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Rabi (1992) -A blacksmith falls off his bicycle when he tries to avoid a tortoise which crosses his path. He brings the animal home to his twelve year old son, Rabi, who becomes so fascinated that he forgets his chores at this father's shop. When the angry smith removes the tortoise, Rabi's grandfather, Pusga, helps Rabi find a larger one to consol the boy. Rabi wants to tame the animal and this new obsession leads him to defy parental authority. Pusga gently opens the boy's eyes to the visible and invisible ways of nature. Rabi starts to understand liberty, responsibility and respect for life. In turn he awakens long buried sentiments in the grandfather. Drama, 60 min., DVD, dir: Gaston Kabore.

Race (2016) - Historical drama based on a true story of Jesse Owens' quest to become the greatest track and field athlete in history. This goal thrusts him onto the world stage of the 1936 Olympics, where he faces off against Adolf Hitler's vision of Aryan supremacy. Biography, drama, sport, 135 min., DVD, dir: Stephen Hopkins.

Race and History in Brazil (2000 and 2001) - A two-disc series that examines Brazilian culture. Contains Denying Brazil and Aleijadinjo: Passion, Glory, and Torment. See further description under individual titles. Documentary, 100 + 92 min., DVD, dir: Geraldo Santos Pereira and Joel Zito Araujo.

Race Films: The Collectors Platinum Edition (1925-1950) - 9-disc set with 95 race films primarily from the mid-1920s through the 1940s. Only partial listing provided on packaging. Multiple genres, duration unknown, DVD, dir: multiple.

Race Is the Place (2005) - Focusing on the topic of racism in the United States, the program presents an assemblage of taped monologues, commentaries, readings, musical performances, and stills of visual artworks interspersed with documentary sequences, archival images, and dialogue exemplifying the racism found in American mass media and product packaging. From the Independent Lens series. Documentary, television, 60 min., VHS, dir: Rick Tejada-Flores and Ray Telles.

Race Movies: The Popular Art of the 1920s (1985) - The focus of this short documentary is the rise in production and popularity of all-black cast films, known as "race movies," beginning in the 1910s and continuing through the 1920s. Early black filmmakers, such as Oscar Micheaux are highlighted in the film that was written by film scholar Thomas Documentary, 20 min., VHS, dir: N/A.

Race Movies: The Popular Art of the Black Renaissance (1985) - Short film in which narrator provided the history of African American contributions to the film industry and portrayal of African Americans in film from the silent film era through the Harlem Renaissance. Includes images and clips from The Birth of a Nation, The Birth of a Race, By Right of Birth, The Homesteader, and The Scar of Shame. Includes work and contributions of Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, James Weldon Johnson, Oscar Micheaux, and Bill Foster, also known as William D. Foster, to the film industry. On Black Entertainment in Film. Documentary, 20 min., DVD, dir: undetermined.

Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad (1994) - Four slaves escape a plantation in hopes of reaching Canada. Drama, 91 min., DVD, dir: Don McBrearty.

Racial Relations (2004) - Controversial George W. Bush appointee to the U.S. Commision on Civil Rights Peter A. Kirsanow discusses race relations in Ashland, Ohio on November 18, 2004. Television, 57 min., DVD, dir: N/A.

Racist Cartoons from WWII (1930s-1940s) - A collection of "racist" and "Black stereotype" oriented cartoons of the 1930's and '40's, shown to American World War II movie goers. Animation, short, 60 min., VHS, dir: undetermined.

Radia-tors, The (1929) - Musical short featuring the all-black Utica Jubilee Singers. Musical, 10 min., 16mm, dir: Jasper Ewing Brady.

Rage in Harlem, A (1991) - When Immabelle (Robin Givens) arrives from Mississippi with a chest of stolen gold, everybody wants a part of the scam, including mobster Easy Money (Danny Glover) and street-wise con-man Goldy (Gregory Hines). All Jackson (Forest Whitaker) wants is Immabelle. However, they must all face Slim (Badja Djola), deadliest crook among them. The film is adapted from the novel by Chester Himes. Drama, 108 min., VHS, dir: Bill Duke.

Rag Tag (2006) - Two boyhood friends, Raymond and Tag, are reunited after many years and discover their feelings for one another have taken a new turn. Drama, 98 min., DVD, dir: Adaora Nwandu.

Ragtime (1981) -A young black pianist becomes embroiled in the lives of an upper-class white family set among the racial tensions, infidelity, violence, and other nostalgic events in early 1900s New York City. Drama, 155 min., DVD, dir: Milos Forman.

Rain (Nyesha) (1978) - A female typist goes from apathetic to empowered through the help of a man giving out political fliers on the street. Using John Coltrane’s song “After the Rain,” Ballenger’s narration of the film meditates on rainy days and their impact. The rain in this short film doesn’t signify defeat, but offers renewal and “a chance to recollect, a cool out” (description by Trisha Lendo). On L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema: DVD Anthology, 1971-2006. Short, 15 min., DVD, dir: Ballenger, Melvonna.

Rainbow Black: Poet Sarah W. Fabio (1975) - Rainbow Black is a portrait of Sarah Webster Fabio, a poet whose favorite working image is the kaleidoscope. Fabio is interviewed in her apartment and is shown performing musical renditions of her poetry in a studio and teaching a black poetry class at the University of Iowa. Documentary, 31 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: Cheryl Fabio.

Rainbow War (1985) - The three kingdoms of Red, Blue, and Yellow are warring in a remote part of the galaxy until they begin to see that they can co-exist in peace and harmony in this allegory on race relations. Drama, 23 min., 16mm, dir: Bob Rogers.

Rains Came, The (1988) - Droughts and how they effect animal habitats in Kenya are discussed in this short documentary. Documentary, 29 min., 16mm, dir: Simon Trevor.

Raised amongst the Maasai (undetermined) - After 19 years, French filmmaker Isabelle Roumeguere returns to the Kenya tribe with whom she spent much of her childhood after her mother, an anthropologist, married a polygamous cattle-herder. Included: changes in the Maasai culture. Documentary, biography, 60 min., VHS, dir: Isabelle Roumeguere.

Raisin in the Sun, A (1961) - This adaptation of the late Lorraine Hansberry's award-winning play treats the ambitions, dreams and frustrations of a black family living in three crowded rooms on Chicago's South Side. The squalid routine of their lives is suddenly disrupted when Lena (Claudia McNeil) receives a $10,000 check from the company that insured her late husband. Drama, 128 min., 16mm, VHS, dir: Daniel Petrie.

Raisin in the Sun, A (2008) -An African-American family struggles with poverty, racism, and inner conflict as they strive for a better way of life. Based on the play by Lorraine Hansberry. Drama, 131 min., DVD, dir: Kenny Leon.

Raising Tennis Aces: The Williams Story (2002) - A chronicle of the relationship between tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. Documentary, 54 min., DVD, dir: Terry Jervis.

Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey (2001) - Narrated by Sidney Poitier, this documentary details the extraordinary life and career of Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche, the noted politician and diplomat who became the first person of color to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Documentary, 117 min., VHS, dir: William Greaves.

Ralph Ellison : An American Journey (2001) -This documentary presents a portrait of African American author Ralph Ellison, one of the great American novelists of the twentieth century. Documentary, 87 min., DVD, dir: Avon Kirkland.

Rapture Family, The (1976) -Bill Wiggins film about a family’s dedication to producing the religious drama “In the Rapture”; accompanies his film of that drama. Documentary, 30 min., 16mm, dir: Philip Stockton.

Rastus and the Game Cock (1913) - Movie starring Ford Sterling and Mack Sennett. Comedy, 14 min., Betacam, dir: Mack Sennett.

Raw Intensity (1991) - A young woman finds out that her lover has been unfaithful. Drama, 8 min., DVD, dir: Audrea Topps Harjo.

Ray (2004) - The life story of legendary rhythm and blues singer and pianist Ray Charles is dramatized in this critically acclaimed biopic by Taylor Hackford. Jamie Foxx demonstrates the breadth of his acting ability by playing the national icon and winning the 2005 Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Drama, 152 min., DVD, dir: Taylor Hackford.

Raya (2001) - This South African short is about a woman named Raya (Rehane Abrahams) who, after her release from jail, is determined to turn over a new leaf and embark on a better life for herself. The feature is the third part of the compilation Mama Africa, the other two being Uno's World (directed by Bridget Pickering) and Raya (Zulfa Otto-Sallies). Drama, 26 min., DVD, dir: Zulfar Otto-Sallies.

Rebirth of a Nation (2007) - First released in 1915, D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation ignited worldwide controversy with its graphic depictions of racism and white supremacy in the post-Civil War South. Nearly 100 years later, Paul D. Miller also known as conceptual artist/musician/writer DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, creates a daring 'remix' of Griffith's epic to expose the film's true meaning and related it the socio-political conflicts of America today. Drama, music, 100 min., DVD, dir: DJ Spooky and D. W. Griffith.

Reception, The (2005) - The complex relationship between a wealthy French woman and her best friend a, gay black American, is thrown into turmoil when her estranged daughter comes to visit them with her new husband for the weekend in upstate New York. Through a series of drunken evenings and daytime squabbles it becomes apparent that no one involved is what they seem. Drama, 80 min., DVD, dir: John G. Young.

Recuerdos de mi barrio: Spontaneous Settlements in Cali, Columbia (1993) - Harry Van Oudenallen, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, explores the spontaneous settlements of Cali, Colombia. Documentary, 41 min., VHS, dir: John B. Gray.

Red Ball Express (1952) - During World War II, with Patton’s Third Army in desperate need of supplies, an elite military truck force was established to deliver goods to the soldiers. This racially integrated squadron must navigate minefields and Nazi resistance while overcoming personal and racial prejudices. Action, drama, war, 84 min., DVD, dir: Budd Boetticher.

Red Dust (2004) - The South African lawyer Sarah Barcant travels from New York back to her hometown to represent the member of the Parliament Alex Mpondo in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission since torturer police officer Dirk Hendricks has made an application for amnesty. The parents of Steve Sizela request Sarah to represent them also since their son that was arrested with Mpondo but has gone missing. Hendricks uses one break in the trial to threaten Mpondo, promising to destroy his political career telling that he was a traitor. But Mpondo, who is a man traumatized with the torture, anticipates and tells what has happened to Steve Sizela and him in the hands of Hendricks and his superior Piet Müller. Will the remains of Steve be found and the truth disclosed? Drama, 111 min., DVD, dir: Tom Hooper.

Red Hook Summer (2010) - Spike Lee’s sixth entry into his “chronicles of Brooklyn” series tells the story of Flik Royale, a sullen young boy from middle-class Atlanta who has come to spend the summer with his deeply religious grandfather, Bishop Enoch Rouse, in the housing projects of Red Hook. Between his grandfather’s constant preaching and the culture shock of inner-city life, Flik’s summer appears to be a total disaster—until he meets Chazz Morningstar, a pretty girl his age, who shows Flik the brighter side of Brooklyn. Drama, 121 min., DVD, dir: Spike Lee.

Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story (2003) - The film follows the life of Stan "Tookie" Williams (Jamie Foxx), founder of a street gang who, while serving time on death row in San Quentin prison, began writing books for children and teaching non-violence, which earned him Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Drama, 95 min., DVD, dir: Vondie Curtis-Hall.

Reet, Petite, and Gone (1947) - The search is on to find the girl whose measurements fit those prescribed in the will of the hero's uncle. Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five orchestra coupled with the musical talents of blacks are showcased to support the thin plot. Musical, 67 min., VHS, dir: William Forest Crouch.

Reference Sembène (2002) - Interview with Sembène Ousmane and his impact on African cinema and cultural policies by a film director from Burkina Faso. From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Documentary, 50 min., DVD, dir: Yacouba Traore.

Relative Stranger (2009) - Six years after abandoning his family, former football star Walter Clemons returns home for the reading of his late father's will. That means braving an emotional standoff with the family he deserted, including his wife and children, his brother, and his mother. Drama, 88 min., DVD, dir: Charles Burnett.

Rembetika: The Blues of Greece (1977) - Anthony Quinn narrates this film that explores rembetika, the music of Turkish refugees in Greece, through performances, archival stills and film footage. Documentary, 50 min., 16mm, dir: Phillipe de Montignie.

Remember Mandela (1980) - The history of Nelson Mandela, imprisoned in South Africa since 1962, is outlined in this short documentary through interviews, photographs, and film. Documentary, 31 min., 16mm, dir: Peter Davis.

Remembering Thelma (1982) - Kathe Sandler uses photographs, rare film footage, and interviews as a tribute to the late Thelma Hill, an influential dancer and instructor. Documentary, 15 min., VHS, dir: Kathe Sandler.

Renaissance Village (2008) -Acclaimed New Orleans native Wendell Pierce (Ray, The Wire) narrates this gritty look at the delicate relationship between government and citizen in the wake of disaster. Filmed on location in the small city of Baker, Louisiana, Renaissance Village follows the personal struggles of five characters to reclaim their lives after living nearly three years in a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailer park. Documentary, 85 min., DVD, dir: Gabe Chasnoff.

Rencontre des chasseurs de l'ouest Africain (2001) - Confrence on traditional hunting in West Africa hosted in Bamako, Mali. Event, 65 min., VHS, dir: N/A.

Rent a Rasta (2006) -When white women flock to Jamaica for a little fun in the sun, the R&R they're often looking for is not "Rest and Relaxation" but to "Rent a Rasta" . This eye-opening expose' sheds light on a barely acknowledged form of sex tourism, namely, white women who visit the Caribbean Islands to get their groove back with the help of black locals. This documentary claims that, each year, as many as 80,000 females from a variety of relatively-wealthy Western nations descend on Jamaica alone. Documentary, 45 min., DVD, dir: J. Michael Seyfert.

ReProgram: Episodes 1-10 (2008) - The Cosby Show + Good Times + The BPP = A collection of works uniting characters from "The Cosby Show" and "Good Times" (both icons of economic extremes within the black community) with members of the Black Panther Party. Television series, experimental, duration undetermined, DVD, dir: Shani Peters.

Respect (2005) - Documentary, 10 min., VHS, dir: undetermined.

Respectable Trade, A (1998) - Opens in 1788 England, where penniless blueblood Frances Scott enters into a loveless marriage with middle-aged slave trader Josiah Cole. But it isn't long before Frances finds herself attracted to an African slave named Mehuru. Rising abolitionism and shifting financial matters increase tensions in the Cole household, widening the gap between Frances and Josiah, and driving her into the arms of the slave Mehuru. Television, drama, 240 min., VHS, dir: Suri Krishnamma.

Respectful Prostitute, The [aka La putain respectueuse] (1952) - Barbara Laage is the prostitute who is first molested by the worthless, liquor sodden nephew of a Southern senator. Then he, along with his son and others, tries to force her to testify that this same nephew who has killed a black man (Walter Bryant) did so to protect her from rape. She does not however succumb to their coercive tactics. The lynching of an innocent black man has an effect on her decision. Video released in the United States in 1988. Drama, 75 min., VHS, dir: Charles and Marcello Pagliero.

Resting Place (1986) -The mysterious death of an army officer comes under investigation by Major Kendall Laird as the young soldier's parents seek an honorable burial place, out of respect for their son. The parents are assisted by their neighbor, Mrs. McAlister, in their patriotic and racially divided community. Drama, 100 min., DVD, dir: John Korty.

Restless City (2011) - Tells the story of an African immigrant surviving on the fringes of New York City where music is his passion, life is a hustle and falling in love is his greatest risk. Drama, 80 min., DVD, dir: Andrew Waheed Dosunmu.

Retour d'un aventurier, Le (Original French version) (1967) - Back from the US to his village in Niger, a man brings western outfits to his close friends, who immediately identify with cowboys. A bloody western begins in the savannah. On Moustapha Alassane: 4 Films. Western, short, 39 min., DVD, dir: Moustapha Alassane.

Retrospective: Lincoln Academy - 1948 to 1950 (2006) - Documentary and testimonials by former students of a black boarding school in North Carolina that was also attended by actor Ivan Dixon. Documentary, 51 min., DVD, dir: Nomathande D. Dixon.

Return of Superfly, The (1990) - The original Mack Daddy is back and he's still takin' no guff from no suckahs! This pumping action/thriller sports a platinum-selling soundtrack featuring Ice-T, major rappers, plus the cool soul sounds of Curtis Mayfield. Action, crime, drama, 95 min., VHS, dir: Sig Shore.

Rêve algérien, Un (2003) - Follows the life of French-Algerian journalist Henri Alleg, who was the director of the Alger républicain and a member of the French Communist Party. Documentary, 160 min., DVD, dir: Jean-Pierre Lledo.

Revue des revues, La (1927) - Hélène Hallier plays the aspiring chorus girl who becomes the toast of Paris in the Cinderella story at the heart of this movie, but it's Josephine Baker who steals the show in two numbers featuring the electrifying Charleston shimmy for which she became famous. The Tiller's Follies Girls, Ruth Zackey and the Hoffmann Girls, and Lila Nicolska are among the other scantily clad lovelies who appear in the film's lavish production numbers. Musical, 103 min., DVD, dir: Joe Francys.

Rhythm & Blues 1 (1982) - Host Billy Eckstine provides insight into the origin of Rhythm and Blues while top performing artists perform a variety of rhythm and blues songs in volume five of the America's Music series. Music performance, 57 min., VHS, dir: Kip Walton.

Rhythm & Blues 2 (1982) - The sixth volume of the America's Music series presents live performances by original performers of rhythm and blues. Included in the program are Brooke Benton, Scatman Crothers, Mary Wells, O.C. Smith, and Sam Moore. Host Brock Peters provides a black & white clip of Sam Gilliard playing with Scatman Crothers on drums. Music performance, 58 min., VHS, dir: Kip Walton.

Rhythm & Blues Revue (1955) - Filmed on stage at Harlem theatres, this variety musical was produced for all black audiences. Music performance, 86 min., VHS, dir: Joseph Kohn.

Rhythm of Resistance [aka Beats of the Heart] (1979) - This film crosses boundaries of apartheid to experience Black South African music. Music performances by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Malombo, Johnny Clegg, siph Mchunuof Juluka, The Mahotella Queens, Abafana Bas. Includes footage of rural and urban South Africa and interviews with artists musicians. Documentary, 60 min., DVD, dir: Chris and Jeremy Marre.

Rich (1982) - Richard "Rich" (S. Torriano Berry), a black youth about to graduate from high school, sets his sights on college against the initial objection from his mother (Susann Akers) that he settle down and take a job at the local plant. Student film while filmmaker Berry attended UCLA. DVD version on L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema: DVD Anthology, 1971-2006. Drama, 20 min., 16mm, VHS, DVD, dir: S. Torriano Berry.

Richard Hunt: Sculptor (1978) - This documentary "junkyard" sculpure artist, Richard Hunt. Documentary, 14 min., 16mm, dir: Bert Van Bork.

Richard Pryor Show TV Special, The (1977) - Television, comedy, 98 min., DVD, dir: John Moffitt.

Richard Pryor Show, Vol. 1, The (1977) - Television series, comedy, 98 min., DVD, dir: John Moffitt.

Richard Pryor Show, Vol. 2, The (1977) - Television series, comedy, 49 min., DVD, dir: John Moffitt.

Richard Pryor: Here and Now (1983) - Richard Pryor muses on drugs, sex and politics in this performance shot in New Orleans's Saenger Theatre. Comedy, 83 min., VHS, dir: Richard Pryor.

Richard Pryor: Live & Smokin' (1971) - Richard Pryor's performance at the New York Improv on April 29th, 1971 that includes the famous "Wino Preacher & Willie the Junkie" routine as well as material on sex, drugs, and race relations. Comedy, 48 min., VHS, dir: Michael Blum.

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (1979) - This Richard Pryor one-man show, with all his infamous routines, was filmed at the Hollywood Palladium. Comedy, 78 min., VHS, dir: Jeff Margolis.

Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip (1982) - Richard Pryor talks about his trip to Africa, one-night acts in Mafia-owned clubs and his near-fatal burning accident. Comedy, 82 min., VHS, dir: Joe Layton.

Richard Wright - Black Boy (1994) -The film focuses on the life, work and legacy of Mississippi-born writer, Richard Wright. Documentary, 86 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Madison D. Lacy.

Richard's Answer (1947) - Stepin Fetchit stars in this short musical performance with Karl Bostic and his orchestra. Musical, 10 min., 16mm, DVD-R, dir: William Forest Crouch.

Riches (2001) -Set during the onslaught of apartheid in 1966, Riches follows the physical and emotional journey of a young coloured teacher Mollie McBride and her son, Peter, from urban South Africa to a remote corner of Botswana. Drama, 27 min., DVD, dir: Ingrid Sinclair.

Ride Along (2014) - Security guard Ben (Kevin Hart) must prove himself to his girlfriend's brother, decorated detective James (Ice Cube). He rides along James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta. Co-starring John Leguizamo and Laurence Fishburne. Features include director’s commentary, a behind-the-scenes look on set, and a featurette about Atlanta “the character.” Comedy, 99 min., Blu-Ray, DVD, dir: Tim Story.

Rifle Road (2005) - The dangers of owning a gun are explored in this dramatic short film by South African filmmaker Akin Omotoso. Drama, 11 min., DVD, dir: Akin Omotoso.

Right On / Be Free! (1970) - Opening with a compelling recitation of LeRoi Jones' "S.O.S.," Right On/Be Free! progressively moves through depictions and interviews that symbolize the creativity of African American fine arts. David Bradford's artistic work with painted images of Black Men and women radiate with power, beauty, and confidence. William Marshall's recitation of a poem whose images of asphalt-covered playgrounds and blue skies blocked by towering skyscrapers relays the message that indeed, "These are not poetic times." Willie Ruff (Bass Player) and Dwike Mitchell (Pianist) play for a classroom of rythmic elementary students who are enthralled with Ruff's music. Rozzell and Roderick Sykes head St. Elmo's Village, an artistic Day-Care Type Center where 180 children from ages 2-14 participate. Judith Jamison gives an enigmatic dance performance that encapsulates the beauty, grace, and power of not only being Afro-American, but also being woman. Documentary, 19 min., 16mm, dir: Sarbon Tamimi.

Righteous Man, A: Nelson Mandela and the Jews of South Africa (2000) - Nelson Mandela's relationship with Jewish South Africans is the subject of this documentary, from early in his career when he worked for a Jewish law firm to the opening of the Jewish Museum in Johannesburg in 2000. Documentary, 20 min., VHS, dir: Ingrid Gavshon.

Ring of Passion (1978) - This film chronicles the lives of boxers Joe Louis (Bernie Casey) and Max Schmeling (Stephen Macht) through extensive crosscutting and archival Movietone newsreel footage (including 1936 Olympics with Jesse Owens). After Louis' intial defeat in 1936 by Schmeling, Louis goes on to become world champion in 1937, only to defend his title in a rematch with Schmeling in 1938. Louis was inducted into the army after this fight and still successfully maintained his title through twenty-five more bouts -- a record never broken. Louis' trainer is "Chappy" Jack Blackburn (Julius Harris); Denise Nicholas is cast as Louis' wife; Lly Brook (Beah Richards) is Louis' mother. John Roxborough (Percy Rodrigues) is the man who "discovered" Joe Louis. Julian Black (Mel Stewart) is Roxborough's Associate. Louis' practice fighter during training is Honey Bear (Shaka Cumbaka). Wonderful Smith has a minor role as Louis' family minister. Drama 98 min., 16mm, dir: Robert Michael Lewis.

Riot (1969) - A riot staged by convicts (Jim Brown, Gene Hackman, Mike Kellin) to cover their escape spirals out of control. Crime, drama, thriller, 96 min., Blu-Ray, dir: Buzz Kulik.

Riot (1997, DVD release 2005) - A film that features four different families residing in the Los Angeles area. Each family has a different story. When the news comes out that the Rodney King verdict has been reached, the four stories become intertwined. Drama, 96 min., DVD, dir: Richard Dilello.

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, The (2002) - Four-part series. Documentary, 224 min., DVD, dir: Bill Jersey and Richard Wormser.

Rites (1991) - Rites is a documentary that looks at the practice of female circumcision and other forms of female genital mutilation, in an effort to bring awareness to the cause and put an end to these traditions. Documentary, 52 min., VHS, dir: Penny Dedman.

River Niger, The (1976) - The River Niger is a realistic yet poetic portrayal of survival in the ghetto of Watts, Los Angeles. Adaptation based on the play by Joseph A. Walker. Drama, 108 min., DVD, dir: Krishna Shah.

River, The (1939) - This documentary traces the history of the Mississippi River and its tributaries and shows the destruction of forests that has led to erosion and the loss of soil, floods, and the loss of lives and property. Documentary, 31 min., 16mm, dir: Pare Lorentz.

Road to Brown, The (1996) -The Road to Brown is the story of a particular aspect of the civil rights movement that sheds some light on the human side of the struggle. It examines the brilliant legal campaign waged by a little-known black lawyer, Charles Houston, against segregation. Houston's experiences as an officer in the American Expeditionary Force in World War I convinced him that planned affirmative action for blacks was long overdue. Houston came to the conclusion that only a systematic attack on the legal basis of segregated education would undermine the Jim Crow laws. Documentary, 56 min., DVD, dir: William Elwood and Mykola Kulish.

Road Home, The (1930) - A group of black soldiers in the trenches of the first World War, played by Forbes Randolph's Kentucky Jubilee Singers, sing to pass the time before they have to go "over the top." When they eventually do go and fight, one of their comrades doesn't make it back and they mourn his loss. Musical, 18 min., 16mm, dir: Forbes Randolph.

Roar of the Crowd (1953) - The film documents the many boxing fights of Joe Louis, nicknamed the "Brown Bomber" among other alias. Drama, 71 min., VHS, U-Matic, dir: Richard E. Norman.

Roads to Memphis (2010) -On April 4, 1968, escaped convict James Earl Ray shot and killed Dr. Martin Luther King. This is the fateful narrative of the killer and his prey, set against the seething, turbulent forces in American society at that time. Documentary, 90 min., DVD, dir: Stephen Ives.

Robert Colescott: The One-Two Punch (1998) - Robert Colescott creates paintings of racial and gender stereotypes and adds humor, irony, and sarcasm to them. Documentary, 28 min., VHS, dir: David Irving.

Robert Mugabe: Macht um jeden Preis (Robert Mugabe: What Happened?) (2011) - Documentary looking at Magube’s rise and fall to power in Zimbabwe as its first president after independence. It weaves his biography with the historical context of former Rhodesia, particularly during the Cold War, and his military actions against the Ndebele people in Matabeleland. Drama, 85 min., DVD, dir: Simon Bright.

Rockers (1978) - Horsemouth sets himself up in business selling records but when gangsters steal his bike things start to turn nasty. As tensions build, Horsemouth and friends plot to end the gangsters reign of terror and restore justice to the people of Kingston. Comedy, 100 min., DVD, dir: Ted Bafaloukos.

Roll Bounce (Widescreen edition) (2005) - 1970s roller-skate jams fuel this coming-of-age comedy, as X and his friends, who rule their local rink, are shocked when their home base goes out of business. Heading over to the Sweetwater Roller Rink, they find their modest talents are, at first, no competition for their trick skaters and pretty girls who follow their every move. Comedy, drama, music, 111 min., DVD, dir: Malcolm D. Lee.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (1978) - In Mississippi, during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Logans are one of the few Black families who own their land. Nine year old Cassie Logan doesn't understand why her parents attach as much importance to this, any more than she understands the Night Riders who terrorize her people. Drama, 110 min., VHS, dir: Jack Smight.

Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017) - Roman J. Israel (Denzel Washington) is a driven-idealistic defense attorney working in Los Angeles’s overburdened court system. After his life is upended, he is recruited to join a firm led by an ambitious lawyer, where he befriends a young champion for equal rights. A turbulent series of events ensues, which challenges the activism that has defined Roman’s career. Crime, drama, 122 min., DVD, dir: Dan Gilroy.

Romeo and Juliet in Harlem (2015) - The first Shakespeare feature film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with a complete cast of color that stays true to the language and storyline. Drama, romance, 115 min., DVD, dir: Aleta Chappelle.

Romuald & Juliette (Mama, There's a Man in Your Bed) (1989) - A company president gets framed with a food-poisoning scandal and the only person who can help him is the evening cleaning-woman (Firmine Richard), who always seems to be at the right place at the right time. Comedy, romance, 107 min., DVD, dir: Coline Serreau.

Roots of Resistence: A Story of the Underground Railroad (1989) - The story of Black America's secret railroad to freedom is recounted through narratives of escaped black slaves. Documentary, 58 min., VHS, dir: Orlando Bagwell.

Roots (1977) - The serialized television extravaganza adapted from Haley's book of "faction" as he calls it; tracing the family's history from Mandika antecedents in the Gambia of the 1750s through the abduction and enslavement of his forbear Kunta Kinte (LaVar Burton; later played by John Amos as an adult), down to his parents' generation demonstrating their heroic survival in America. The first episode provides an introduction to Kunta and his family and their realization of the white man's presence. Drama, 573 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: Martin Chomsky, et al.

  • Episode 1. The African - This first episode provides an introduction to Kunta and his family and their realization of the white man's presence. 47 min., dir: David Greene.
  • Episode 2. The African - In the second episode, Kunte (LeVar Burton) is captured by the slave traders and embarks on the middle passage. 50 min., dir: David Greene.
  • Episode 3. The Slave - The third episode relates Kunta's (LeVar Burton) trip on the middle passage and the slave ship's arrival in Maryland. Kunta is sold at auction to a Virginian and meets Fiddler (Lou Gossett, Jr.) who begins to teach him English. 53 min., dir: David Greene.
  • Episode 4. The Slave - By the fouth episode, Kunta (LeVar Burton) has learned some English. He escapes from the plantation but is eventually caught by Ames (Vic Morrow) and is publicly whipped until he accepts his new English name: Toby Reynolds. 48 min., dir: John Erman.
  • Episode 5. The Escape - In the fifth episode, Kunta (John Amos) is planning to escape again. He is caught while trying to convince Fanta (Beverly Todd) to runaway with him and has his toes cut off by his masters as punishment. 48 min., dir: Marvin J. Chomsky.
  • Episode 6. The Choice - In the sixth episode, Kunta (John Amos) marries Bell (Madge Sinclair) and they have a baby girl and name her Kizzy; Fiddler (Louis Gossett, Jr.) dies. 49 min., dir: Marvin J. Chomsky.
  • Episode 7. Uprooted - Kizzy (Leslie Uggams), now 16 years old, is accused of helping a young slave escape from the plantation in this seventh episode. As a result of this, she is sold to a new master and separated from her parents. 48 min., dir: Marvin J. Chomsky.
  • Episode 8. Chicken George - The eighth episode finds Kizzy (Leslie Uggams) being courted by Samuel (Richard Roundtree), the driver for a neighboring plantation owner, who asks her to marry him. They go to the plantation she grew up on and find that her father has died and her mother was sold away. Olivia Cole won an Emmy for "Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama Series" as Mathilda in this installment. 48 min., dir: Marvin J. Chomsky.
  • Episode 9. Chicken George - In the ninth episode, Kizzy (Leslie Uggams) and George's (Ben Vereen) masters become worried about their slaves rebelling against them. George gets a proposition to work for an Englishman and get set free in five years but his master won't allow it. He begins to plot to kill his master until Kizzy tells him that he is George's father. 48 min., dir: Gilbert Moses.
  • Episode 10. The War - In episode ten, "Chicken" George (Ben Vereen) returns to Tom Moore's (Chuck Connors) plantation as a free man although he soon leaves. Tom Harvey (Georg Stanford Brown) murders 52 min., dir: Gilbert Moses.
  • Episode 11. Freedom - The Civil War ends in the eleventh episode and the former slaves face a struggle to survive on their own, with most taking up sharecropping. Racial tensions are aggravated further under the new social structure and the KKK is born. 53 min., dir: Gilbert Moses.
  • Episode 12. Freedom - In the final episode, the KKK come to Tom's (Georg Stanford Brown) house and he stands up to them and gets whipped. George (Brad Davis) saves him by claiming that only he can whip "his niggers." 'Chicken' George returns to convince them to move to Tennessee. 44 min., dir: Gilbert Moses.

Roots (2016) - Updated version of the 1977 television miniseries based on Alex Haley’s Roots, chronicling the history of an African slave sold to America and the life of his descendants. Drama, history, 389 min., Blu-Ray, dir: Bruce Beresford, Thomas Carter, Phillip Noyce, and Mario Van Peebles.

Rope of Sand (1949) -A man abused by a sadistic mining company cop before he could tell where on their desert property he'd found diamonds decides to steal them instead. Drama, 104 min., DVD, dir: William Dieterle.

Rosa Parks Story, The (2002) - Angela Basset stars as Rosa Parks in this detailed biography that takes a look into the life of the pioneering civil rights activist. This movie ventures into Parks' childhood, as well as the years leading up to and after her heroic event that sparked the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement in the mid 1950s. This movie also stars Cicely Tyson and Dexter Scott King. Drama, 97 min., DVD, dir: Julie Dash.

Rosewood (1997) - The film is based on true events surrounding the prosperous black community of Rosewood, Florida in 1923, in which a white woman falsely accuses a black man of rape. Ving Rhames plays Mr. Mann, Esther Rolle plays Aunt Sarah, Don Cheadle plays Sylvester, Elise Neal plays Scrappie, and Akosue Busia plays Jewel. Drama, 142 min., VHS, dir: John Singleton.

Rostov-Luanda (1998) - Documentary on recent African history. Documentary, 58 min., VHS, dir: Abderrahmane Sissako.

Rouch in Reverse (1995) - Director Manthia Diawara created a documentary that analyzes the work of Jean Rouch and critiques Western visual anthropology. Documentary, 51 min., VHS, dir: Manthia Diawara.

'Round Midnight (1986) - The film follows the last days of sax great Dale Turner (Dexter Gordon) in Paris and New York. Herbie Hancock plays Eddie Wayne whose group Turner joins in Paris; Lonette McKee is singer Darcey Leigh, a lover from Turner's past; Sandra Reaves-Phillips plays Buttercup, a singer in Paris who looks out for Turner before that job is assumed by Francois (Francois Cluzet). Victoria Gabriella Platt plays Turner's daughter, Chan; Bobby Hutcherson, Ace; Arthur French, a drug dealer. Drama, 132 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Bertrand Tavernier.

Round Trip (2003) - A divorced Israeli woman hires a single African woman as a nanny, and soon the two women form a passionate friendship that leads to a romantic relationship. Drama, 95 min., DVD, dir: Shahar Rozen.

Royal Kidnap, Part 1 & 2 (2009) - Nigerian Nollywood movie. Drama, 168 min., DVD, dir: Ugezu Ugezu.

Royaume de Zabota, Le (2012) - Burkinabe film set in the realm of Zabota, where the king's daughter and heiress have both fallen in love with Greg, a handsome young musician who lives for his art. Part of the FESPACO Collection (COL 13). Comedy, duration unknown, DVD-R, dir: Ibrahim Olukunga.

Ruby Bridges (1998) - This made-for-television drama highlights the challenges faced by Ruby, a six-year-old black child. Based on real events, Ruby is the first person of African descent to attend a white school in the segregated south. She must demonstrate courage to deal with these overwhelming circumstances. Drama, 90 min., DVD, dir: Euzhan Palcy.

Ruby's Legacy (n.d.) - Children, 23 min., DVD, dir: Shandra McDonald.

Rude (1982) - Rudy Ray Moore performs his rap-style stand-up comedy that earned him the title "The Godfather of Rap" in front of a live audience in Los Angeles. Comedy, 70 min., VHS, dir: Cliff Roquemore.

Rufus Jones for President (1933) - Burlesque on politics. A very young Sammy Davis, Jr. appears. Comedy, 16 min., 16mm, dir: Roy Mack.

Rug Maker: A Folktale of Africa (1970) - Based on the book When the Stones Were Soft, by Eleanor Heady, this animated short tells the East African folktale that shows that everyone benefits from knowing a trade. Drama, 9 min., 16mm, dir: Stephen Clark.

Runaway (1989) - Sgt. Jack Ramsey (Tom Selleck) a policeman raising his kid with the help of a robot maid, must terminate a group of killer robots programmed by evil genius Luther (Gene Simmons). Stan Shaw plays Marvin. Drama, 58 min., VHS, dir: Gilbert Moses.

Rush Hour (1998) - Comedian Chris Tucker and martial arts expert Jackie Chan co-star in this slick blockbuster comedy/action film that also spawned a successful sequel. Tucker as LAPD detective James Carter and Chan as Hong Kong Inspector Lee join forces to save the kidnapped daughter of a Chinese Government official. Directed by Brett Rattner, film critics note that Rush Hour re-energized the buddy film format. Action, 98 min., VHS, dir: Brett Ratner.


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