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George Hudock Fellowship

Give Now buttonThanks to donors like you, the George Hudock Biology Fellowship generates an estimated annual income of $1,300. With your support, this important award will continue to recognize a promising student while paying tribute to a beloved professor.

Dhriti Sinha Mukherjee, 2013 Hudock Fellow

Mukherjee, Dhriti Sinha
Dhriti Sinha Mukherjee. Photo: Kathy Wyss

Dhriti is a Microbiology graduate student in Malcolm Winkler’s lab. Her dissertation research focuses on the role of RNA-binding proteins in altering RNA-content and virulence in Streptococcus pneumonia. She coauthored a paper on the topic which appeared in the January 2010 issue of the Journal of Bacteriology. Dhriti has been an Associate Instructor for five courses: M215 Microbiology Laboratory for Nurses (3 semesters); M255 Microbiology Laboratory (3 semesters); T310 Biotechnology Lecture (two semesters); T508 Theories and Application of Biotechnology Lecture; and T322 Biotechnology Writing. She plans to use part of the Hudock Fellowship to cover her research this summer. In August, she will use the remainder of the fellowship to attend the 2013 Molecular Genetics of Bacteria Phages Meeting that takes place at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

About the George Hudock Fellowship

This fund is used to support and maintain the George Hudock Biology Fellowship, which is open to Department of Biology graduate students in good academic standing. First preference is given to qualified Master’s candidates and second to Master's or Doctoral level students in need of summer support or financial assistance for special seminars or training.

This endowed fellowship was established in 1993 by Indiana University alumni, Fern (Hays) and Clifford DeLaCroix. Hudock taught and mentored Mrs. DeLaCroix during her college career, and she wished to honor him for his outstanding teaching ability, support, and guidance.

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