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Department of Biology

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Editing Your Information

If you already appear in the directory, you may modify your entry by logging into our editing interface using your IU username and password.  Please note that edits you submit by clicking "save" will not appear on the live website until they've been published by the administrator.

If you need to be added into the database, please send your name, status, affiliation and other relevant details to the Biology Webmaster.

Once in the system, there a few guidelines to understand:

  • Faculty should have access to 4 separate tabs located near the top of the editing interface.  [There is a known incompatibility with Explorer 7, which will only display 1 tab.  Please upgrade to a later version of Explorer or use Firefox to avoid this problem.]
    screen shot of 4 faculty tabs
  • Faculty must select (up to 3) research strengths in order to appear in the relevant faculty research strengths lists.
    screen shot of faculty stregnths
  • Faculty have the choice to include a link after their publications list that points visitors to "View more publications."  By default, this link has been set to point to a PubMed search of a given faculty member's last name and two initials.  You may change this on the "More..." tab by entering a url with a different PubMed search term, a url for your publications list on your own lab website, or removing all data from the field to prevent the link from appearing on your research page.
    more publications url field
  • By default, faculty names in the directories are hot-linked to their profile page, and other names are not hot-linked.  Graduate students, RAs, and postdocs who wish to have their name hot-linked to an appropriate research page (such as an advisor's lab page) should send the url to the Biology Webmaster.
  • To paste text from a Word file, select the icon showing a T on a clipboard, and then paste your text into the window that pops up.  If you really wish to retain font information for some reason, you may use the "paste from Word" icon showing a W on a clipboard, but this is not recommended.  You may also type directly into the text field, using the tool buttons along the top to bold, italicize, etc.
    screen shot of editing icons
  • Image dimensions are limited; you will receive an error if you try to upload an image larger than the size indicated.  Please save images for the web as .jpg or .gif files, with a resolution of 72 dpi.
    screen shot of 4 faculty tabs
  • Do not "break" your email address with spaces or by spelling out the @ symbol.  The entire site has protection against email address harvesting, so there is no need to shield your email address in your entry.

Please direct problems and questions to the Biology Webmaster.

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