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Department of Biology

Alumni & Development

Alfred Parson Mower Scholarship

Katelyn Keefer, 2015 Mower Scholar

Katelyn Keefer
Katelyn Keefer in the Jordan Hall greenhouse. Photo by Terri Greene.

Katelyn Keefer plans to use her science education to pursue a career in optometry and vision science—pursuing research along with clinical practice.  Katelyn works in the lab of S.P. Srinivas, associate professor at the IU School of Optometry, on a project related to fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy of the eye. The Mower award will allow her to attend a professional conference where she will expand her knowledge and connections in the field of ophthalmic research. She is a member of the Theta Phi Alpha Sorority and IU's Pre-Optometry Club president.

Brynn Heckel, 2015 Mower Fellow

Brynn Heckel
Brynn Heckel at the Biology Student Award Ceremony. Photo by Terri Greene.

Brynn Heckel is the recipient of the Alfred Parson Mower Graduate Student Award. Brynn is earning a Ph.D. in Microbiology and conducts research in Professor Clay Fuqua’s lab. Her project is focused on an enigmatic regulatory protein called ExoR in the plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens that controls broad cellular processes, including biofilm formation and swimming motility. She has been an associate instructor for the Medical Microbiology Lab and the Microbial Physiology Lab. Brynn plans to pursue a career in science consulting or industrial research to influence implementation and development of urban planning reforms to advance sustainable practices and technology in communities of all sizes.

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