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Volunteer Events and Opportunities

The biology club has been involved in different volunteer activities as a club and will plan to offer many during the year that we, as a club, could do or for individual members. If you are interested in participating in already existing volunteer opportunities that theclub is involved in, please contact us. Also contact us if you have any volunteer opportunities you think the club should be involved in.

-Exotic Feline Rescue Center-
The mission of the EFRC is to provide permanent homes for exotic felines that have been abused, abandoned, or for some reason have nowhere to live out their lives. They are a nonprofit corporation that gives big cats a home for life, provides them with veterinary care, stable social groups, and enhanced environments. Morgan, a alumnus who used to be an officer introduced us to this amazing place a few years ago, and we have been taking a group of biology club members there for a tour and volunteer work once each semester.

-Indianapolis Zoo & Gardens-
The Indianapolis Zoo Volunteer Program offers individuals a truly unique opportunity to become involved in the conservation, recreation, and education efforts of the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens. Through local participation, Volunteers assist the Indianapolis Zoo in making a global impact for conservation. Without the generous contributions of time, effort and experience from Volunteers, the Zoo would not be able to function as efficiently. The use of Volunteers has become an essential element in many areas of the Zoo and Gardens, so there are many opportunities available.

WonderLab is a children's museum located right here in Bloomington. They are always looking for more volunteers to help out with children and their parents. If you're interested in volunteering, check ou the links page to go to their website.

-Wild Care-
Wild Care is a wild animal rehabilitation place located in Bloomington. They take in animals of all shapes in sizes that have suffered from a vareity of injuries and traumatic incidents. They love to have volunteers come to help out. They also accept applications for internships.