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Yaaba (La Grand-mere = Die Grossmutter) (1989) - An elderly woman, Sana, is isolated from her small African village, for suspicions of being a witch. 10-year-old Bila does not believe she is a witch, and the two form a close relationship, Bila even refers to her as his grandmother. Even when Sana cures Bila’s cousin after he falls deathly ill, the town continues to unwelcome her. Drama, family , 90 + 30 min., VHS, DVD, dir: Idrissa Ouedraogo.

Yacoubian Building, The (2006) - The Yacoubian building was a luxury apartment built in the 1930s. Years later it still holds much of its charm, but some parts of the building are becoming run down. The building’s residents consists of a variety of people who have different relationships among one another which are interwoven. Drama, 165 min., DVD, dir: Marwan Hamed.

Yam Daabo (Le Choix) (1986) - Poverty and misery are rife in Gourga, a village in the Sahel. The inhabitants must choose: stay and await international assistance or leave for more fertile regions in the country. Drama, 75 min., DVD, dir: Idrissa Ouedraogo.

Yari Yari Pamberi (preview) (2007) - This documentary explores globalization on several levels, including the impact of dislocation and population movements on the creative process; creative freedom and censorship since September 11, 2001; and the impact of new technologies on literature, publishing, and distribution. It documents selected scenes from panels, readings, and performances during the 2004 Yari Yari Pamberi Conference and features renowned writers Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Maryse Conde, Nawal El Saadawi, Aminata Traore, Ama Ata Aidoo, Edwidge Danticat, Gloria Naylor, Sohna Benga, Latasha N Nevada Diggs, and others. Documentary, 75 min., DVD, dir: Manthia Diawara.

Yeelen (Brightness) (1987) - Set in the Mali Empire in the 13th century, a young warrior named Niankoro (Issiaka Kane) must go on a journey to face an evil sorcerer, his father. This critically acclaimed film is an adaptation of an ancient Malian oral legend. Drama, 105 min., DVD, dir: Souleymane Cissé.

Yela, the Melodies of the Memories (2008) - Yela is a preferred mode of exaltation of social group’s values, archiving deeds and legitimization of power. After providing rhythm to the vigils of the armed heroes of the past centuries, it incorporates today the family ceremonies and also serves as breeding ground for modern singers. By following the path of adapters and custodians of these masterpieces of African heritage, the film reviews the framework of the production and renewal of an art through which can be read the configuration and trajectory of the Fulani community of West Africa. Documentary, 52 min., DVD, dir: Ibrahima Wane and Fatimata Ly Fall.

Yelling to the Sky (2012) - The O’Haras are a family residing in Queens, New York. The family has had ongoing drama for years. When Sweetness O’Hara turns seventeen, however, the family falls apart and she has to learn how to survive on her own. Drama, 94 min., Blu-Ray, dir: Victoria Mahoney.

Yes, You Can Say No (1985) - This dramatic film produced by the Seattle Institute for Child Advocacy displays children modeling protective, assertive behavior in believable safety situations, including sexual assault. Drama, 18 min., 16mm, dir: Kevin Costello.

Yesterday (2004) - Yesterday (Leleti Khumalo) finds out that she is HIV positive and is faced with taking care of her young daughter and a husband in denial of the reality of her disease. Khumalo won the Special Jury Award at the Cape Town World Cinema Festival for her performance. Drama, 96 min., DVD, dir: Darrell James Roodt.

Yinka Shonibare (2004) - Interview, 26 min., DVD, dir: n/a.

Yoni (1997) - This 20-minute video pastiche uses provocative scenes, erotic pieces and tableaux vivant to delve into the issues of women’s power and desire. Reflecting the gamut of expression - from traditional, deliberate painting to frenetic, MTV-style pacing - Yoni examines the feminine representation as well as the ideas that both divide and unite women. Drama, 17 min., VHS, dir: Jyoti Mistry.

Yoruba Divination and Sacrifice (n.d.) - This short film includes documentary footage of Yoruba divination and sacrifice rituals, including live sacrifice. Documentary, 13 min., 16mm, dir: Raymond Prince.

You Always Hurt the One You Love (1944) - Short from Sepian Stars on Parade: A Musical Revue. Musical Performance, 3 min., 16mm, dir: n/a.

You Got to Move (1985) - Follows people from communities in the Southern United States in the processes of becoming involved in social change. The film's centerpiece is the Highlander Folk School, a 50-year-old center for education and social action that was somehow involved in each of the lives chronicled. The film shows footage of peaceful, yet somber protests, tells the tales of educators who sought to teach reading and writing skills so that blacks could pass voting requirements in the 1950s and 60s, and reveals the change in lifestyle that Highlander brought to some people who felt that they could contribute nothing to the communities they cared about without a formal education. Documentary, 85 min., DVD, dir: Lucy Massie Phenix & Veronica Selver.

You Have Struck a Rock! (1981) - The documentary, You Have Struck a Rock describes the history of non-violent resistance by black South African women with regard to their use of reference books or passes issued by the South African apartheid government. Documentary, 28 min., DVD, dir: Deborah May.

Youcef (1994) - Set during the Algerian conflicts of the 1990s and based on a myth in which seven men, persecuted for their religion, fall asleep in a cave and awake 372 years later to find the world changed for the better. In this version, the protagonist awakens to find himself in an alien world where corruption reigns and the anticolonial struggles have given rise to a regime no better than that of the French. From the Josef Gugler African and Middle Eastern Film Collection (COL 12). Drama, 105 min., DVD, dir: Mohamed Chouikh.

Young Soul Rebels (1991) - Set during the disco days in East London, young black gay men are being murdered in a local park, while two young D.J.'s try to break into mainstream radio with 1970's Soul. Based on Julien's "Diary of a Young Soul Rebel." Drama, 105 min., DVD, dir: Isaac Julien.

Your Children Come Back To You (1979) - Alile Sharon Larkin's film centers around a young girl, Tovi, who is pressured by her Aunt Chris to accept a European lifestyle. Tovi instead chooses her mother and her African heritage. On L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema: DVD Anthology, 1971-2006. Drama, 27 min., 16mm, DVD, dir: Alile Sharon Larkin.

Yusef Komunyakaa (1997) - Pulitzer Prize-winner Yusef Komenyakaa is the author of eight published collections of poetry. He evokes themes from his childhood in Louisiana, his service in Viet Nam, and converses with author Toi Derricotte. Documentary, 60 min., VHS, dir: Dan Griggs.

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