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Films by Title: "Q"

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Quand les etoiles rencontrent la mer (When the Stars Meet the Sea) (1996) - Kapila (Jean Rabenjamina) is born during a solar eclipse. That gives him destructive powers, according to traditional beliefs in Madagascar, and he is put in a cattle pen and left to be trampled to death. But Kapila is rescued by Raivo (Rondro Rasoanaivo), who raises him as her own child in another village. Growing up embittered because of his injured leg, Kapila is prodded by the guidance of a mystical blind woman (Aimée Razafindrafarasoa) to return home to learn about his past. Drama, 85 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Raymond Rajaonarivelo.

Quartier Mozart (1992) - This comedic tale of the education of a young school-girl known as "Queen of the 'Hood" in the working class neighborhood of Yaounde, Cameroon was awarded the Prix Afrique en Creation at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival. Comedy, 80 min., VHS, dir: Jean-Pierre Bekolo.

Queen of Katwe (2016) - Phiona is a young girl struggling with a life of poverty. At age ten, a missionary teachers her to play chess. As a result, Phiona becomes very skilled at the game and begins playing in competitions and tournaments. The young girl yearns for her success to lead her and her family out of poverty. Biography, drama, sport, 124 min., Blu-ray, dir: Mira Nair.

Queens of Comedy, The (2001) - Black female Comedians Adele Givens, Mo'Nique, Sommore and Laura Hayes take the stage in this raunchy follow-up to Spike Lee's The Original Kings of Comedy (2000). Comedy, 79 min., DVD. dir: Steve Purcell.

Question of Color, A (1992) - Kathe Sandler examines the issue of color consciousness within the black community, a caste system based on how closely skin color, hair texture and facial features conform to a European ideal. She interviews a number of African Americans who provide testimony of their experiences and attitudes regarding color. Documentary, 57 min., VHS, dir: Kathe Sandler.

Quiet as Kept (2007) -A teenager boy leaves a moment of boredom while his father works on his old car, and the mother wishes to go out for a stroll around the block. One more relocated family post Hurricane Katrina. Drama, 5 min., DVD, dir: Charles Burnett.

Quiet One, The (1948) - A documentary-drama that tells the story of a Harlem youth who grows up feeling rejected and withdrawn, eventually drifting into delinquency. At the Wiltwyck School for Boys, he becomes a "quiet one," building a wall of silence around himself to hide the bitterness. The film won awards at the Venice and Edinburgh Film Festivals. Documentary, 65 min., VHS, dir: Sydney Meyers.

Quilombo (1984) - The film is a historical account of 17th century escaped slaves in northwestern Brazil whose refuge, "quilomobo dos Palmares," withstood attacks from Portugese and Dutch soldiers for over fifty years. In Portuguese with English subtitles. Drama, 114 min., VHS, dir: Carlos Diegues.

Quilombo Country (2006) -Quilombo Country, a documentary film shot in digital video, provides a portrait of rural communities in Brazil that were either founded by runaway slaves or begun from abandoned plantations. This type of community is known as a quilombo, from an Angolan word that means "encampment." As many as 2,000 quilombos exist today. Documentary, 73 min., DVD, dir: Leonard Abrams.

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