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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Alumni & Development

Frank W. Putnam Research Fellowship

2015 Putnam Research Fellow, Erkin Kuru

Erkin Kuru
Erkin Kuru. Courtesy Photo

Erkin Kuru is earning his Ph.D. in the Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Graduate Program, with co-advisors Yves Brun from Biology and Michael VanNieuwenhze from Chemistry and is now a Research Fellow in George Church's lab at Harvard Medical School. Erkin works at the interface between cell biology and biochemistry by designing chemical molecules that target specific protein activities to label regions of bacterial cell wall growth. He has been the driving force behind an effort that has led to the development of a method for covalently attaching fluorescent reporter molecules to bacterial cell walls. His revolutionary work has opened many new horizons for the study of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis and antibiotic research.

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