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Ballantine Hall Safety Committee

We are a committee of staff volunteers who work in Ballantine Hall. Our main purpose is to help evacuate the building during certain emergency situations. In the case of tornado warnings, we alert people to the warning and help move people to designated safe areas. In the event of a fire alarm, we help evacuate the building and clear the entrances to be used by the Fire Department. Many of us have received CPR/AED, First Aid, and fire extinguisher training. In addition, we have facilitated the purchase of an AED unit for Ballantine Hall. The unit is located in Ballantine 121. We have also purchased bullhorns and radios for some safety officers to use during emergency situations.

If you teach in Ballantine Hall, please read this important information: Instructor Memo

AED located in BH121
Tornado Shelter Areas
call 855-8383

BH011, BH109, BH310,

and in hallways with doors closed

BH120, BH129, BH547, BH643,

BH742, BH744, BH913A

BH Fire Alarm Policy:
In the event of a fire alarm, building occupants must evacuate. No one can re-enter the building until the Fire Department has given the "All Clear." Safety Officers will help the Fire Department relay the "All Clear."

BH Tornado Siren Policy:
In the event of a tornado siren, building occupants must move into hallways or shelter areas (BH011, BH109, BH310). There is no "All Clear" signal; when the siren goes silent, it does not mean the threat is over. Building occupants should remain in shelter areas until the tornado warning has expired or has been canceled. Safety Officers will help relay this information.

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