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Charles B. Heiser Fellowship

Give Now buttonsThe Charles B. Heiser Graduate Fellowship in Plant Evolution was established in 2002. It honors Distinguished Emeritus Professor Charles Heiser, who died on June 11, 2010. The fellowship was first awarded in 2009.


Elizabeth Koziol, 2012 Heiser Fellow

Koziol elizabeth 240 w

Elizabeth Koziol is truly a product of our department, having earned a B.S. in Biology from us in 2007. Now a member of Jim Bever’s research team, she is earning her Ph.D. through our Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Program. Liz’s areas of interest include restoration ecology; evolution of weedy plant populations; plant and fungal mutualisms; local adaptation; and stress tolerance of plants and fungi. She is an active member of our department, having co-organized the Eco-Lunch Discussion Group and partnering with our outreach coordinator Peggy Schultz to bring ecological outreach programs to local elementary school children. Liz has been an associate instructor for our undergraduate mycology laboratory. She also mentors undergraduate and high school students working in the Bever lab.

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