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Walter Konetzka Fellowship

Give Now buttonThanks to donors like you, the Walter Konetzka Fellowship currently generates an estimated annual income of $6,700. With your support, this fellowship will continue to recognize a promising microbiology student and honor Walter Konetzka.

Angela Berger, 2013 Konetzka Fellow

Berger, Angela
Angela Berger works in the Danthi lab. Courtesy photo

Angela is earning her Ph.D. in Biochemistry. She is a member of Pranav Danthi’s laboratory, and her research focuses on virology: specifically on determining the components in the signaling pathway that lead to cell death after reovirus infection, and what is required from the virus to initiate this response. Angela gave a research presentation, “Regulation of Reovirus-Induced Apoptosis,” at the 2011 meeting of the American Society for Virology. She coauthored a paper on the topic that appeared in a 2010 issue of PLoS Pathogens and also coauthored a paper on the impact of target mRNA structure on siRNA silencing efficiency that appeared in a 2008 issue of Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Angela was a head associate instructor for Biology L113 Biology Laboratory in 2011 and 2012. She was also an AI for the Microbiology M435 Viral-Tissue Culture Laboratory in 2012 and 2013. Angela was named a 2012 Outstanding Associate Instructor in recognition of her teaching talents.

Melissa Konkol, 2013 Konetzka Fellow

Melissa is earning her Ph.D. in Microbiology. Daniel Kearns is her faculty advisor and her doctoral thesis subject is the characterization of a cryptic plasmid in the ancestral strain of Bacillus subtilis. She is working on three papers based on her research, one of which was published in the May 2013 issue of The Journal of Bacteriology. Teaching has been an important part of Melissa’s academic career. She was a senior associate instructor for the M255 Microbiology Lab, as well as an AI for M215 Microorganism Laboratory and M250 Microbiology lecture. Melissa also mentors an undergraduate research student.

Sampriti Mukherjee, 2013 Konetzka Fellow

Mukherjee and Konkol
Sampriti Mukherjee (left) and Melissa Konkol both work with Dan Kearns. Courtesy photo

Sampriti is earning her Ph.D. in Microbiology under the mentorship of Daniel Kearns. Control of flagellin homeostasis in the motile bacterium Bacillus subtilis is her research topic. She published two papers on this subject: one in a 2011 issue of Molecular Microbiology and the other in the January 2013 issue of The Journal of Bacteriology. Sampriti was an associate instructor for two semesters of M250 Introduction to Microbiology. She also has been an AI for M350 Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry and M525 Topics in Microbial Biochemistry and Physiology.

About the Konetzka Fellowship

The Konetzka Fellowship is open to Department of Biology graduate students in good academic standing. First preference is given to graduate students in microbiology with superb teaching abilities and strong research skills. Second preference is given to graduate students majoring in Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology or Genetics if their research is in the area of microbiology and they have the requisite teaching skills.

This endowed fellowship was established by family, friends, colleagues, and former students to honor a beloved researcher, administrator, and teacher.

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