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Sears Crowell Scholarship

Give Now buttonThanks to donors like you, the Sears Crowell Scholarship currently generates an income of approximately $3,600 annually. With your help, students gain hands-on experience in the field while exploring new places.

Natalie Christian, 2014 Crowell Scholar

Natalie Christian
Natalie Christian in the Panamanian jungle. Courtesy photo

Natalie Christian is a member of Distinguished Professor Keith Clay’s laboratory. The Crowell Scholarship helped fund her summer field work at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Barro Colorado Island, in Panama. She is broadly interested in plant and fungal biodiversity and mechanisms of coexistence, both aboveground and belowground. In particular, Natalie is interested in the community assembly and dynamics of foliar endophytic fungi.

Leah Widdicombe,
2014 Crowell Scholar

Leah Widdicombe used her Crowell Scholarship to help fund her three-month long summer internship at Panama’s Alouatta Sanctuary where she engaged in primate field research, wildlife conservation, and public education. Here at IU, Leah is a member of the Primate Club. She has been a University Division Scholar of Distinction and has appeared on the Dean’s List.

Leah Widdicombe plays with primates at the sanctuary
Leah Widdicombe and some of her friends (young howler monkeys) at the sanctuary. Leah also spent time with capuchin monkeys and tamarins.  Courtesy photos

About the Sears Crowell Scholarship

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