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Louise Constable Hoover Fellowship

Mikus Abolins-Abols, 2015 Hoover Fellow

Mikus Abolins-Abols
Mikus Abolins-Abols. Courtesy photo.

Mikus Abolins-Abols is a member of Ellen Ketterson’s lab. His dissertation research studies how responses to chronic and acute stressors affect investment in reproduction. Studying a songbird, the Dark-eyed Junco, he uses life-history theory to predict how interactions between stress and reproduction contribute to variation in the ability to adapt to different environments.

Stephanie Campos, 2015 Hoover Fellow

Stephanie Campos
Stephanie Campos conducting field research
in Texas
. Courtesy Photo.

Stephanie Campos is a member of Emilia Martins' lab. Her dissertation research integrates field and lab techniques in behavioral and chemical ecology of animals with an emphasis on Sceloporus lizards. She focuses on chemical signals used in communication and their impact on territorial space use, as well as how specific elements within those signals vary with habitat odors or individual signaler traits.

Logan Cole, 2015 Hoover Fellow

Logan Cole
Logan Cole. Courtesy photo.

Logan Cole is a member of Jeffrey Palmer’s lab. His research interests are the roles of molecular evolutionary processes (such as mutation, gene transfer, and recombination) on the evolution of genes and genomes. He is currently investigating the rates and causes of repeat-mediated rearrangement and the insertion of chloroplast-derived DNA in the mitochondrial genomes of flowering plants over the course of evolution. Logan's research argues that the integration of chloroplast DNA is one of the most important processes in the evolution of mitochondrial genome structure in plants.

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