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Department of Biology

Alumni & Development

Louise Constable Hoover Fellowship

Alison Ossip-Klein, 2014 Hoover Fellow

Ossip_Klein, Alison
Ali Ossip-Klein works with lizards in the Martins lab. Courtesy photo.

Alison Ossip-Klein is a member of Professor Emília Martins’ research team. Her dissertation research explores the evolution of conspicuous color displays in lizards. Ali has had two papers published on her research. One appeared in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology and the other appeared in Herpetological Review. Ali has mentored students through the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Initiative and the Women in Science Program.

Delawrence Sykes, 2014 Hoover Fellow

Delawrence Sykes
Delawrence Sykes. Photo: IU Department of Biology.

Delawrence Sykes is also a member of Professor Emília Martins’ research team. His research interests involve the mechanisms guiding social interaction, and how factors such as physical context and sensory ability influence group behavior, using Zebrafish as his research model. Delawrence was the 2011-12 recipient of our department’s James Holland Fellowship.

Erica Waters, 2014 Hoover Fellow

Erica Waters and dog
Erica Waters and dog. Courtesy photo.

Erica Waters’ research project asks whether plants, particularly clonal plants, can detect high mineral nutrient environments before rooting, altering their developmental pattern so as to optimize their placement of new offshoots in these environments. She argues that the underlying mechanism involves the production of volatile organic compounds by soil microflora that proliferate in nutrient rich soils. Erica is a member of Professor Maxine Watson’s lab.

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