s life. It looks at his early career, his increased social activism, and his controversial ideals regarding Americans and communists. Documentary, 29 min., DVD, dir: Saul J. Turell.

Pawnbroker, The (1965) - A film about Sol Nazeman (Rod Steiger), a Jewish pawnbroker who has survived the horrors of a concentration camp leaving him emotionally and intellectually dead. Various people including his black Puerto Rican assistant try to break down the wall he has built but to no avail, until a dramatic moment when his assistant is killed protecting him. Music score by Quincy Jones, his first for an American film. Drama, 100 min., VHS, dir: Sydney Lumet.

Pay as You Exit (1936) - The gang produces "Romeo and Juliet" with a pay as you exit promotion scheme, but leading man Alfalfa has been eating onions and drives off leading lady Darla. Buckwheat, cast as a Nubian slave, is brought in as a substitute Juliet. Children, 10 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Gordon Douglas.

Peeples (2013) - Wade Walker is ready to ask his girlfriend, Grace, to marry him. Grace, however, is hesitant to introduce him to her parents. Wade decides to surprise Grace at her family reunion. Comedy, romance, 95 min., DVD, dir: Tyler Perry.

Pelo Malo (Bad Hair) (2012) - A nine-year-old boy's preening obsession with straightening his hair elicits a tidal wave of homophobic panic in his hard-working mother. Drama, 92 min., Blu-Ray, dir: Mariana Rondon.

People under the Stairs, The (1991) - Two adults and a juvenile burglar break into a house occupied by a brother and sister and their stolen children and can't escape. Horror, 102 min., DVD, dir: Wes Craven.

People vs. Paul Crump, The (1962) - On March 20, 1953, five black men robbed a meatpacking plant in Chicago s Union Stock Yards. Their getaway went awry, and a security guard was shot and killed. All five men were arrested, four received jail sentences and were eventually paroled. The fifth, Paul Crump, then 22, confessed under questionable interrogation tactics, then retracted, only to be convicted and sentenced to the electric chair.  After 14 stays of execution, Crump met Friedkin, then a local television director, in the Cook County Jail. Believing in Crump’s innocence, Friedkin and his cinematographer Bill Butler (One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest) took to the streets with lightweight cameras to appeal for Crump s return to society. The resulting film contributed to the commutation of Crump’s sentence. Produced for WBKB, Chicago. Documentary, 60 min., DVD, dir: William Friedkin.

Penitentiary (1979) - The film depicts violence in a state penitentiary where the strongest survive. Martel Gordon (Leon Isaac Kennedy), nicknamed "Too Sweet" has boxing skills that get him out of prison. But the fear of starting a new life on the outside is frightening to inmates like "Seldom Seen" (Floyd Chatman). Drama, 99 min., VHS, dir: Jamaa Fanaka.

Penitentiary 2 (1982) - When Martel "Too Sweet" Gordon's (Leon Isaac Kennedy) girlfriend (Eugenia Wright) is murdered by "Half Dead" (Ernie Hudson), a former fellow prisoner, Gordon goes back into the ring with Mr. T and old pal "Seldom Seen" (Malik Carter) as trainers. "Half Dead" continues to harass Gordon and his family (Peggy Blow, Glynn Turman, Sephton Moody), culminating in a parallel boxing sequence where Gordon defeats Jesse Amos (Donovan Womack) and Mr. T does the same to "Half Dead." Drama, 108 min., VHS, dir: Jamaa Fanaka.

Perfect Holiday, The (2007) - As the holidays are approaching, Nancy Taylor is in search of a husband. After taking her daughter to see Santa Claus (Morris Chestnut), Santa tries to make Nancy’s dreams come true. Comedy, family, fantasy, 85 min., DVD, dir: Lance Rivera.

Perfect Image? (1988) - A witty narrative featuring two black actresses--one light, one dark--and alot of makeup, this docu-drama examines women's obsession with beauty, acceptance, and the "perfect image." Documentary, 30 min., VHS, dir: Maureen Blackwood.

Performed Word, The (1982) - This film explores black expressive language, the spoken word dynamically performed in clubs, on playgrounds, and in churches. Berkeley's Bishop E.E. Cleveland of Ephesian Church of God in Christ, and his daughter Pastor Ernestine Cleveland Reems of Oakland's Center of Hope, are among those who exemplify this rich and vital tradition. Documentary, 55 min., 16mm, dir: Ernest Shinagawa and Carlos de Jesus.

Period Piece, A (1991) - The film is a riff on menstruation. It follows Zeinabu irene Davis' film Cycles. Documentary, 4 min., VHS, dir: Zeinabu irene Davis.

Perseverance: The Story of Dr. Billy Taylor (2012) - Perserverance highlights the remarkable football accomplishments of one of Michigan’s greatest running backs, but juxtaposes his on field glory with his long-term dependency on drugs, which ultimately lead to federal incarceration and homelessness. Drawing from archival film footage and photographs, the film reconstructs Taylor’s 25-year journey to recovery. Documentary, 52 min., DVD, dir: Dan Chase and Bob Hercules.

Persistent Women Artists (1996) - Artist Betty La Duke presents the lives and works of Lois Mailou Jones, Mine Okubo and Pablita Velarde, three women artists of diverse backgrounds. Their expressive works mirror their life experiences as African American, Asian American and Native American artists. Documentary, 28 min., VHS, dir: Brian Varaday.

Pete Kelly's Blues (1955) - Pete Kelly is part of a jazz band. He and his bandmates face some dilemmas when they are targeted by a local gang. Includes performance by Ella Fitzgerald. Crime, drama, music, 95 min., DVD, dir: Jack Webb.

Petey Wheatstraw (1977) - Petey Wheatstraw (Rudy Ray Moore) is a candidate to become the devil's son-in-law. The storyline is a scaffolding on which Rudy Ray Moore's standup humor can be unfolded. Comedy, 94 min., DVD, dir: Cliff Roquemore.

Petite vendeuse de soleil, La (1999) -La Petite vendeuse de soleil is a film exalting the lives and promise found among ordinary Senegalese. It depicts a young beggar girl, Sili, who on crutches, confidently makes her way through a city of obstacles, becoming the first girl to sell a daily newspaper in the competitive world of young male newspaper vendors. Drama, 45 min., DVD, dir: Djibril Diop Mambety.

Philip Tabane - This documentary follows world renowned South African musician Philip Tabane as he prepares for a performance. Documentary, 47 min., VHS, dir: Dumisani Phakathi.

Philip's Cavalcade (1938) - This George Pal Puppetoon features several musical numbers. Children, 6 min., VHS, dir: George Pal.

Pickaninny Dance, The (1894) -A scene representing Southern plantation life before the war. A jig and a breakdown by three colored boys. Comedy, short, 1 min., VHS, dir: W.K.L. Dickson.

Pictorial View of Idlewild, A (1927) - Idlewild Michigan, a resort catering to Middle class African Americans is the subject of this documentary produced by the Chicago Daily News Film Service. Documentary, 22 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: n/a.

Pie, Pie Blackbird (1932) - A vitaphone short featuring instrumental, vocal and dance numbers performed by Eubie Blake, the Nicholas Brothers, and Nina Mae McKinney. Songs performed include: "Blackbird Pie" and "You Rascal You." Musical, 11 min., 16mm, dir: Roy Mack.

Piece of the Action, A (1977) - Dave Anderson (Bill Cosby), a safe cracker, and Manny Durrell (Sidney Poitier), a con man, are blackmailed by Joshua Burke (James Earl Jones), an ex-policeman who knows their history, into doing altruistic work for the community and the young folk. Comedy, 133 min., 16mm, dir: Sidney Poitier.

Pieces d'identites (1998) -A Congonese king arrives in Brussels in search of his long-lost daughter. Comedy, 93 min., DVD, dir: Mweze Ngangura.

Pigskin Palooka, The (1937) - Alfalfa tries to impress Darla with stories that he's a big football star at military school, but comes home to find himself recruited for Spanky's all stars. Assisted by Buckwheat and Spanky, Alfalfa inadvertently wins the game. Billie Thomas stars as Buckwheat. Comedy, 11 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: Gordon Douglas.

Pinky (1949) - A young nurse (Jeanne Crain) who has been passing for white returns to her home in the South where she faces decisions about herself, love and her purpose in life. She's helped by her grandmother (Ethel Waters) and her grandmother's former employer (Ethel Barrymore). Nina Mae McKinney has a brief role as an unsavory companion of Frederick O'Neal's. Drama, 102 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Elia Kazan.

Pioneers of African-American Cinema (1915-1946) - Five-disc set featuring race films of the 1920-1940s that were funded, written, produced, directed, and distributed by African-Americans. Works by Oscar Micheaux, Spencer Williams, and James and Eloyce Gist are included.

    Disc One
  • Two Knights of Vaudeville (1915) - 11 min, dir: Ebony Film Co., music: Donald Sosin.
  • Mercy, the Mummy Mumbled (1918) - 12 min., dir: Ebony Film Co., music: Alloy Orchestra.
  • A Reckless Rover (1918) - 14 min., dir: Ebony Film Co., music: Donald Sosin
  • Within Our Gates (1920) - 73 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux, music: DJ Spooky.
  • Symbol of the Unconquered: A Story of the Ku Klux Klan (1920) - 59 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux, music: Max Roach.
  • By Right of Birth (fragment) (1921) - 4 min., dir: Lincoln Motion Picture Co., music: Donald Sosin.
  • Body and Soul (1925) - 93 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux, music: DJ Spooky.
  • Screen Snapshots (excerpt) (1920) - Micheux footage. 1 min.
  • Bonus: An Introduction - 7 min.
  • Bonus: The Films of Oscar Micheaux - 8 min.
    Disc Two
  • Regeneration (fragment of reel two) (1923) - 11 min., dir: Richard E. Norman, music: Donald Sosin.
  • The Flying Ace (1926) - 65 min., dir: Richard E. Norman, music: Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.
  • Ten Nights in a Bar Room (1926) - 64 min., dir: CPFC, music: Donald Sosin.
  • Rev. S. S. Jones Home Movies (excerpts) (1924-1926) - 16 min., dir: Rev. Solomon Sir Jones, music: Andrew Simpson.
  • The Scar of Shame (1929) - 86 min., dir: Frank Peregini, music: Makia Matsumura.
  • Bonus: The Color Line - 5 min.
  • Bonus: Ten Nights in a Bar Room - An Introduction - 4 min.
  • Bonus: About the Restoration - 8 min.
    Disc Three
  • Eleven P.M. (1928) - 60 min., dir: Richard Maurice, music: Rob Gal.
  • Hell-Bound Train (1930) - 50 min., dir: James and Eloyce Gist, music: Samuel Waymon.
  • Verdict: Not Guilty (circa 1933) - 8 min., dir: James and Eloyce Gist, music: Samuel Waymon.
  • Heaven-Bound Travelers (circa 1935) - 15 min., dir: James and Eloyce Gist, music: Samuel Waymon.
  • The Darktown Revue (1931) - 18 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux.
  • The Exile (1931) - 78 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux.
  • Hot Biskits (1931) - 10 min., dir: Spencer Williams.
    Disc Four
  • The Girl from Chicago (1932) - 70 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux.
  • Ten Minutes to Live (1932) - 58 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux.
  • Veiled Aristocrats (1932) - 48 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux.
  • Veiled Aristocrats (Trailer) (1932) - 4 min.
  • Birthright (1938) - 73 min., dir: Oscar Micheaux.
  • Birthright (Trailer) (1938) - 4 min.
  • We Work Again (1937) - WPA Documentary, 15 min.
    Disc Five
  • The Bronze Buckaroo (1939) - 58 min., dir: Richard Kahn.
  • Zora Neale Hurston’s Fieldwork Footage (excerpt) (1928) - 3 min., dir: Zora Neale Hurtston.
  • Commandment Keeper Church, Beaufort South Carolina (excerpt) (1940) - 15 min., dir: Zora Neale Hurston.
  • The Blood of Jesus (1941) - 56 min., dir: Spencer Williams.
  • Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A. (1946) - 60 min., dir: Spencer Williams.
  • The Moses Sisters Interview (circa 1978) - 32 min., dir: Pearl Bowser.
  • Tyler Texas Black Film Collection (promotional film) (1985) - 6 min.
  • Bonus: The Films of Zora Neale Hurston - 2 min.
  • Bonus: The Films of Spencer Williams - 7 min.
  • Bonus: The End of an Era - 4 min.
Various genres, 952 min., Blu-Ray, dir: multiple directors.

Pioneers of Television, Season 4 (2014) - Season 4 of the PBS series features four new episodes: Standup to Sitcom, Doctors and Nurses, Acting Funny, and Breaking Barriers. Breaking Barriers traces the story of people of color on American television—including the breakthroughs of African Americans Diahann Carroll (Julia) and Bill Cosby (I Spy); Latinos Desi Arnaz (I Love Lucy) and Edward James Olmos (Miami Vice); and Asian-Americans George Takei (Star Trek) and Margaret Cho (All American Girl). Television series, documentary, 240 min., DVD, multiple directors.

PJs, The, [seasons 1-3] (1999-2001) - An animated series done in a cinematic style known as “foamation” and created by Eddie Murphy. Murphy is also the voice of Stubbs, a building superintendent. Stubbs and his family, as well as the rest of the people in the building, constantly find themselves embarking on adventures. Comedy, television series, 1014 min., DVD, dir: multiple directors.

Place in Time, A (1977) - Charles Lane's exploration of apathy is a cinematic tribute to Charlie Chaplin and the other silent greats. Lane plays a street artist who tries to survive and find beauty in the brutal environment of America's greatest city, New York. Drama, 34 min., 16mm, dir: Charles Lane.

Place of Our Own, A (2004) -Filmmaker Stanley Nelson's look back at the 40 years he spent summering at Oak Bluffs, a black-oriented resort community on Martha's Vineyard. Documentary, 60 min., DVD, dir: Stanley Nelson.

Place out of Time, A: The Bordentown School (2009) - A story told by a Bordentown alumni about his experiences attending the last all-black publicly funded and co-educational boarding school north of the Mason-Dixon Line before its closure in 1955. The film also takes a broader look at the education of African Americans across three centuries. Documentary, 56 min., DVD, dir: Dave Davidson.

Placido: The Blood of the Poet (1986) -Placido portraits the dramatic story of Gabriel de la Concepcio Valdes (Placido), a mulatto Cuban poet accused of leading a conspiracy against the Spanish colonial government. Preoccupied by the development of Afro-Hispanic artist and craftsmen of the mid XIX century, Placido was executed after living a short and controversial life as a man between two races and between a cruel reality and a dream of freedom. Drama, 96 min., DVD, dir: Sergio Giral.

Players Club, The (1998) - Diana, a young working mom, leaves her job at a shoe store to work as a stripper at the Playa’s Club. After her younger and out-of-control cousin also joins the club, things begin to get out of hand. Features stars such as LisaRaye, Jamie Foxx, Ice Cube, Luther Campbell, and others. Comedy, drama, 103 min., DVD, dir: Ice Cube.

Playing Away (1987) -To mark the conclusion of their "Third World Week" celebration, a cricket team in a small English village invites a black cricket team from South London to a charity game with comical results. Comedy, 98 min., DVD, dir: Horace Ove.

Playing with Fire (2000) - Riana Robert (Vanessa Williams) tries to dissuade her younger sister Camille (Tangi Miller) from stealing a priceless gold African artifact from Ghana. Drama, 90 min., DVD, dir: Roy Campanella II.

Pocketbook, The (1982) - In this adaptation of a Langston Hughes short story, a young man decides to snatch an older woman's pocketbook. The lady, having won the tussle for her pocketbook, takes the sharp-dressed thief home for food and a lecture and ends up giving him money anyway. DVD version on L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema: DVD Anthology, 1971-2006. Drama, 12 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: Billy Woodberry.

Poetic Justice (1993) - Lucky (Tupac Shakur), a street-wise mailman, and Justice (Janet Jackson) are a mismatched pair pushed together on a road trip from south central Los Angeles to Oakland. Joe Torry plays Chicago; Regina King appears as Iesha, Chicago's girlfriend. Drama, 109 min., VHS, DVD, dir: John Singleton.

Politics of the Civil Rights Movement (1997) - The C-SPAN Majic Bus Civil Rights Tour and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change sponsored this C-SPAN production about the Civil Rights Movement in Atlanta with Julian Bond and Douglas G. Brinkley on March 29, 1997. Television, 82 min., DVD, dir: n/a.

Pompey's Honey Girl (1905) - Comedy, 1 min., VHS, dir: n/a.

Porgy & Bess (1959) - A poignant love story set against the backdrop of Catfish Row in post-Civil War South. The film showcases many black stars: Sidney Poitier plays Porgy, Dorothy Dandridge is Bess, Brock Peters is Crown, Sammy Davis, Jr. is Sportin' Life. George Gershwin's score won an Oscar. Musical, 140 min., 16mm, dir: Otto Preminger.

Porky's Phoney Express (1938) -Porky gets recruited to work at a pony express, and he has to get passed Indians Children, 7 min., VHS, dir: Howard & Dalton.

Porky's Picnic (1939) -Porky asks Petunia Pig to go with him on a picnic. Unforunately for him, Pinky tags along... Children, 7 min., VHS, dir: Robert Clampett.

Portrait of Jason (1967) - Jason Holliday, a 33-year old black male prostitute, spent 12 months before Shirley Clarke's camera one night; the film is edited down to less than two hours. It reveals what society can do a man it doubly rejects, as a black and as a homosexual. Documentary, 105 min., DVD, dir: Shirley Clarke.

Portrait of Jason / Project Shirley: Volume 2 (1967/ 2014) - Restoration by Academy Film Archive, Milestone Films, and Modern Videofilm. The Project Shirley, Volume 2 Blu Ray also includes color footage of Jason Holiday, additional short films by Shirley Clarke, interviews and footage of Clarke, and a short documentary on “Project Shirley” and the restoration of the Portrait of Jason. Documentary, 105 min., Blu-ray, dir: Shirley Clarke.

Portraits in Black

  • Paul Lawrence Dunbar: America's First Black Poet (1972): Produced in 1972 on the hundreth anniversary of Paul Laurence Dunbar's birth, this tribute to the life and work of the man known as the "Negro Poet Laureate" is a collage of still pictures, paintings, art, and film dramatizations including poetry and biography. Additional participating faculty, Fisk Art Department: David Driskell, Earl Hooks, Robert Sengstacke, Jai-B. Bond. Music by Robert Holmes. 21 min., dir: Carlton Moss.
  • Two Centuries of Black American Art (1976): A major art exhibition curated by David Driskell of Fisk University is the subject of this documentary that presents the works of African American artists from slavery to the present. 23 min., dir: Carlton Moss.
  • The Gift of the Black Folk (1978): Filmmaker Carlton Moss uses W.E.B. Du Bois' title to explore the lives and accomplishments of Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and Denmark Vesey. The film employs on-screen graphics instead of narration and has a full orchestral accompaniment by the Fisk University Orchestra. 15 min., dir: Carlton Moss & William Hurtz.

Documentary, VHS, dir: Carlton Moss and William Hurtz.

Posse (1993) - Mario Van Peebles stars as Jessie Lee in this Western about a mostly black posse who battles a pompous, racist colonel, and a vicious white sheriff who want to take over Freemanville, a peaceful black frontier settlement. Robert Hooks plays King David, Jessie's preacher father who is murdered by klansmen; Melvin Van Peebles is Papa Joe, Jessie's mentor; Charles Lane is Weezie; Tone-Loc, Angel; Big Daddy Kane, Father Time; Pam Grier, Phoebe; Salli Richardson, Lana; and the Hudlin brothers play reporters. Western, 113 min., VHS, dir: Mario Van Peebles.

Potent Secrets (2001?) - A secret destroyed Philip's first marriage and now threatens to destroy his second marriage with Matilda. Will he be able to face his infertility and the familial pressures that come with it? From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Drama, 140 min., VHS, dir: Ako Abunaw.

Potluck and the Passion, The (1993) - A group of women gather for a potluck to celebrate a lesbian couple's first anniversary. Drama, 23 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Cheryl Dunye.

Poto Mitan: Haitian Women Pillars of the Global Economy (2009) - Explores the personal stories of five women and how neoliberal globalization affected their lives in relation to inhumane working/living conditions, violence, poverty, lack of education, and poor health care. It focus on women’s subjugation, worker exploitation, poverty, and resistance demonstrates these are global struggles as well as how these women demonstrate that, despite monumental obstacles in a poor country like Haiti, collective action makes change possible. Documentary, 50 min., DVD, dir: Renee Bergan and Mark Schuller.

Pour ne pas oublier (2003) - Short film created in tribute to the victims of the suicide bombings on 16 May 2003 in Casablanca, Morocco. From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Documentary, 10 min., DVD, dir: Nabil Ayouch.

Power: The Complete First Season (2014) - Wealthy nightclub owner James “Ghost” St. Patrick has it all: a beautiful wife, wealth, and a popular business. However, he also has a lucrative underground trade network. Ghost is caught between two worlds and isn’t sure if he wants to continue his underground drug life. But will he be able to get out? Television series, drama, 460 min., DVD, dir: Kari Skogland.

Power Broker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights (2012) - Whitney Young is celebrated for his efforts as a Civil Rights leader. Young was known for making alliances with white and black businesses, as well as finding strategies that could provide employment, healthcare, and education for those who were lacking access to these resources. Documentary, 60 min., DVD, dir: Christine Khalafian and Taylor Hamilton.

Power Tussle (2004) - Nigerian Nollywood film. Drama, 188 min., DVD, dir: Ubaka Frank Ubaka.

Powerful Thang, A (1992) - Zeinabu irene Davis's film takes an intimate look at love and its risks as experienced by Yasmine Allen (Asha Feyijinmi Sinki) and her "Ebony Prince" Craig Watkins (John Jeeks). Poetry readings from the works of Alice Dunbar Nelson, Paul Laurence Dunbar and Rita Dove are interwoven in the story. Drama, 57 min., VHS, dir: Zeinabu irene Davis.

Praise House (1991) - Julie Dash's video, made originally for television, features the dance troupe Urban Bush Women. It uses dance, chants and field hollers to tell the story of a young black woman whose drive to express herself artistically is limited by the 'workaday' world. Drama, 30 min., VHS, dir: Julie Dash.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008) - Film about a group of Muslim and Christian women who united during the civil war in Liberia and helped bring to power Liberia's first female head of state, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Documentary, 72 min., DVD, dir: Gini Reticker.

Prayer for Marilyn Monroe (1984) - Prayer for Marilyn Monroe integrates images of the Hollywood actress and verses from Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal to create a powerful Pan-American product. Directors Miriam Talavera and Marisol Trujillo portray the harshness of the star's life behind the glamour and glitter of show biz. Documentary, 9 min., DVD, dir: Marisol Trujillo, Miriam Talavera, and Pepin Rogriguez.

Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire (2009) - In New York City's Harlem circa 1987, an overweight, abused, illiterate teen who is pregnant with her second child is invited to enroll in an alternative school in hopes that her life can head in a new direction. Drama, 109 min., DVD, dir: Lee Daniels.

Prelude to Swing Plus 50 (1987) - Prelude To Swing Plus 50 is a musical that is preformed by African American college students. This film was made at Indiana University Bloomington. Musical, 82 min., VHS, dir: John R. Winninger.

Premonition (2000) - A woman, Shwan, celebrates her birthday with only her sister, Shonte. Shonte believes that Shwan needs a man and therefore gives her a special gift. Both roles played by Krystal Morris. Drama, 16 min., DVD, dir: Christa Dickey.

Prescription for Time (2005) - Geraldine (Gaye Saunders), an elderly woman, suffers from early signs of dementia and fears losing her independence to her daughter. In an attempt to change her fate, she finds hope in a drug that promises to extend life. Now caught in a crossroad between fear and hope, Geraldine must find the courage to face the truth of her reality or watch her life spin dangerously out of control. Drama, 15 min., DVD, dir: Keith McQuirter.

Present Past, A: Afro-Brazilian Memories in Rio de Janeiro (2011) -A Present Past highlights the strong oral tradition of slave descendants from the former plantations of the Souza Breves family, in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro. It rescues vivid details about the illegal trade of slaves and the experiences of slaves and freed ancestors. Documentary, 43 min., DVD, dir: Martha Abreu and Hebe Mattos.

Pressure (1976) - A British-born younger son of an immigrant family from Trinidad finds himself adrift between two cultures. Drama, 120 min., DVD, dir: Horace Ove.

Pressure Cooker (2009) - Unorthodox Culinary Arts teacher Mrs. Stephenson is a tyrant known throughout her Philly public high school for her hoarse rebukes of her students' creations. She may be disarmingly blunt, but she cares about the final product. Last year, 11 of her seniors totaled $750,000 in scholarships to top culinary schools across the nation. Here, we follow three of Stephenson's dedicated inner-city kids with circumstances stacked against them whose best hope for the future depends on the perfect results. Documentary, 99 min., DVD, dir: Jennifer Grausman and Mark Becker.

Pressure Point (1962) - A black prison psychiatrist is assigned the distasteful task of helping a paranoid American Nazi charged with sedition. Stanley Kramer was an uncredited director. Drama, 91 min., DVD, dir: Hubert Cornfield.

Prince: Sing the Times (1987) - A filmed concert tour by Prince and his band at the Rotterdam Music Hall. The show features thirteen songs including eleven from Prince’s album Sign ‘o’ the Times. Documentary, music, 85 min., Blu-Ray, dir: Prince.

Prince among Slaves (2008) - Learn more about the amazing true story of Abdul Rahman Sori, an African prince enslaved in the American South. Documentary, 60 min., DVD, dir: Andrea Kalin.

Princess and the Frog, The (2009) -A fairy tale set in Jazz Age-era New Orleans and centered on a young woman named Tiana and her fateful kiss with a frog prince who desperately wants to be human again. Children, 98 min., DVD, dir: Ron Clements and John Musker.

Princess Tam-Tam (1935) - A French author who has come to North Africa to write a novel becomes enamored with Josephine Baker. In French with English subtitles. Comedy, 80 min., VHS, dir: Edmund Greville.

Prison Song (2001) - Elijah has grown up under difficult circumstances in a group home after his mother and his stepfather are sent to prison when Elijah is ten. Years later, Elijah’s gift of photography earns him a college scholarship. His life changes, however, after he finds himself behind bars for accidentally killing a fellow group home resident. Stars hip-hop artists Mary J. Blige and Q-Tip and includes some musical numbers. Drama, 94 min., DVD, dir: Darnell Martin.

Promesse, La (1996) - Assita (Assita Ouedraogo) and Amidou (Rasmane Ouedraogo) are illegal immigrants working for a man (Olivier Gourmet) and his son, Igor (Jérémie Renier) in Antwerp, Belgium in this award-winning film (Best Belgian Film at the 1997 Brussels International Film Festival and Best Foreign Language Film at the 1998 National Society of Film Critics Awards). Drama, 93 min., VHS, dir: Jean-Pierre Dardenne & Luc Dardenne.

Promised Land (Short version) (2008) -Though apartheid ended in South Africa in 1994, economic injustices between blacks and whites remain unresolved. As revealed in Yoruba Richen’s incisive Promised Land, the most potentially explosive issue is land. The film follows two black communities as they struggle to reclaim land from white owners, some of whom who have lived there for generations. Amid rising tensions and wavering government policies, the land issue remains South Africa’s “ticking time bomb,” with far-reaching consequences for all sides. Promised Land captures multiple perspectives of citizens struggling to create just solutions. Documentary, 19 min., DVD, dir: Yoruba Richen.

Promised Land, The (1992) - This documentary focuses on West Indian migration to Great Britain and the United States. Documentary, 7 min., VHS, dir: Joan Baker.

Promised Land, The: A Dream Deferred (1995) - Part two of three explores the destruction of cultural and political gains of Nothern politicians who ignore the increasing resentment from overcrowding and increased ghettoization of African Americans. Documentary, 90 min., VHS, dir: Anthony Geffen.

Promised Land, The: Strong Men Keep A-Coming On (1995) - The three-part series The Promised Land, co-produced by BBC-TV and Discovery Channel, chronicles the migration of millions of rural black Americans from the segregated South to Chicago between 1930 and 1970. Strong Men Keep A-Comin' On, the third segment, depicts how the migration comes of age with Chicago's first African-American mayor and the integration. The other two parts are Take Me to Chicago and A Dream Deferred. Documentary, 90 min., VHS, dir: Anthony Geffen.

Promised Land, The: Take Me to Chicago (1995) - Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the first of three segments explores migration from the South to Chicago during the 1930s through the 50s. Documentary, 90 min., VHS, dir: Anthony Geffen.

Protection (2010) - Made with local NGO Sonke Gender Justice Network, Protection is a hybrid educational/documentary film that deals with men and condoms in South Africa, Kenya, and Sierra Leone. It was distributed via upwards of 5,000 NGOs and other social development units across Africa. Documentary, 110 min., DVD, dir: Francois Verster.

Proud Valley, The (1940) -In a Welsh coal mining valley, a young man with a beautiful singing voice is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice when a pit disaster threatens. Drama, 77 min., DVD, dir: Pen Tennyson.

Proudly We Served: The Men of the USS Mason (1995) - Proudly We Served interweaves the personal stories of the individual crewmembers with newly discovered historic footage of the USS Mason. Documentary, 58 min., VHS, dir: Mary Pat Kelly.

Proverbial Angel, The (n.d.) - Part of the "Black Visions / Silver Screen: HU Student Film Showcase: Show #9 Kids" in the S. Torriano Berry Collection (COL 3). Children, 7 min., DVD, dir: S. Torriano Berry.

Pryor's Place: Cousin Rita (1984) - Little Richie is shocked to learn that his 9-year-old friend has a serious crush on Richie's cute 16-year-old cousin, Rita. Richie asks his cousin to gently turn his friend down with surprising hilarious results. Television series, 25 min., VHS, dir: Paul Miller.

Pryor's Place, Vol. 1. Readers of the Lost Art ; Home Free (1985) - "Readers of the Lost Art" - Young Richard Pryor and his friend learn the joy of reading by picking up a book. "Home Free" - Henry Winkler guests as himself in this most important episode about avoiding strangers. Television series, children's, 60 min., VHS, dir: Paul Miller.

Pryor's Place, Vol. 2. High Noon at 5:30 ; The Kimosabe Blues (1985) - T"High Noon at 5:30" - Richard helps the gang deal with a scary neighborhood bully. "The Kimosabe Blues" - Everyone learns about friendship. Also features the Sid and Marty Krofft puppets. Television series, children's, 60 min., VHS, dir: Paul Miller.

Pryor's Place: Home Free Pryor's Place, Vol. 3. Sax Education ; Too Old Too Soon, Too Smart Too Late (1984) - "Sax Education" (with Robin Williams!) - When Richie loses Chills' saxophone, he quickly learns a lesson about responsibility. "Too Old Too Soon, Too Smart Too Late" (with Scatman Crothers!) - Richie learns to appreciate old people when his Uncle Moes disappears and later shows up playing one-on-one against Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Television series, children's, 60 min., VHS, dir: Paul Miller.

Pryor's Place, Vol. 4. To Catch a Little Thief ; Cousin Rita (1984) - "To Catch a Little Thief" - Richie steals a basketball to impress some older boys, but his guilty conscious [sic] gets the best of him. "Cousin Rita" - Richie has to convince his best friend Wally that cousin Rita isn't in love with him. Television series, children's, 60 min., VHS, dir: Paul Miller.

Psychedelic Perfume (2000) - Sa'mu's (Khari A. Abayomi) life is turned upside down after he finds his wife in bed with another woman. He seeks comfort from his dead other brother, who in turn "sets up" Sa'mu on three blind dates. Drama, 82 min., VHS, dir: Khari A. Abayomi.

Psychological Residuals of Slavery (2007) -As internationally acclaimed family therapist and educator Kenneth V. Hardy observes in this compelling video, slavery remains a "contemporary ghost" that shapes African Americans' self-image, their relationships to one another and their relationships with White Americans. Behind a backdrop of powerful historical and contemporary imagery, Hardy clearly demonstrates the importance of recognizing and openly addressing the past, and lays the groundwork for genuine dialogue, understanding, and healing in clinical environments, classrooms, and other settings. Documentary, 18 min., DVD, dir: N/A.

Puerta de no retorno, La (2011) -Santiago A. Zannou accompanies his father, Alphonse, to his homeland, Benin, 40 years after he left it, to face his fears and his lies. On this journey of redemption, Alphonse will not just seek reconciliation with his only living sister, but also forgiveness from his ancestors, in the hopes of finally laying the hurt of the past to rest. Documentary, 75 min., DVD, dir: Santiago Zannou.

Pumzi (2009) -A sci-fi film about Africa in the future, 35 years after World War III, the water war. Sci-fi, 21 min., DVD, dir: Wanuri Kahiu.

Punks (Promotional copy) (2000) - One of the first romantic comedy stories about African American gay men. The film reveals the importance of friendship, romance, and acceptance. Documentary, 144 min., DVD, dir: Patrik-Ian Polk.

Purlie Victorious (1963) -Purlie Victorious is the story of a black preacher who returns home to rural Georgia to claim an inheritance and bring down Ol' Cap'n Stonewall Jackson Cotchipee, the ruthless plantation owner that he once served. Comedy, 99 min., DVD, dir: Nicholas Webster.

Purple Rain (1984) - A young musician, The Kid (Prince), experiences tumultuous times in his career, his home life, and his relationship with Apollonia (Apollonia Kotero). Morris Day plays himself as the impeccable competitor complicating the Kid's rise to fame and his love life. Drama, 111 min., VHS, DVD (20th anniversary ed.), dir: Albert Magnoli.

Pursuit of Happyness, The (2006) -A struggling salesman takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional endeavor. Drama, 117 min., DVD, dir: Gabriele Muccino.

Pushing the Elephant (2010) - A mother and daughter are separated during the Civil War in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After a little over a decade the mother and daughter are reunited. They are all residing in Arizona and must learn how to adapt to American culture as well as learning how to deal with their painful past and move forward. Documentary, 83 min., DVD, dir: Beth Davenport and Elizabeth Mandel.

Putney Swope (1969) - Story of what happens when Blacks take over a Madison Avenue ad firm. Arnold Johnson is Putney Swope. Comedy, 84 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Robert Downey, Sr..

Putney Swope [excerpts] (1969) - Outtakes/excerpts from the feature film. Comedy, 37 min., 16mm, dir: Robert Downey, Sr..


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