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Prairie in the Planters

Originally installed in 2002 with funding from a Campus Ecology Grant from the National Wildlife Federation, the Prairie in the Planters project used green landscaping principles in converting a set of formally-landscaped planters around the atrium entrance to Jordan Hall into lush plantings of native prairie plants. Green landscaping integrates aesthetics and ecological integrity by using native plants, organic fertilizers, and natural pest control. The vegetation at this site features prairie and woodland plants native to Indiana, celebrating our natural heritage.

Graduate student Jennifer Hanink from the School of Public and Environmental affairs worked with Associate Professor of Biology Heather Reynolds and other members of IU's Council for Environmental Stewardship to obtain the original NWF grant. Additional funding and resources for the project have been provided by the Department of Biology, the Biology Club, the Council for Environmental Stewardship, Campus Division, the Landscape Architect's Office, and Bloomington's Wild City Initiative.

The project has been adopted over the years by the Biology Club and Volunteers in Sustainability.  Students, staff and faculty help with planting and weeding each spring, and enjoy the colorful flower display all summer, as well as the wildlife attacted to the plantings.

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