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Department of Biology

Alumni & Development

Howard W. Clark Scholarship

Grace M. Crain, 2014 Howard W. Clark Scholar

Grace Crain (right) with her mother Joanie Crain
Grace Crain (right) with her proud mom, Joanie Crain, at the May 2, 2014, Biology Student Award Ceremony. Photo by Terri Greene.

Grace M. Crain conducts independent research with plant biologist Professor Lynda Delph. Because of her hard work in the Delph lab, Grace was invited to join Delph’s research team for their summer overseas field season in Spain and Croatia, where they continued their research on Silene latifolia (also known as the white campion) plant and gathered data regarding flower production and other population differences within this species. In addition to the Clark Scholarship, Grace earned the Blatchley Nature Study Club Scholarship, the Arlene Ferguson Internship at Hilltop Gardens, and the Indiana Daffodil Society Scholarship in 2014.

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