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Charles B. Heiser Fellowship

Give Now buttonThe Charles B. Heiser Graduate Fellowship in Plant Evolution was established in 2002. It honors Distinguished Emeritus Professor Charles Heiser, who died on June 11, 2010. The fellowship was first awarded in 2009.

Logan Cole, 2016 Heiser Fellow

Logan Cole
Logan Cole. Courtesy photo

Logan Cole’s graduate work focuses on the structural evolution of the mitochondrial genomes in angiosperms with an emphasis on the genus Monsonia of the geranium family, Geraniaceae. 

His research concerns the role of molecular evolutionary processes (such as mutation, gene transfer, and recombination) on the evolution of genes and genomes. He is currently investigating the rates and causes of repeat-mediated rearrangement and the insertion of chloroplast-derived DNA in the mitochondrial genomes of flowering plants over the course of evolution. Logan's work finds that genome rearrangement and the insertion of chloroplast-derived DNA in mitochondria occur variably across different Monsonia lineages and that the insertion of chloroplast-derived DNA occurs much more frequently than previously thought. His research mentor is Distinguished Professor Jeff Palmer.

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