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Department of Biology

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Compost happens....

The department has purchased a composter, located outside on the east side of the Jordan Hall Greenhouse, which is now open for non-animal food waste contributions.

Currently, you are welcome to take your banana peels, apple cores, coffee grounds, and other leftover food items* and deposit them directly into the composter.  In the very near future, we'll be making an announcement of drop-off locations in Jordan, Myers and Simon Halls for your convenience. 
* Please note we can NOT accept any meat, dairy products or other potential bio-hazardous items.  If you have any questions regarding what is OK, here's a website to check out:

Keep in mind this is a new project and we're still familiarizing ourselves with the operation details, but with a little cooperation and guidance from those of you in-the-know about composting, this should be a beneficial asset to the entire department and an example for other departments who are wanting to follow our lead (through the campus Green Team). 

Compost is available for your use free of charge on a first come, first serve basis. Only take what you need so more people can benefit. Be sure to follow instructions posted on the composter such as adding "brown" (basically dried leaves, shredded newspaper, etc.) and using one side at a time (also indicated).

More announcements about compost drop-off locations and other important information will be forthcoming in the near future.

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