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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Biology

Community Outreach

Resources for Faculty

Instruction Materials

Now complete, IU Biology's Inquiry-based Curriculum Enhancement (ICE) project was designed to develop graduate students' teaching skills while supplying a richer experience for undergraduate students in our introductory science courses,  "L111: Evolution & Diversity", and "L112: Biological Mechanisms". Graduate students participating in ICE developed interactive activities for small discussion groups, intended to:

  • Reinforce information the students receive in lectures,
  • Help clarify the more challenging aspects of the course,
  • Highlight inquiry-based learning,
  • Focus on the process of science.

ICE activities are available for public use; instructors are invited to familiarize themselves with and incorporate into their curricula the materials in the ICE archives.

Grant Resources

Biology Outreach can help IU Biology faculty design and implement the “Synergistic Activities” and "Broader Impact" components of their federal grant proposals.

Laboratory Placement

Teacher institute summer programs will soon be available for faculty participation. We will pair you with an interested secondary education teacher so that they can engage in laboratory and/or field activities, with the goal of formulating experiments and/or inquiry-based projects to take back to their classrooms.

Indiana’s science standards and other science outreach resources
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