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Milton Taylor Fellowship

About the Milton Taylor Fellowship

The Taylor Fellowship aids recruitment and retention of outstanding graduate students and can provide dissertation support. Graduate students conducting research in virology receive first preference.  Undergraduate microbiology majors, who preferably are performing research in virology, may also apply for scholarships from this fund and receive second preference.

The endowed fellowship was created in 2000 by alumnus Lawrence Blatt to honor his former teacher and mentor, Professor Milton W. Taylor. In addition to studying under Taylor as an undergraduate, Blatt, former President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Alios BioPharma, also began collaborating with Taylor on scientific projects in the early 1990s. Together they researched the synergistic effects of interferon on virus replication and the study of gene expression using microarray technology.

Alan Moore, 2015 Taylor Fellow

Alan Moore
Alan Moore | Courtesy photo

Alan Moore is a member of Tuli Mukhopadhyay’s lab, where he focuses his research on the self-assembly and disassembly pathways of alphavirus nucleocapsids. Alphavirus nucleocapsids self-assemble in an infected host, packaging and protecting the virus’s infectious genetic material for transport and delivery to a new host. In order to initiate infection in a new host, the nucleocapsid must disassemble to release its encapsidated genetic material. Alan’s work is the basis for virus nanoparticles the Mukhopadhyay lab designs for medical imaging and drug delivery.

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